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Your Mind is a Prison or a Vast Landscape

You are your own  shackle. The thought that you can be imprisoned by something else outside yourself is what imprisons you. The truth is, you can choose your own bindings. You have the power to choose only the connections that are the most freeing to you. * A meditative message from an Egyptian Cat Queen

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Bring out The Bull in you

I'm blessed to be visited by animal spirit guides in my meditations, in my dreams, in my visions. Today's meditation led me to my zodiac sign - Taurus, the Bull. The image of a bull looking straight at me was sharp, very much in contrast with the image behind her - a herd of bull… Continue reading Bring out The Bull in you

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My funny, lovely meditation experience

I've had many serious AND FUNNY visualization meditations (without intending to). There have been times when I would see archangels being silly and inviting me to play around with them instead of being so serious all the time. In many instances I would see all sorts of animals stepping into my meditation, inviting me to… Continue reading My funny, lovely meditation experience

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Self-restraint and choosing your battles Wisely

Recently, I went back to animal totem/spirit animal meditations. I am really the kind of person who is more attuned to animal energy and wisdom because I am able to receive them more clearly. They don't beat around the bushes, they don't say much, but when they do - it's exactly the messages that I need… Continue reading Self-restraint and choosing your battles Wisely

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The Fish, the Wolf and the priceless wisdom they shared with me

I meditated using the Himalayan Singing Bowls music again. I used it for the first time when I met my owl guide. This second time I found myself in an underground spiritual (not religious) chapel, where people threw coins into a pond and surrendered their fears. They didn't pray for anything. They didn't ask for anything.… Continue reading The Fish, the Wolf and the priceless wisdom they shared with me

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My journey to the Elf World

I've been seeing 1, 11, 111, 1111 lately and recently I saw a video by Gigi Young talking about how elves told her that their energy was in the same frequency as 11. She also said that they were very cerebral beings. They were mostly focused on their minds. They were about ideas and the creation from those ideas. That… Continue reading My journey to the Elf World