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Musings over Breakfasts

I find myself looking forward to luxurious breakfasts recently. Aside from the fact that I can finally afford them in terms of money, I can finally afford the lovely silence in the mornings, too. In fact, I've been laughing at the fact that if I'll be going on dates now, they'll probably be always at… Continue reading Musings over Breakfasts

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More Daring at 31

I turn 31 today. So what? "What's different about me this year in comparison to who I was last year?", I ask myself. Well, I think I'm pretty much the same. I just think I'm more daring now. Daring in ways I wasn't before. Daring and more comfy in my own skin. Daring and more… Continue reading More Daring at 31

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How to take your power back? Make more time for Play.

Yesterday, in the middle of a busy working Monday, a thought bubble popped out - it said, "How can I feel more in control of my days? How can I feel like my days - including weekdays - are mine again? How can I bring back my regular everyday bliss from when I still had… Continue reading How to take your power back? Make more time for Play.