Be Unconditional

Faith, Manifestation, The Self

There will always be those who would measure you up and put you in a box they’ve created.

There will be times when you’ll be weighed like dead meat and nobody will give a fuck about how you feel.

You will be Ignored. Unseen. Forgotten.

You won’t always get a prize for being treated like an underdog/feeling like a martyr.

You won’t always have the chance/ability to create your epic comeback.

There’s no guarantee that new opportunities/blessings/valuable lessons will come out of those situations –

maybe, except for

The lesson of how to be Unconditional.
How to love yourself Unconditionally.
How to embrace life Unconditionally.

To know that you’re worth is not dependent on what happens or doesn’t happen to you.

To know you’ll be fine just the same whether you get what you want and what you deserve – or not.

To have the maturity to accept that you’re not always gonna have it your way, that other people’s freewill and how the Universe works deserve to be respected, too, even if they don’t fully make sense to you.

To know that at the end of it all, your spirit cannot be contained, you will never cease to exist and that life is always in your favor, and even if it doesn’t feel that way, we are all created equal.


Loving the Skin I’m In

Authenticity, Faith, Healing, The Self

do it

It’s probably a natural byproduct of my recent spiritual spurt, this desire to be out in the sun.

I suddenly found myself looking forward to sunny days, so I can lie down in our balcony, bask myself under the sky and soak the sun’s healing energy. It’s become part of my routine. Whenever I can, I would take Munchkin out for a walk as well, sniffing on plants and getting all messy in the mud.

I’ve learned to like my tan, too. In fact, I feel more like myself now that I am brown AF.

I’ve always been on the dark side of the spectrum. However, I didn’t always like getting darker because, just like the majority of Filipinos, I, too, believed that darker skin tones were less attractive. There were even times when I would consume all kinds of skin-whitening products from soap, to toner, to lotion, to glutathione pills and injections. I was also reluctant to participate in outdoor activities to “preserve” whatever fairness I had.

This 180 degree change in my attitude was liberating. Now, I could fully embrace both – my joy to be out in nature and my natural complexion.

I did my research before immersing myself in this new routine of sunbathing, because like many others, I, too have been indoctrinated to believe that sun caused more damage than good. I was surprised to read many articles disproving these kinds of claims, and more surprised to know that there’s no single actual research that directly links sun exposure to melanomas. What we have been made to believe in was merely a sweeping generalization which has actually caused more harm than good. We have been sold all these sun screens and skin products which can supposedly protect us from the sun, despite the fact that they contain harmful, carcinogenic chemicals. This has also resulted to a deficiency in Vitamin D in certain groups of people, particularly those with lighter skin, which has been causing a plethora of illnesses beyond cancer.

It’s interesting to note what the people around me say about my new tanned skin. I’ve been getting a lot of compliments, ironically, even from people who put fair skin tones on a pedestal. Some were baffled. They couldn’t seem to understand why someone would want to be darker, so they kept quiet and kind of stared at me from a distance. Some, I felt, flatly rejected it. The rest simply gave me advice as to how I should sunbathe even though they didn’t sunbathe themselves. They spewed their internalized misconceptions at me about the supposedly harms of the sun, even though they couldn’t back up these claims.

Anyway, it’s been great! I’ve become an official Sun Child again.

The Sun doesn’t only provide me with body food, but also with soul food.

It’s helping me become more and more of who I really am. I’m lucky because it’s abundant where I live and it’s for free! So yay! 😀

My Nephew, one tiny and boundless round Universe

Authenticity, Manifestation, People & Relationships, The Self


I’ve found a new calling as a freestyle babies’ and children’s storyteller.

Everytime I find my nephew awake and interactive, I feel an instant urge to latch onto him and create a third world plane where we can experience the same magical things together.

I can’t describe the joy I feel when I see and feel him responding to me. I can see it in his eyes, in his facial expressions, in the sounds and gestures he makes.

This tiny bouncing ball of energy has all the eternal wisdom inside him. I feel it when we interact. He knows it fully well what I mean by magic. His world is magical. He gets excited when we talk about explorations and adventures, the little wonders and joys of life. I call him an explorer with a cute hat and a red backpack, a ball of cheese, a creature who swims in and thinks and dreams of milk, a tiny indestructible universe, an ancient treasure chest, among others. I told him once how I knew he’s holding magical surprises inside his tiny, delicate hands – and he laughed.

His spirit lives in his infant body for now yet I feel his expansiveness – his true essence cannot be contained.

He’s amazed when I tell him how I imagine it must be like inside his milky mouth – how we’re gonna go on a ship and ride the waves of this milky ocean. He agrees when I tell him how I imagine what’s inside his round tummy – for sure stars, entire galaxies, raindrops, and all the yummy things too, like cupcakes.

To most adults my poetry, my art, my imagination are pure nonsense and even ridiculous. On the other hand these are the same things that make me naturally good at being a freestyle storyteller to babies and kids.

To my perfect round nephew, I am not ridiculous because I’m talking about things that are not real. To him I am ridiculous because my world is only as limited as my imagination.

To him I am ridiculously amusing and liberating. He wouldn’t want me any other way. He is just thrilled to be with me in this third world plane we create together where unlimited realities abound.

Whenever I see him awake I ask him to tell me stories about his world, of new things he discovered and his accompanying thoughts and feelings. I also tell him about my world, what it’s like outside, about my dogs, the animals, the plants, the sun, the sky (I could go on), what brings me joy and the fun things we’re gonna be doing when he grows up. In my mind there is an actually existing world where we are on a timeless adventure – we walk through forests, sleep on tree tops like birds, cross rivers, hike mountains, fly and eat chocolates for snacks. Of course, we read books along the way and play with animal friends.

I’ve found my reflection as a Universe in my nephew, my new cutesy friend – and my heart feels content.

I’m the one that remains

Faith, Poetry, The Self
My loyalty, above all, is to myself.

I am the champion of my own principles,

I am my redeemer,

I am my own strength.

I am my shield and my sword.

I am the rock, 

upon which I have built myself.

I am my own garden, pregnant with realities -


Death and life combined.

I am my horizon and the earth that shakes 

underneath my feet.

I am the sky and the rain

and all the oceans combined.

I am all the stars 

I could never count.

I am the light that

won't ever wane.

I'll be here when everything

burns to the ground.

When everyone has turned their back

against me,

I'm the one that stays.

I'm the one that remains.

daena de guzman | 2017

Bask in the Sunlight, it’s your Divine Right

Faith, Life path, Manifestation, The Self


A mango tree never berates itself for not bearing fruits yet, even though many have long been waiting. It knows that a time stamp has been implanted in its Spirit back when it was still a seed. It anticipates its own blossoming, but doesn’t obsess about it. It knows how to appreciate all the stages and cycles of life.

It doesn’t ruminate and struggle with low self-esteem or ennui during the years that it has to go through without bearing a single fruit. It knows its already worthy and loved as it is.

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You are Eternity

Poetry, The Self
Lie still.

Stare at the ceiling.


Notice the sounds pulsing

through the walls.

Feel the textures

enmeshed in a cobweb

of scenes, events

mini-multiverses of their own.




Remember this.

This is a slice of eternity.

Absorb it like water.

Let it take

the shape

of your own mind.

Bring eternity

everywhere you go.

Bring eternity

in everything you do.

You are Eternity.

- daena de guzman | 2017


How to go back & stay in Alignment

Faith, Meditation/Visions, The Self

The Angels offered me this gem, hope it helps:

Our advice is short and simple, really, there’s nothing dramatic about it – Keep the energy flow open. 

Make sure that the energy, the light you receive from the Divine flows through you. Make sure to radiate this light beyond yourself towards all those who need it. Others will reflect the same light to you just as you need it.

Stuck energy in any recess of your being will keep you from your own Alignment, which is usually a symptom of a wound that’s been left open for too long. This will block you from receiving more light and from radiating light as well.

Let go of anything heavy that is more trouble than it’s worth. This will keep you grounded in your natural state, which is Alignment.

You will trail away from your center from time to time, and the way to go back is to reach for that thought, that emotion that makes you feel light again – joyful again. You may do this in infinite ways such as immersing yourself in a creative and playful activity, surrounding yourself with things that inspire you, participating in nourishing relationships, listening to uplifting music, bathing yourself in nature, choosing to hold positive thoughts and emotions and being gentle towards yourself, among others.

As you do these, dance as you move along your path. Follow the rhythm of your Spirit. Have fun! Focus on the things that you can enjoy in your journey. As always, we’re with you, lifting you up.

Accept the Insult

Healing, The Self


I recently went through a period of intense disconnect with myself. My self-esteem was at a point so low I even dared to lick every trickle of validation I could get from the people around me. I felt was confused and lost. I didn’t know who I was and what my spirit really wanted to be doing. I sought validation at every turn, and when I didn’t get one, I felt deeply offended – shattered to the bones. I thought the world owed me all the glory I so deserved.

I became too sensitive even to slight criticisms, which were also true to a certain extent, that I isolated myself more and more from the same people I depended on for validation. It became too unbearable for me and I had to shield myself off. Of course, my relationships slightly fell apart as a result.

Now when I start to go on that downward spiral of ruminating all the hate comments I’m sure I’ll get or when I am about to jump start my self-loathing spree – I say this to myself:

Accept the insult. Think about the worst, most horrible comments you could possibly get from the person/people you hate the most and have the calmness to respond with a – I’ve noted that. I hear you. I accept all that you have said. 

Accept the insult. Listen to it. Reaffirm it. This will confuse the one who insulted you and practically everyone around you who witnessed what just happened. But the most confused one will be your own ego. It doesn’t know how to respond to that affirmation and acceptance when it’s been programmed to resort to defensiveness with the intention of protecting you.

When I start to shift my attitude into this, surprisingly, instead of sinking more into self hate, I actually feel more self-loving. The ego is conditional – and this makes us conditional with ourselves and with others as well. It’s programmed to see the world in black and white. The ego thinks that positive feedback is life-giving, while negative feedback is destructive. The ego is avoidant towards negative judgment because it thinks this will shatter our identity and self-worth.

By accepting an insult or any negative feedback about us, we are showing the ego that our Spirit can withstand it, that our Spirit is stronger than even the most horrible remark.

Contrary to what many people might think, this attitude neither makes us delusional nor stubborn to grow. What blocks us from our own growth is, in fact, having our ego run the show by always being defensive. It’s against our own best interests when we dodge feedback only because they hurt us. This behavior is not only making us internally weak, but it also rips us off all the wisdom we might get from those kinds of feedback.

This is not to say that we should be a doormat and just nod our heads when people make a fool out of us. That’s a totally different situation. Accepting negative remarks with dignity and maturity is what I stand for. It’s having the wisdom to know when to step back and detach the remarks from our own core. It’s not hating the people who gave the comments and wanting to hurt them back. It’s embracing our humanity in all its contradictions and imperfections.

It’s about loving ourselves unconditionally – that neither compliments nor insults can change how we feel towards ourselves.

A force faster than the speed of Light

Faith, Meditation/Visions


Our rational mind, our ego is bounded by space-time. It’s a product of the earth. It’s grounded in the human, worldly experience, governed by its laws. It’s anchored in physical laws that can be and has been measured in science. It’s rooted on what we so far know of the “building blocks” of life. The notion that nothing can travel at the speed of light and more so, faster than light remains irrefutable. But this theory only refers to things made up of mass since traveling at the speed of light requires an object to expand to infinite proportions, which in science is impossible. But what about those without?

This is where Divine connection, God, intuition, inspiration, consciousness, higher wisdom/knowing, love – or however you wanna call it – comes in,

this seemingly out-of-this-world “thing” travels faster than the speed of light. And we can access it instantaneously, anywhere we may be.

This “thing” is infinite and eternal. It’s not bounded by time or space – or any material conditions we may have or we may even impose on ourselves.

If we use scientific lens to view this – we might see this as the great vacuum, the great ever-expanding unknown – just plain emptiness that doesn’t make sense – since only this kind can expand faster than light. Maybe our scientific tools and human mind are not equipped to perceive it, study it and understand it. As I said, our human mind is earth-bound, and it’s designed to enable us to live and thrive on an earthly plane. It’s served us well for the most part of our journey and it has taken as quite far into our evolution as a species.

But it’s not gonna take us further. We need to tap more into our “superhuman” consciousness to proceed with our expansion and achieve great leaps in our evolution.

We need to harness our “superhuman” abilities. Our ancestors have always done this and there are many evidences of this in our history. We need to not just carry on but to always take it to another level – to keep on expanding it. Only by expanding our collective consciousness/spirit can we push for greater material/physical evolution.

Again, there is a force – this is the force faster than the speed of light. And each of us has direct access to it through our own heart, our own spirit. It’s bigger than all of life combined and anything we could ever imagine.

Each of us has her/his own way of harnessing its energy, its wisdom, its gifts. Some of us see it, hear it, feel it, know it – or experience all of those. We are all messengers in the form of our art, our work, our relationships, how we carry ourselves, how we communicate and so on and so forth. Once we’re able to unlock this energy and commit to learning how to harness its for good and bring it down to earth – that’s when we become a portal of the Divine’s unbounded, transformative and transcendental energy. That’s when our life gets anchored on a meaningful purpose that is bigger and more important than our individual, human life. That’s when we come full circle and go back to who we really are – merging back with the Divine which is the source of all life and all truths.

The Divine invites us to connect again and again in various ways. Sometimes it manifests in opportunities and movement, but sometimes, it approaches us through upheavals – even in stagnation. The Divine is both in abundance and in lack. It is both an object with mass and immeasurable emptiness. The Divine is the Great Paradox.

Above all, its a continuously moving energy no matter how our human mind perceives it. Our work on earth, which is bounded by space-time and all other kinds of trappings, is to master how to keep the connection with the Divine – with our own Divinity – regardless of external, material circumstances.

We’re always invited to forge and strengthen this connection – but we have to accept it. Likewise, we have to consistently work on it like a muscle. We must approach our life experiences (read: ALL OF IT) as invitations to grow wider, deeper and higher – which ultimately contributes to the Universe’s expansion both as a whole, and in bits and pieces altogether,

There is no way that we can sugar-coat everyday life difficulties including, especially the major ones which affect entire communities and generations. We’re not being asked to dampen our experience of them as well. Our ability to fully experience the intensity of human emotions is key to the expansion of our consciousness. This is the most important part of the human experience. But what is always being asked of us, and what we should ask ourselves as well, is to go beyond what our human mind and body can perceive and comprehend – and to integrate all that we learn from that process of transcendence. Nothing can go back to what it was – we can’t go back to who we were once transcendence has taken place.

When we’re able to grasp this – to nail this truth down and feel it to our very core – even the most life-shattering difficulties would have meaning to us.

There is a force faster than the speed of light. There is a consciousness wiser and more powerful than our human mind. There is a world beyond what we can physically experience. By tapping into that we can live our everyday life as a force of non-stop transformation.

Conversations with Jesus – Part 2 (Redemption and Life Purpose)

Life path, Meditation/Visions, The Self


Me: Let’s talk about mission…life purpose. Is it true that you’re the Son of God (therefore, a God, too) sent by God to redeem humanity of their sins?

Jesus: Like I’ve told you, religions like to craft stories based on their political agenda and the consciousness level of the time. Probably most of the time the intentions are good – but the consciousness of the humans are limited so the stories can be backward and disempowering in many ways.

Likewise, like I’ve told you, nobody can “save” anybody else but themselves and their direct, indestructible connection with Source (or God as many would like to call it). I can’t “save” anybody else but myself like any human – and I was a human. I incarnated on Earth. My intention (and the Source’s intention, too) was to set up an example of how to carry your cross (physical existence), go through life and transcend (resurrect, ascend) from it as a more expanded Spirit.

I was the “Son of God” in some religious’ people words – like any human. Each of you came from Source, therefore you’re all “sons and daughters of God”.

What I can contribute to this “life purpose discussion” based on my experiences is this: Before incarnating on Earth, each Spirit creates a plan and a purpose behind it – on what kind of expansion is desired/needed. Once the Spirit incarnates on a physical existence and becomes a human, she/he also comes with her/his own mind and freewill and the purpose that has been decided previously can still change – and it’s totally fine and normal. Real situations are experienced and lessons are learned when the Spirit is in the physical form – therefore it’s only logical to have a change of mind and plans.

Your “life purpose” can have twists and turns like your life path – the two are inseparable. Your life purpose is never final until you’ve been sentenced to die – and you accept it.

Just look into the story of my life, for instance, there were many points going to my crucifixion where I could’ve resisted and not accepted what would happen next – and doing that would be totally fine to Source, I could change my mind. I knew I was gonna be betrayed, mocked, shamed, persecuted and sentenced to a horrible death. I knew what’s gonna happen next because I had a direct connection to Source and I chose to never lose it. Each step of the way Source would tell me what could happen next, and since I had freewill I was also given the option whether to accept it or not. I co-created my life path and each step of the way, I co-decided what my life purpose was.

Looking from outside, it would all seem tragic and scary, but when living from the inside-out, each choice you make and the consequences that come with it cleanse you and expand you – and having this kind of clarity makes the journey easier to bear. When your “why” is crystal clear to you, the “what” and “how” become secondary. Life still won’t be all sunshine and butterflies but you’ll always see the horizon – and this will bring you so much peace and comfort.

I see life purpose as something that brings meaning to everything you do and all the ways that you ache to expand. It’s something that grounds you – connects you to Source and manifestations of Life. Life purpose is something that fills you – that nourishes you and the life around you. You can never make a mistake in identifying and pursuing a life purpose.

Your life purpose is never final until you’re dying and you completely accept your impending physical death – which symbolizes the end of your life journey (for that particular cycle).

(to be continued…)