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We feel Lost sometimes

When it feels like you're in the wrong place, in the wrong direction, instead of turning around, sometimes, in fact, you just have to keep on moving forward. Imagine you find yourself lost in the middle of the desert, it won't make sense to turn back, right? Most probably your best choice is to keep… Continue reading We feel Lost sometimes

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We’re created out of Love, to Love

I don't think Source brought all things to existence merely to know itself and expand. *As I was stroking my furry bestfriend's head, Munchkin, I knew that Source created everything ultimately because of love. No, not to learn how to love itself, neither to love out of generosity. But to love that which is a… Continue reading We’re created out of Love, to Love

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Togetherness is only possible through Solitude

At some point we must confront the reality of our solitude; because it's only through the fullness of experiencing our temporal solitary existence that genuine togetherness is made possible. It can easily slip off our attention since it's our default reality, like a fish in the water, but it's in fact, one of the core… Continue reading Togetherness is only possible through Solitude