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Why we need to Ask

During my Tarot reading/meditation this morning, I asked my cards about the next “manifestation project” that I’ve been nurturing into fruition lately. I was given the Emperor card. This is what he told me:

I couldn’t give you want you want because I don’t know what you want. You see, there are many things I could give you. I have unlimited resources. I could pick out anything and give it to you but there’s no certainty that it would make you happy. I don’t wanna waste both of our time. So go figure it out on your own first then come back to me when you have the answer.

I left and searched for the answer on my own like what he said. Not long after, I came back to him with full clarity of what I wanted. I described everything to him in as detailed and as emotional as I can. Once I was done, he replied:

Okay, that’s clear. That’s what I needed from you. I needed you to tell me exactly what it was that you wanted because your clarity, focus and decision are the forces that would crystallize the manifestation. I don’t want you to struggle. Of course we want to take the process that would lead us to what we want the fastest, easiest and most fun way possible. Just look at your past experiences and you would know it’s true. That’s the way of the Universe. Given your desires and your situation, I would come up with something that is tailor-fit to to you. Maybe there is something better than what you are asking from me. I believe there is.  In the meantime, you can go now and leave me here working. I’m gonna gather all the relevant ingredients and come up with a perfect mix, a perfect equation. You don’t have to do anything now. You can go back to your life and play and have fun. Don’t stress about it. I would text you or call you or ask you to come here when I want you to do something. But for now I’m in charge of this. You did your part, which was to get clear with what you want and directly ask for it. You’re done. It’s all in my hands now. I’m in charge. Now, go ahead and get out of  here.

That’s exactly what I’m doing now. I’m not stressing about it especially during moments when the topic is suddenly brought up and I feel a rush of defensiveness, which is an obvious sign of insecurity. Whenever I feel it, I just replay the conversation I had with the Emperor, with a subtle grin on my chin and a knowing that I am taken care of. I’ll get what I’ve asked for and so much more.