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How to thrive in this World of Mirrors

blackbg“Is it true that life is a mirror and everything around me is just a reflection of me?”, I asked in my meditation this morning.

As usual, animal spirit guides would appear and have the most profound conversations with me. This time it was a white female wolf who answered my inquiry. She said,

“That’s true – but only partly true. I ask you, if there is a mirror in front of you but you choose not to look, would you still see your reflection? Does the type of mirror affect how you see yourself? Let’s say you choose to look at a mirror which reflects an angle of your face or your body that you don’t like, won’t this make you conclude that you’re ultimately unlikable and generally unattractive?

This is a world of mirrors, yes, but not all are created equal. You must use your own power of discernment. There are no right or wrong mirrors to look at. But there is one thing that determines whether this world of mirrors serves you or not – Intention.

Your intention determines whether you choose to look at a mirror or not, your intention determines which mirrors to look at, your intention determines which parts of yourself you want to shed a light on and magnify.

This is not to immerse yourself in self-denial at the expense of your own growth. But to use the power of focus to grow that which is life-affirming and noteworthy in yourself, in your life.

Why choose to look at a distorted, or worse, a broken mirror?”

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Give Your Best: Show Up

greenbgWe should give our best not because everything equally matters individually and collectively.

What matters in the face of life, in the face of death – is that we show up fully in each given moment – to who we have become, but more importantly to who we claim ourselves to be.

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We’re created out of Love, to Love

lake2I don’t think Source brought all things to existence merely to know itself and expand. *As I was stroking my furry bestfriend’s head, Munchkin, I knew that Source created everything ultimately because of love.

No, not to learn how to love itself, neither to love out of generosity. But to love that which is a part of itself but also outside of itself. To love without purpose other than the experience of loving. To experience love in its many different forms. To deepen our capacity for love.

Because having the opportunity to love is worth creating universes/multiverses for. It’s so good there’s nothing like it. It’s worth going through eternity for.

*I wrote this post with Munchkin beside me 🙂

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You have nothing to lose

freshYou are gonna die someday.

In the face of death I bet you won’t give a damn about the superficial stuff. I bet what’s gonna grab your attention by the neck is how you can maximize all the time that’s left. I bet you’d scramble stretching what little chance you still have to engage with the things that matter the most to you.

I bet you’d drop your pretenses, finally, and open yourself wide to reveal the fullness of who you are. You are light.

So what if you get rejected – for speaking up, for standing up for what you believe in, for going after your dreams? So what if you make mistakes as you figure things out – isn’t it the point of living, to learn and grow? So what if people mock you for seizing the moments you’re given to step into your own greatness and unleash life’s abundance through you – who’s loss is that?

All these things that preoccupy you are merely distractions. Don’t let them dim your light. All this clinging on the status quo and being a slave of fear will not take you where you wanna be.

Step into the open. Leap into the night. Confront your own light.

Release your courage by confronting the truth – you have nothing to lose.

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A Leap in Perspective

needleplantI used to think that the only way I could fully live a spiritual life and be in an ecosystem of inspiring one another was by somehow working in the healing/intuitive arts. Lately though, probably as part of my spiritual progression, I’ve learned that –

1. If that is true, then that is very limiting. Not everyone is in or even comes close to the vicinity of healing/intuitive arts. How can we reach those/everybody if we just stay there? I don’t think the Universe is designed to be that way. If anything, we should spread out, expand ourselves, immerse ourselves in unfamiliar situations, engage with people who are different from us in some ways. In the process, learn, grow, be more integrated.

2. We are, by default, living spiritual lives because we are spiritual/energetic beings having a physical experience. We CANNOT NOT be spiritual.

3. Where else is best to live this so called full spiritual life other than where we already are doing what we already do?

Now I think that the goal is actually not to be a healer/a guide/a mentor/or just a spiritual person by profession or by being validated by a particular organization or institution, but to be all these things and so much more simply by choosing to embrace our truest self, our essence – which is love and light – and to show up in the world everyday embodying these where we are and with whoever we interact with.

We have all been touched by “common” people in profound ways;

be it a hairstylist who has shown us great love and compassion when we’re heartbroken, a stranger in the bus who radiated joy and kindness when we felt hopeless towards life, a family member who offered us advice we needed at that time, a colleague who we never thought of as a friend but who suddenly got our back during one of our personal storms, a deceased artist whose works have inspired us to take risks and go for our dreams.

To others, we have played these roles, too, without us knowing about it. We’ll never fully know the mark we leave on each other.

We gotta check in with ourselves. If our inquiry and path naturally leads us to the healing/intuitive arts then great and that will surely benefit all of us. If not, we must have the faith that probably where we are right now is where we can best grow and be of service to others.

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Unicorn thoughts

Maybe I'm just tracing the lines 
of my comfort zone.

Going in circles.

I couldn't seem to find my way out. 
So all I do is go in circles.

Trapped in my own carousel.

It's already a miracle, though 
to have finally realized

that I am moving but not going anywhere, 
that I am in the same place.

'Cause how could I ever do it 
without having been able to step out of myself 
and observe my life play out?

What a weird thing - this duplicity.

And the world that allows it to be.

Sometimes being awake
only feels like 


Until we learn how to use our own power. 
The power of our own mind.

daena de guzman | 2017
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God is in Everything, even in the Unbecoming

God is in my desires,
that longing to be in a place
where peace and joy reside.

God is in the waiting,
the endless days
where nothing seems to happen.

God is in my frustrations,
God is in my pain

'cause those are merely sign posts
with lights blinking
pointing me towards the right direction.

God is in the quiet solitude
where only my heart can speak.

God is in grace
               God is in disgrace.

God is in the difficult decisions
we need to make,

it's in the cutting of what's rotten
instead of risking everything
expecting it will come to life again.

daena de guzman | 2017
The Self

Celebration is key to happiness!


dancingRecently while I was in a religious gathering (I’m not a believer of religions, but I am still open to the riches and lessons I can get from them) and I was singing along the worship songs –

I realized that there was indeed, so much happiness in my heart, that my life was filled with so much joy and blessings. I realized that I’ve been downplaying my successes and joys because I didn’t have the right space to celebrate them. In fact, I didn’t know how to celebrate them at all.

It felt good to acknowledge the Divine’s presence in my life that has always been there and never left me. I began to appreciate the journey I have been, how I went through the crazy roller coaster ride of my life and all the blessings I was showered with along the way.

I cannot even find the words to express how good it felt to surrender everything and just celebrate! There are just no words. The best thing I could do is probably cry happy tears!



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Meeting my first Animal Guide

As I was meditating with my partner last night (it wasn’t a couple’s meditation but we were listening to the same meditation guide at the same time), an animal come to me. It wasn’t really a meditation on meeting your spiritual guide/totem, it was more like an intention to connect to your divinity meditation. At first I couldn’t figure out the figure who was slowly coming out of the fire/curtains. Initially I thought it was an old man, like a shaman, a hermit. But then the figure slowly evolved and the image was complete.

A black panther appeared to me. He came as close as he can to my face and looked me straight in the eye. I knew it’s a “he” because I sensed the masculine energy. I asked him why did he appear to me. He communicated with me mentally and said that,

“You have made me come out. Now I am here. I’ll see you again.”

I had to say goodbye to him because the meditation already was coming to an end.

I never really felt the inspiration to research about animal guides, I never meditated on it. But I guess, I am in the right place and the right time for this connection. He came out to show himself to me no matter how elusive he was because he has the reason now to do that. Maybe what made him come out was my decision a couple of days ago to make my spiritual work a commitment, a life work. I have decided to make it a full time work and not just a hobby anymore. I told myself,

“This is it. I am gonna do it 365 days a year, 24/7, no matter what’s going on in my life. I am gonna add discipline to it. Just like work, I am gonna immerse myself on it despite being not in the mood to do it. I am gonna make time for it. I am gonna fight for all the solitude that I need to do it.”

This morning, I decided to meditate and meet him again to find out what he has to tell me. I found a meditation guide which helped me connect with him easily. This is how our encountered went:

I was in a rain forest. There was a short bridge in front of me and there was a thin river underneath it. The forest was misty and the trees were as tall as skyscrapers. I was sitting before the bridge and I sensed a black panther walking back and forth on the other side, impatient and nervous.

I slowly crossed the bridge. I was clothed in mist. As I arrived on the other side, I saw him sitting in front of me. I was sitting on the ground, too. We didn’t communicate for a while then he took me out for a walk.

I was walking side by side with him in the forest when he started speaking. He said:

Master your own mind. Go to the darkest, most unknown places and see what’s in there. When you do that, nothing can feel scary for you anymore. Memorize your mind like a maze. Your environment is a direct reflection of your own mind. So if you can master your own mind, you can master your environment. Do you know you can bend your world? Yes, you can. Everything around you is a projection of your mind. So if you know your own mind, you will understand more all the things in your environment. If you are familiar with your own shadows, you can recognize it more easily on others and you’ll know how to deal with them. What’s inside your own mind will be reflected on the objects, situations and people around you. So it’s gonna be better for you if you know your own mind. You can control your life in a way that will serve you. On the other hand, pay attention to your environment as well. They give clues as to what’s in your subconscious. This is not about competition. This is not about being better than others. This is about participation. Participate in the process of creation, of creating worlds. Solitude may be a strange thing. But you have to know it’s value if you want to pursue this path of mastering your own mind. Let solitude fill you.

Then we had to part ways. The meditation ended.

I feel so comforted and supported, grateful for this huge help that has come my way. A new gate has opened because I have become prepared to go through it. The Black Panther is the perfect animal guide for me at this time because I had to be brave, strong and wise in this journey that for the most part, I’ll be doing on my own.

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The world wide web as the spiritual

We manifest heaven/the ethereal/the infinite in our planet in many ways. I couldn’t help but notice that the world wide web operates in the same way (eerily similar) as the spiritual world.

Invisibility – The world wide web is invisible to our human eyes. Maybe if we have additional senses we’re gonna be able to see it, smell it, touch it or just experience it in other ways.

Most of us can’t see the `spiritual world` but we know it’s there. If we train our ‘extrasensory perception’ we can observe it better. It’s just about knowing how to tune into it.

Omnipresence – It’s another fabric of our reality. We don’t use it as just another way to communicate or create. The internet creates us as well. It shapes our culture. It shapes our perception. It influences our actions.

The spiritual world is not in another place at another time, far away from us. It’s actually here where we are. It’s in all the places we go to, including those we haven’t discovered yet. It’s in everything we do. It’s in everything we perceive. It’s in everything we are. 

Infinity – In relation to those two above,  the world wide web is as infinite and mysterious as our own mind. It’s as unfathomable as the Universe. It’s boundless.

The Universe is another manifestation of the non-physical world. As we have learned through science, the Universe is not just limitless, it’s actually expanding faster than ever.

Cloud Storage – You can store your data in what is called a ‘cloud’ which is not limited to just one physical structure and location. You can access it as long as you are able to connect to it using the right medium. You can either increase or decrease your storage capacity based on your preference and need. Upload, download and share anything at your own convenience.

It’s in the non-physical world where we store or upload all our ideas, our desires, even our fears before they get manifested in the three dimensional reality of our planet. It’s through our expectation, focus and will that we are able to ‘download’ them to earth as physical manifestations. It’s where our dreams come from, it’s where our inspiration comes from, it’s where our wishes come from. It’s also where our higher self is.

Google Suggestions/Autocomplete – Suggestions are  for the most part based on your browsing history. To make it simple, you get more of what you ask for. Like attracts like in the world wide web.

This is simply the Law of Attraction manifested in another form.

Instant Communication – Distance and time don’t matter online. As long as you have a stable connection and the right gadget, you can communicate with someone in real time anywhere on Earth. You can even choose which app or website you prefer to use.

Time doesn’t exist in the non-physical world. It’s something we created in our reality. But we are somehow able to transcend it now using the internet.

Communication in Multiple Platforms – When you send a message on Facebook using your phone and your account is also open on your laptop, you instantly see your message popping out on the latter. You can keep the communication going on even if you switch gadgets.

What we put into our material plane is instantly uploaded into the non-physical plane and vice-versa. Our intention makes it possible. We make things – anything – possible. 

Manifestation Playground– What we can create, upload, download, watch, read, play, experience online is endless and highly varied. It’s a playground to manifest our desires and fears and pretty much anything we are curious about.

We don’t just use the non-physical world to manifest – it’s where we create, change and develop the rules and processes of manifestation itself. Apps and technologies, like universal laws, get outdated, too. 

Objectivity – We can use the internet for whatever purpose that we may have. It’s gonna give us what we ask for. It’s not biased.

Only experience can tell us if we’re using what we know of the spiritual world in the name of goodness or evil, love or fear. It’s a tool for us spiritual beings. We can either use to expand or stagnate. But since our Universe operates in the law of cause and effect, we reap what we sow.


We can observe the world wide web to understand more of the non-physical world and it’s connection to our material, three dimensional world. Maybe I could list down some more in the coming months. This makes me pretty excited about the developments that are happening so fast we couldn’t even pause and reflect enough on them.