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The Art of Receiving Love

Sometimes we let our need for labels limit how we live and experience love. Shouldn't it be enough that we are loved by each single creation in its/her/his own special way? Let's open ourselves to receive the kind of love we're given. Give what we can in return as well. Accept the love that is… Continue reading The Art of Receiving Love

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Break Down to Break Free

When it seems as though life wants to break us down - the truth is, life wants us to break free. To crack open. To release our grip from the edge. To let go of the only thing that has supported our existence so far - the illusion of control. When it feels like life… Continue reading Break Down to Break Free

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A Love Note to the Wounded

When you're hurting, don't cave inside yourself. Keep your heart open. Let love and light fill you in. You'll heal only in your vulnerability. Let the Universe plant a seed where there's a hole or a sore spot. Let that seed grow with you in light and love. Let it guide you towards the direction… Continue reading A Love Note to the Wounded

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What I have learned about the process of Manifestation

Manifestation is the externalization of our own process of mastering our power as co-creators. The attainment of goals and the creation of objects, relationships, events are definitely important with regards to the evolution of life. However, there is something more important than all these material outcomes - Us. How we grow as souls is the… Continue reading What I have learned about the process of Manifestation