Own Your Space

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diveYou’ve been given a space in this world – no matter how small it may seem to be. You’ve been given the ability to express yourself, to contribute and live to the fullness of who you are.

Own that space. Seize the chances you’re given.

Be shameless. Be here. Fully. Unapologetic and free. Create and deliver.

You matter because you are here.




The Go-Getter Mindset

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lizmayvWhen you believe something is missing or needs to change – opt for the better way; don’t resort to complaining and feeling helpless – get started and do something about it. This may not entirely address the situation, but it’s a way to start the momentum in the direction you want it to go.

If you’re in the right place, with the right people, at the right time, and if your concerns make sense – your efforts will be met with support. If not then maybe it’s not the right time yet or maybe it’s better for you to simply move on.  Your brilliance and sincerity are better spent somewhere else.

No one will hand you want you want. Big girl, you gotta go get it.


Be Unconditional

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There will always be those who would measure you up and put you in a box they’ve created.

There will be times when you’ll be weighed like dead meat and nobody will give a fuck about how you feel.

You will be Ignored. Unseen. Forgotten.

You won’t always get a prize for being treated like an underdog/feeling like a martyr.

You won’t always have the chance/ability to create your epic comeback.

There’s no guarantee that new opportunities/blessings/valuable lessons will come out of those situations –

maybe, except for

The lesson of how to be Unconditional.
How to love yourself Unconditionally.
How to embrace life Unconditionally.

To know that you’re worth is not dependent on what happens or doesn’t happen to you.

To know you’ll be fine just the same whether you get what you want and what you deserve – or not.

To have the maturity to accept that you’re not always gonna have it your way, that other people’s freewill and how the Universe works deserve to be respected, too, even if they don’t fully make sense to you.

To know that at the end of it all, your spirit cannot be contained, you will never cease to exist and that life is always in your favor, and even if it doesn’t feel that way, we are all created equal.

Choose Yourself

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In the recent years, looking back, I noted that I was able to have/create what I really wanted not by actively pursuing them, but by giving them up.

huggingIt’s counter-intuitive, I know, but the lesson I get is always simple and always the same: When you honor your values, when you don’t settle for less than what you know you deserve, when you choose yourself, the Universe lights up and aligns everything in your favor.

The first time it happened, I could literally feel my angels and guides partying and showering me with kudos. Learning the most important lesson of self-worth and self-love is a triumph for everyone.

Since then that’s how I knew that if something’s making me feel like I had to choose between myself and that thing/relationship, that’s when I should let it go. It will find its way back to me if it’s meant for me at the right time, in the right circumstances, if not it will completely fade away from my life experience.

This happens because the manifestations of our desires are always secondary, what matters the most is our well-being, our joy and our expansion.

My Nephew, one tiny and boundless round Universe

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sketch+25I’ve found a new calling as a freestyle babies’ and children’s storyteller.

Everytime I find my nephew awake and interactive, I feel an instant urge to latch onto him and create a third world plane where we can experience the same magical things together.

I can’t describe the joy I feel when I see and feel him responding to me. I can see it in his eyes, in his facial expressions, in the sounds and gestures he makes.

This tiny bouncing ball of energy has all the eternal wisdom inside him. I feel it when we interact. He knows it fully well what I mean by magic. His world is magical. He gets excited when we talk about explorations and adventures, the little wonders and joys of life. I call him an explorer with a cute hat and a red backpack, a ball of cheese, a creature who swims in and thinks and dreams of milk, a tiny indestructible universe, an ancient treasure chest, among others. I told him once how I knew he’s holding magical surprises inside his tiny, delicate hands – and he laughed.

His spirit lives in his infant body for now yet I feel his expansiveness – his true essence cannot be contained.

He’s amazed when I tell him how I imagine it must be like inside his milky mouth – how we’re gonna go on a ship and ride the waves of this milky ocean. He agrees when I tell him how I imagine what’s inside his round tummy – for sure stars, entire galaxies, raindrops, and all the yummy things too, like cupcakes.

To most adults my poetry, my art, my imagination are pure nonsense and even ridiculous. On the other hand these are the same things that make me naturally good at being a freestyle storyteller to babies and kids.

To my perfect round nephew, I am not ridiculous because I’m talking about things that are not real. To him I am ridiculous because my world is only as limited as my imagination.

To him I am ridiculously amusing and liberating. He wouldn’t want me any other way. He is just thrilled to be with me in this third world plane we create together where unlimited realities abound.

Whenever I see him awake I ask him to tell me stories about his world, of new things he discovered and his accompanying thoughts and feelings. I also tell him about my world, what it’s like outside, about my dogs, the animals, the plants, the sun, the sky (I could go on), what brings me joy and the fun things we’re gonna be doing when he grows up. In my mind there is an actually existing world where we are on a timeless adventure – we walk through forests, sleep on tree tops like birds, cross rivers, hike mountains, fly and eat chocolates for snacks. Of course, we read books along the way and play with animal friends.

I’ve found my reflection as a Universe in my nephew, my new cutesy friend – and my heart feels content.


Co-Creating Fields of Love

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Nothing feels as good as when one is in the company of other self-loving people.

singlelavenderThe love you have inside, the love you’re capable of perceiving and receiving gets amplified to heights you’ve not even conceived of.

You need not even think how you’re gonna give back, the exchange of love is automatic. There is no issue of codependency, of not giving enough or giving too much, or of not having your needs met. The sum of the love you create altogether is so much more than what each of you has on her/his own.

If it can be translated materially, I’d describe it as the process of creating layers and layers of nourishing, multidimensional atmospheres or fields of energy that wrap the entire planet.

The love we create ends up nourishing us in ways we could never possibly do on our own.

Without a doubt, this can literally create an entire new planet, an entire new reality. No wonder why learning how to love ourselves is the single most important work we could ever have.

Bask in the Sunlight, it’s your Divine Right

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A mango tree never berates itself for not bearing fruits yet, even though many have long been waiting. It knows that a time stamp has been implanted in its Spirit back when it was still a seed. It anticipates its own blossoming, but doesn’t obsess about it. It knows how to appreciate all the stages and cycles of life.

It doesn’t ruminate and struggle with low self-esteem or ennui during the years that it has to go through without bearing a single fruit. It knows its already worthy and loved as it is.

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We’re all pregnant with our Dreams

Faith, Manifestation, The Self

huggingLook at pregnant women, at least those who longed and planned to be mothers. How do they behave during the entire period of their pregnancy?

They celebrate right at the moment they knew they’re pregnant, when their unborn children don’t look like humans yet.

They prepare themselves. They become more conscious of their diet and their activities. They make sure that they are only holding positive emotions and thoughts. They become more mindful of who they spend time with. They research about pregnancy and child-rearing.

During the latter months, they start preparing the environment where their babies will be. They decorate the bedroom, maybe even rearrange the entire house. They make sure the space is clean and safe for their babies to sleep around, eat around, crawl around and eventually walk, run and jump around.

They start buying stuff their babies will use like cribs and cots, car seats, feeding bottles, toys, nappies, and the whole enchilada of only the cutest clothing.

They imagine how they will spend their days with their babies, where they’re gonna go, what will they laugh about, how cute their laughter will be, and all the endearing and surprising joys that this new life will bring them.

They rarely stress about the possibility that none of those might happen, that all the bought stuff and preparations would be a waste. They don’t usually wake up every morning and go to sleep every night asking themselves the same question, “What if my baby doesn’t get born?”

They don’t just believe their babies are gonna get born. They know it as a fact. That’s what guides all their actions throughout the nine-month journey. They know their babies are alive and they can feel them in their bellies. They know they are already there even without physically seeing them and holding them in their arms yet. They know they are simply in transit. They know they are both being prepared by the Divine for a new Miracle of Life.

None of us knows how this Miracle of Life happens, in all its complexities and beauty, just like many other mysterious things around us. But all of us, not only mothers, go beyond believing towards it – we expect that it’s gonna happen. We understand it. We don’t feel impatient towards it. We let the process unfold naturally. We celebrate the transformations along the way and not just the Big Day.

– This is what the Divine told me about manifestation. This is the kind of attitude the Divine is asking from us, instead of what we usually do, which is ruminating about our anxieties.

In praise of Divine Timing

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greenieIf an idea, a message, a vision is ripe like a fruit hanging from a tree – it’s gonna drop off naturally. Adding the right conditions to its maturity, it will be the sweetest, juiciest, most nourishing of its kind.

Treat your dreams and your own growth like a fruit hanging from a tree. Provide it with all the nourishment it needs – but don’t rush it or force it to ripen before its time. You’ll savor an abundant and delicious harvest – and you’ll have more to share with those around you and beyond as well.