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How are you willing to lose this year?

Sometimes the only way we can get to the heart of what truly matters to us is by embracing the humility required in choosing which things we need to let go of. Sometimes the only way we can win in our own fight is by actually deciding where we are willing to lose on. I… Continue reading How are you willing to lose this year?

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What no longer fits

...will inevitably fall away (if you let it) because forcing to keep things together will only cause pain. Our best intentions lead us to make an ending that is deliberate and fair to everyone. However, we see the same situation in different ways and we usually want to move forward in different directions. When all… Continue reading What no longer fits

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Transitions. Liberation.

Circumstances don't change. It's us who do. Circumstances remain the same because all probabilities co-exist at the same time - what could happen already has, already is. Our focus determines which reality we experience. Pivot a bit in a different direction and our whole perspective changes. It could even feel like a completely different world… Continue reading Transitions. Liberation.

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When Things Don’t Make Sense

There are times when I just couldn't make sense of a challenging situation. I couldn't rationalize my way through it to arrive at a logical approach/perspective and I couldn't seem to unearth the lesson/s it has for me either. These instances make me feel all tied up. In hindsight, though, when it happens it could… Continue reading When Things Don’t Make Sense

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Bask in the Sunlight, it’s your Divine Right

A mango tree never berates itself for not bearing fruits yet, even though many have long been waiting. It knows that a time stamp has been implanted in its Spirit back when it was still a seed. It anticipates its own blossoming, but doesn't obsess about it. It knows how to appreciate all the stages… Continue reading Bask in the Sunlight, it’s your Divine Right

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If Writing is your playground, take it seriously

"Writing" can also be substituted with any creative activity you're passionate about. Whatever it may be, I'm telling you (in case nobody hasn't), it's your portal to your own Divinity. It's where you can be creative, candid, curious, fascinated like a kid again. It's where your inner child never grew up to begin with. The… Continue reading If Writing is your playground, take it seriously