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Love Flows

Love is like water. It has to flow. Many times we get terrified of love. Of our own feelings. We're scared that the rush would overwhelm us and break the dam that holds us safe together. The truth is, it's safe to love. Love only becomes overbearing when we block its natural flow. When we… Continue reading Love Flows

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Holding the Cup of Love

Holding a space for someone to unravel is such a privilege. We do this for each other without knowing it. It's that honorable time in our life when we are not asked to do anything but to stand strong in our power and hold the cup of our overflowing love for someone who needs it… Continue reading Holding the Cup of Love

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Transitions. Liberation.

Circumstances don't change. It's us who do. Circumstances remain the same because all probabilities co-exist at the same time - what could happen already has, already is. Our focus determines which reality we experience. Pivot a bit in a different direction and our whole perspective changes. It could even feel like a completely different world… Continue reading Transitions. Liberation.

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My Nephew, one tiny and boundless round Universe

I've found a new calling as a freestyle babies' and children's storyteller. Everytime I find my nephew awake and interactive, I feel an instant urge to latch onto him and create a third world plane where we can experience the same magical things together. I can't describe the joy I feel when I see and… Continue reading My Nephew, one tiny and boundless round Universe