Your Mind is a Prison or a Vast Landscape

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blackhairYou are your own  shackle. The thought that you can be imprisoned by something else outside yourself is what imprisons you.

The truth is, you can choose your own bindings. You have the power to choose only the connections that are the most freeing to you.

* A meditative message from an Egyptian Cat Queen


Bring out The Bull in you

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ericzenerI’m blessed to be visited by animal spirit guides in my meditations, in my dreams, in my visions. Today’s meditation led me to my zodiac sign – Taurus, the Bull.

The image of a bull looking straight at me was sharp, very much in contrast with the image behind her – a herd of bull raging, with dust clouding the atmosphere.

I would usually get telepathic messages from these animal spirits, but she never spoke a word to me. Her mere presence was her message.

The messages, as I interpreted it in words were:

  • There’s no conflict between the two – you can have a strong individual character and be part of a team. In fact, the strongest teams are actually composed of only those with strong individualities. You have to know who you are first before you can be a part of something bigger.
  • You can be both gentle and headstrong. You can both be nice and decisive.
  • You don’t need to do anything fancy, you need not possess any remarkable talent. You will reach your goals by actually being so damn predictable, that you become so reliable for others. You will move towards your goals by being consistent and methodical. There is value in sticking with the process –  because you’re only gonna have progress in the process. You’ll only be able to improve how you do things in time.
  • You don’t have to be particularly exceptional with anything. What you need is to choose to be fully present in each moment, to confront each situation and not to avert your eyes. Everything is “figure-out-table” as long as you stay present and focused. Creative ideas will open themselves up to you when you are grounded in the moment. Trust in your environment, trust in yourself – trust that you have the resources to accomplish whatever you set your mind to do.
  • You get stronger the more you try, the more you give your all.

My funny, lovely meditation experience

Meditation/Visions, The Self

I’ve had many serious AND FUNNY visualization meditations (without intending to). There have been times when I would see archangels being silly and inviting me to play around with them instead of being so serious all the time. In many instances I would see all sorts of animals stepping into my meditation, inviting me to do all sorts of random, silly and funny stuff which are “serious” for them.

foxJust this morning I did a visualization meditation where I had to climb the top of Mt. Everest. Guess what? I saw myself wearing a onesie (instead of serious hiking clothes complete with the necessary gears). At first I thought it was a unicorn onesie…then a fox appeared and told me I was so funny wearing a Totoro onesie. I wasn’t a unicorn after all.

This fox was eating cheese and drinking wine. She even invited me to her house and said that she would cook dinner for me for when I come back from the peak. She said of course cheese is best partnered with wine – and that of course, foxes eat cheese and drink wine and that she had all the supplies she needed.

hedgehogShortly after, I met a hedgehog who climbed the peak with me. Before we started climbing, he gave me a gold penny to remind me that I always have all the abundance of wealth and support that I need…and that of course he’s got an infinite number of gold pennies at home because he’s a penny-maker. He even gave me a Hi-C drink and we were drinking at the peak like we’re best buddies in grade school hanging out in the courtyard.

Eventually, yes, the three of us had dinner together prepared by the elegant Ms. Fox. It was a yummy potato soup…and we ate cheese of course and drank red wine. Mr. Hedgehog was laughing at me, saying “Who wears a onesie to Mt. Everest?”. We spent the evening talking about our funny and silly experiences in life – like we’ve been friends forever. 🙂 What a funny, lovely meditation experience!

At the core of love is Strength

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greenbgYour heart can be soft and gentle, compassionate and forgiving – most of all because, at the core of your heart, at the core of love is strength.

Love is not passive. Love is not afraid. Love is built on courage. Love is founded on eternal truths.

Following your heart is not about rainbows and butterflies all the time. It’s a heroine’s journey. Prepare for soul-crushing battles and glorious triumphs alike.

Self-restraint and choosing your battles Wisely

Meditation/Visions, The Self


blackyellowRecently, I went back to animal totem/spirit animal meditations. I am really the kind of person who is more attuned to animal energy and wisdom because I am able to receive them more clearly. They don’t beat around the bushes, they don’t say much, but when they do – it’s exactly the messages that I need to hear.

I’ve met a giant eagle and a female wolf recently.

The giant eagle was my recent (and maybe my current) spirit animal. I sensed a male energy. He told me that his secret to success (which translates to self-confidence, strength and freedom) was his ability to choose his battles.

He told me that I was predisposed to feeling overwhelmed because I didn’t know how to pick my battles. I would fight other people’s fights, therefore, I wouldn’t get the results that I wanted and I would feel drained, seething with resentment.

On the other hand, when I decided to meditate and meet not my spirit animal, but my animal totem, which means the representation of my human energy/personality, I met a female wolf. I asked her name and she said her name was Selena. Selena has lived 81 lifetimes as a wolf. She said sometimes she died too soon, sometimes she died of old age, sometimes she was reckless and emotional and didn’t know self-restraint which caused her untimely deaths. She told me that if there’s only one lesson that I can master, she said I should learn self-restraint. She said I should learn how to choose my battles. She told me to use all my sharp senses – smell, feeling, intuition, sight – to assess a situation, a person. She told me that using all my abilities will enable me to come up with the best possible way to respond in every occasion.

She said that I should know how to differentiate between a perceived danger and an actual threat. She explained that sometimes we simply feel threatened but we’re not really in danger – and that there is a huge difference between the two.

The first one is subjective and mostly based on our personal emotions, thoughts and history while the second one is the objective threat, in which the threat would  be obvious to anybody looking from the outside of the situation. She said that it took her 81 lifetimes to gain that wisdom and to master her own emotions.

She clarified that based on her experiences, actually most of the times the best thing to do is to simply walk away. She said that there are very few instances in life where something is really worth a fight. Better to reserve your energy for those times.

She said that she manifested in my personality during those moments when in the heat of an argument (or a coming argument) I was able able to step back and turn all my senses on to assess the situation and apply self-restraint enough to keep quiet and not react prematurely. She said that behind that is unimaginable strength that has more worth than we could ever think of.

When you feel stuck, Soar Above

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I’ve been muddling over a particular family issue lately. Well, the same issue has been around for decades. It was just recently that it came into the front seat again, demanding immediate attention.

I didn’t know what to change about my perspective towards it so I can move forward. I felt like I’ve tried all the ways that I thought would work.

So I meditated and this is what I got:

First and foremost, and this really comes as a warning in bright red letters: Don’t go to the bottom of things. Don’t go deep into the roots. Doing so would only lead you back to the past and all the distortions with it. There aren’t really any bottom or roots to go back to. This is just an illusion.

Your power lies only in the present. Do your very best to stay there – where you are RIGHT NOW. Don’t condemn it, don’t feel embarrassed or guilty because of it. Know and appreciate that where you are is where you should be, that the only way forward is through and not over.

Second, instead of going to the bottom, soar above. Reach for that state where your higher self is. There you would have a wider perspective. There you would find all the clarity that you need. There you would see that things are constantly falling into place. There you would find peace, love and joy that are there and always have been for all eternity. There you would feel the most comforted. There you would know the next best steps to take.

More encounters with Animal Guides

Meditation/Visions, The Self

I’ve been meeting more and more animals during meditation. Yesterday, I did a past life regression meditation and it was a joyful surprise when I met a triceratops family and a two-headed dragon.

I saw myself as a little girl, probably around eight, wearing pajamas and bedroom slippers. I was in this magical place. It was dark and cloudy night and I was about to cross a bridge going to a castle. There was nothing else within the area.

I knocked on the door and a little triceratops welcomed me. She seemed to be the same age as mine. She hurriedly took me to the dining table where I saw all the other extinct and mythical animals. They were all chatting, laughing and eating. The little triceratops took my hand and we went into her room. She gave me a bracelet with a pendant that looked like an egg or an opal.

After that, I saw myself outside the castle with the very huge female triceratops (the mother of the little one) and the two-headed dragon. They said that they have raised me in magic and that I was finally ready to go out into the world on my own. They said that I should always believe in magic and that I should actively look for it everywhere, and if I happen to lose the belief, I should just look back to them and they’ll help me remember.

It was so amazing to be standing beside those gigantic and gentle creatures!


This morning, I decided to meditation with the intention of connecting with the energy of the triceratops to learn more about them and their relevance in my life. However, what I saw was different. I saw a herd of female elephants playing in the river in the middle of a rainforest! There was this particular female elephant who played with me. She would swing me up in the air using her strong trunk. She was laughing! Her energy was so light and joyful. I asked her why she appeared to me in that meditation.

She said that I should know what really mattered to me, that I should keep on doing the things that brought me joy. She said that what really mattered to her was her family, health, nature and playtime.

I remembered the moment when I hugged a mature elephant in Cambodia. I felt so happy! They’re so unbelievably huge but they have this gentle presence in them. I felt safe with them. I felt like they could see through me, like they could feel my emotions and know the kind of person I was.


These encounters with animals have been such a huge comfort to me. They give me so much wisdom and love. They help me to connect deeper with myself, and likewise, with the entirety of the Universe. They help me soar and keep me grounded at the same time.

The Fish, the Wolf and the priceless wisdom they shared with me

Meditation/Visions, The Self

I meditated using the Himalayan Singing Bowls music again. I used it for the first time when I met my owl guide.

This second time I found myself in an underground spiritual (not religious) chapel, where people threw coins into a pond and surrendered their fears. They didn’t pray for anything. They didn’t ask for anything. All they did there was surrender their fears, let them go.

I came closer to the pond because I saw a big black, shiny fish opening its mouth showing me a key. It looked like it was giving me the key. I was sitting in a lotus position in front of the pond. I got up and walked to it. It completely spat the key on the edge of the pond. I asked the fish why did it have to give me a key. The fish asked me back, “Is it a key? It’s anything you perceive it to be.” The fish felt and sounded like masculine to me.

Still puzzled, I took the key. Suddenly I noticed I had chains on both of my feet. I unlocked them. I also unlocked the chain tying my wrist. I unlocked the chains on my arms which tied me to the people inside the chapel. They didn’t even seem to notice. They didn’t even seem to know that I was there. Maybe they didn’t see me. Lastly, I noticed a chain tying my neck to my mind. I unlocked it as well. I didn’t know these chains even existed before I got the key.

Suddenly the key changed into a very sharp, little, crystal dagger. I put it in my pocket wrapped around my hips.

I walked into a passageway where a steel door automatically opened. It’s a prison in the same underground chapel. I saw skeletons lying all around. I tried to push one gate and I discovered that it’s actually not locked. I went in to try to experience how it was like being inside one. Suddenly I had the impulse to look up the ceiling. I saw an opening. I didn’t understand why the prisoners died locked in while there was actually a way out.

I went up the stairs to the opening in the ceiling. I found myself in a misty and moonlit forest. Suddenly I was alone. I wondered where all the people in the underground chapel came from. I couldn’t see anyone walking towards it. I walked around. I saw a bonfire with a group of people around it. They looked like they were cooking some food and warming themselves up. They were wearing a hood similar to mine, it looked like a Jesuit priest’s robe. I wanted to see their faces but I couldn’t. I looked around and walked a bit further. When I turned my head to look at them again, they were gone, and so was the bonfire.

I stepped on a stone and it revealed a path to me. I followed it. There was a small house at the end of the path. I looked into my dagger inside my pocket. I saw it changing from a dagger into a key. Finally I decided it was a key. I used the key to open the door of the house.

I went in. I saw people who were wearing robes like mine getting busy on metal work. They were turning chains into keys. They were melting them and molding them. As I was observing them, walking around the place, something caught my eye from outside the window.

It was a fox. It was a black dog. No, it was a wolf. The wolf looked black in the dark. It was actually grey.

I went out of the house and followed the wolf. It lead me into another underground. In that place I saw foxes sculpting and crocheting – the universe. Yes, you got it right. They were creating galaxies, planets, starts and whathaveyounot.

We didn’t stay for long there. We went out and sat on a stone under an old tree.

The wolf said that all those that I saw were not real outside of my own mind. It didn’t mean they’re pointless or just hollow illusions. It only meant that everybody was a co-creator. We have always created worlds based on our perception and deliberate intentions and decisions on what to create.

I asked him questions. I asked him why did I receive a key. He said that maybe that’s what I needed at this point. What were keys for exactly? Keys were not just for opening doors. Keys were for opening locks in general. He said maybe I needed to free myself from all the self-imposed chains or chains that were imposed on me that I wasn’t even aware of to begin with. He said that there was always a way out. But opposite to the prisoners who died in the prison even if there was a way out, I should look up. Yes, that’s all I had to do.

I should open up my higher mind and seek the light, let the light penetrate me. I should seek to create a strong bond between my light and this universal light. I should come to that light every time I felt worried, afraid, lonely, confused, uncertain, ashamed, guilty, grieving, lost, etc. That light was my way out.

I told him about my current predicament, about my fears for my future and future with andy because they’re uncertain. I told him I didn’t know how to begin my life again, how to find that career that I would love and that would help me create abundance as well in my life. I also told him that I was scared of my future with my partner. What if he eventually decided not to leave his hometown? What if I never change my mind and still wouldn’t want to migrate to his hometown? Was it gonna be the end of our heavenly, powerful, loving, beautiful relationship?

The wolf said that I felt stuck in the dark because I didn’t know the other slices of the pie.

What about  his goals for himself and for the relationship? What about his opinions? What about his strengths and sense of responsibility to himself and the relationships? What about his own power? Likewise, what about the part of the universe? What about the plans of the universe? What about its wishes? What about its powers?

He said that I only knew my own part and I was just filling in the blanks from the pieces coming from the Fear Basket.

He said there were two baskets; Fear and Empowerment. He said that I chose to pick the pieces from the Fear Basket that’s why I felt fearful and stuck, feeling small.

I asked him how to change my attitude. He paused for a few seconds. Eventually he said that maybe doing that would be overkill. It would be overstretching myself. It’s not the easiest thing to jump from fear to empowerment. He said that perhaps the wisest strategy was to focus on what brings me joy. It didn’t even have to be a career or a hobby. I just needed to identify what made me happy and do or have more of it. By doing this he said, I would be totally engrossed in it, completely forgetting about my fears until events unfold, my partner would eventually do his part and the universe as well. Everyone would contribute in the unfolding of events naturally.

This made me feel really excited. He said, “Look at you, your face even lighted up just by talking about this. I think you already know what it is that brings you joy.” I nodded at him, smiling.

My journey to the Elf World

Manifestation, Meditation/Visions, The Self

I’ve been seeing 1, 11, 111, 1111 lately and recently I saw a video by Gigi Young talking about how elves told her that their energy was in the same frequency as 11. She also said that they were very cerebral beings. They were mostly focused on their minds. They were about ideas and the creation from those ideas.

That inspired me to do a meditation with the intention of connecting with them. I used a guided meditation again for this.

I found myself in a valley. On top of the valley was a greek-like structure. I knew the elves were inside. Before I went in, I spotted an elf going into his home. He had a pond with fountains in his yard. He also had a rose garden.

Then I went back to the greek-like structure. I sat in front of the main door, in the steps. An elf sat beside me. He was old, his hands were thick because he said he was a carpenter. He was interested in sculptures and wood work the most. He was even wearing slippers made from wood. He was gentle. His face was calm as well as his voice. I asked him questions like a curious kid. His name was Tom.

The house I went to happened to be his. He asked me to come to him to his house. I didn’t get the chance to go there myself. His house was high and it was made of wood. It was actually a tree house.  He showed me his library. He even showed me his journal. His favorite place was at the highest part of his house. He had a hammock there and a window in front. We sat there for quite a while staring at the moon and the stars. He said he felt peaceful there at the top. Peaceful and protected.

We went back to the greek-like structure. We went inside. I found a bonfire in the middle and some shadows sitting around it. Tom said that the structure was a meeting place for elves.  We sat side by side with them. I asked a question for everyone. I told them that I thought that maybe it was them who created Selena, my peacock bird behind me who lived inside a waterfall. Two elves appeared. One was dressed like a magus, the other looked like a scientist from the past. They were drinking something like tea.

The scientist/professor said that yes, they created her. They created her to help me balance my mind.

They said that the downside of being high minded was that you can get stuck in your mind or it can weigh you down. Selena was there to help me lighten my mind, to help me achieve that balance because they knew that I resided mostly in my head.

I told them about the 11 that I would see and I asked them if it’s  true that they vibrate at a similar frequency. They said yes. They said that they always left clues for beings to follow so they can come in their world. But only the ones who are at present can see the clues. But everybody’s welcome.

They said that their soul purpose is to create worlds but they need to collaborate with beings from all dimensions to create worlds in all dimensions.

They also explained that some things cannot manifest in a dimension because the laws there were different. But it didn’t mean it’s impossible. That’s why they need to work with the beings from different dimensions. It’s a collaboration.

I asked them how we could collaborate. They said that every being had a purpose of creating their own world. They were there to help everyone. They said I had to figure out what my ideal world looked like and they would help me build it.

Details like how would the people look like, how would they interact with each other, what would they prioritize, how would they have fun, where would they live, how would I look like and behave in that world, and so on and so forth had to be filled in by me.

They said that by imagining this world I was already creating it in another dimension. This created world could manifest into 3D in ways that 3D laws would allow. So it’s not useless to build a world in another dimension. It was actually basic. They said that everything we could see in our 3D world now first existed in a different dimension because they first existed as ideas in someone else’s mind.

So in order for us to create something in 3D it had to be first created in other dimensions. They would help me by reminding me which details would I need to fill in and by asking me questions that would enable me to reflect on my motives and reasons or what issues I need to work on myself.

They gave me a cup and inside they said was a light tea from outerspace and also from under the deepest parts of the sea. Yes, they said that the ocean had its own kind of light. I drank the light tea. I said goodbye to them and thanked them for their help and for being a power team. They said I could come back anytime especially now that I knew the way.

It’s time for me to go to work. I have to figure what kind of world do I really want to create and live in. Wow.

My Peacock Sister Fairy

Meditation/Visions, The Self, Women's Room

I was doing a visualization meditation on letting go. Even before the guide told me to visualize a library on top of the stairs, I already knew it was a library. It was an old library made with dark mahogany wood. I sat in a chair made of dark brown leather. I picked up an old book. I went inside the book then I found myself in a forest similar to where I met my panther animal guide. The owl I recently met was there, too, in one of the trees.

I heard the sound of a waterfall then suddenly saw myself sitting in a lotus position in between waterfalls. I wasn’t wet. I was sitting in a rock. In front of me was another waterfall. The water was so clear and stable that I could clearly see my reflection. I saw myself there sitting. My eyes were closed.

Suddenly behind me, a bird appeared. It had a small head, it was sitting/floating behind me and it’s wings were spread out like an eagle. At first it’s feathers were dark brown. Slowly they turned into dark blue. Some crown-like feathers or tendrils appeared at the top of its small head like a crown. I also saw the beak in close up and little diamonds appeared. It sort of looked like a peacock but not really. Its wings were slowly adorned with little glittery things like gems.

Suddenly I found myself inside the spirit of the bird. It’s like I went inside her and saw the world through her eyes, although her consciousness was inside her at the same time.

We went inside the waterfall in front of us. Inside it was like a deep cave with some light inside. The little patches of light came from the fire stored inside troughs. Inside the troughs are precious gemstones, too. The bird went near a trough and inside it was a ball of fire. We didn’t stay long.

During that time inside the cave I was asking her if it was her home. She said yes. She also said that those were gemstones. She said that she didn’t get them anywhere. They just appeared on their own. I asked her if she was wealthy having so many gemstones and even
diamonds in her beak and feathers. She said yes, she’s wealthy. I asked her what she was exactly. She told me she didn’t know. She didn’t even know where she came from or how she came into being.  She just told me she slowly materialized and that it felt natural for  her to be with me. She said she was like my light, my energy, my aura.

I went back to the library, downstairs and out of the door, back to where I was really sitting while doing the meditation. The magical bird went out the door with me. She’s still here with me somewhere perched on my shoulders or floating behind me or flying beside me.

She told me that if I wanted to know more about her I should probably ask the alchemists who made her. Maybe I should ask the waterfall or the mountains where the waterfall is. Maybe only they can tell me the answers to my questions.

She also told me that maybe her practical use for me is to guide me with regards to managing my energy. Maybe I gotta observe her. If she turned brown again or plain or ugly, maybe it meant I was having those kinds of frequencies in me as well.

She had this very innocent energy like a child or a pet. She’s neither dependent nor needy. She’s actually worry-free. She told me she didn’t know the answers to my questions because that was the truth. She really didn’t know. And she didn’t mind that she didn’t know.


This is so magical! I have been attracting animal spirit guides lately. First was the male, mature black panther, then the curious owl with a boy scout spirit, then this magical, flamboyant peacock-like bird with an innocent spirit, too. This is so so cool! I am so thrilled and grateful for all of them and the Universe for sending them to me!