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Wild and Knowing

This is my current spirit animal guide. She introduced herself to me, one night, as I got this impulse to go to a bookstore in search for a new oracle/tarot deck a few days ago. I wasn't searching for anything in particular, until I found Gabrielle Bernstein's "The Universe Has  Your Back" deck. Since then… Continue reading Wild and Knowing

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Our Dreams are Alive

A dream, a desire, a goal is not just a destination, an end point we can aspire for and go to. It's alive - it's a state of being. It's dynamic - we can shape it with our presence. It responds to us. We learn from each other. What we are really wanting underneath all… Continue reading Our Dreams are Alive

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How to thrive in this World of Mirrors

"Is it true that life is a mirror and everything around me is just a reflection of me?", I asked in my meditation this morning. As usual, animal spirit guides would appear and have the most profound conversations with me. This time it was a white female wolf who answered my inquiry. She said, "That's… Continue reading How to thrive in this World of Mirrors