Authenticity is at the Core of Purpose

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While my poodle-terrier bestfriend Munchkin and I were out for a walk this morning, and I was scanning my surroundings, as usual, curious about the little things (something Munchkin has taught me to be better at), I looked up a tropical tree, about 8 ft tall, common in most neighborhoods in the Philippines. It had these little cone-shaped fruits, which despite looking tempting and cute, were not edible.

It was then that I had this thought:

If these fruits are not edible, would anybody dare call them useless? The fact that they exist means that they are, by default, serving a purpose. Even if most people don’t know what that is. Even if we don’t see how they play a part in our ecosystem, mostly because we don’t pay that much attention to them.

If this is the case then each person, by default, is already serving a purpose simply by being born. How?

Who we are, the wisdom and history we bring forth, the unique light and energy we radiate, by default, have been summoned to fruition because there’s a need for them.

What most people refer to as a “life purpose”, which usually pertains to a career/a way to serve, is simply one of the means by which we can affirm who we have always been.

Therefore if something feels authentic to us, if our soul is being pulled into a certain direction, if we ache to express ourselves in a particular way – it’s a chance to feed who we really are and be more of it. We are serving the whole in this way.

Each part of creation is made perfect. We are all created equal. My search for meaning has led me know that this thing we call “life purpose” is really just an extension of who we truly are inside as spiritual beings.

Our work begins and ends not in doing or serving, but in being – in becoming.




A Leap in Perspective

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needleplantI used to think that the only way I could fully live a spiritual life and be in an ecosystem of inspiring one another was by somehow working in the healing/intuitive arts. Lately though, probably as part of my spiritual progression, I’ve learned that –

1. If that is true, then that is very limiting. Not everyone is in or even comes close to the vicinity of healing/intuitive arts. How can we reach those/everybody if we just stay there? I don’t think the Universe is designed to be that way. If anything, we should spread out, expand ourselves, immerse ourselves in unfamiliar situations, engage with people who are different from us in some ways. In the process, learn, grow, be more integrated.

2. We are, by default, living spiritual lives because we are spiritual/energetic beings having a physical experience. We CANNOT NOT be spiritual.

3. Where else is best to live this so called full spiritual life other than where we already are doing what we already do?

Now I think that the goal is actually not to be a healer/a guide/a mentor/or just a spiritual person by profession or by being validated by a particular organization or institution, but to be all these things and so much more simply by choosing to embrace our truest self, our essence – which is love and light – and to show up in the world everyday embodying these where we are and with whoever we interact with.

We have all been touched by “common” people in profound ways;

be it a hairstylist who has shown us great love and compassion when we’re heartbroken, a stranger in the bus who radiated joy and kindness when we felt hopeless towards life, a family member who offered us advice we needed at that time, a colleague who we never thought of as a friend but who suddenly got our back during one of our personal storms, a deceased artist whose works have inspired us to take risks and go for our dreams.

To others, we have played these roles, too, without us knowing about it. We’ll never fully know the mark we leave on each other.

We gotta check in with ourselves. If our inquiry and path naturally leads us to the healing/intuitive arts then great and that will surely benefit all of us. If not, we must have the faith that probably where we are right now is where we can best grow and be of service to others.

5 Questions to ask yourself if you want more clarity about your Life Purpose

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topbunI have read countless articles and watched videos on finding my life purpose. I’ve taken notes of some questions that might help and answered them as best as I can. I’ve done my best many times to follow through the tips I got from various writers and life coaches. Not all of the tips and questions worked for me. Each of us go through our unique journey and what have worked for some may not work for others.

Here is my version of that list of tips/questions. These have been working well for me – so far. 😀 Hope this helps.

1. What excites you?

This would probably be the most cliche of all my points. I think it helps because it serves us a warm-up. Asking yourself this question is like testing the waters. Scan your past experiences and look for clues to your behavior.

In which situations were you mostly present – engaged? What brings out your creative ideas? What makes you come out of your shell and participate? What do you look forward to? If it’s up to you, how do you usually spend your time?

There should be a sense being pulled into a certain direction – which is different from the sensation of being pushed.

When we feel pulled into something, it feels light and a nudge is enough to get us in. A push is on the opposite end of the pole. It’s mostly about things we/others think we have to like/do. There is no chemistry. There is no sense of curiosity, fun nor adventure. We may be good at these things but they don’t give us joy or it could also be that we are getting more stress than fun from them. Observe yourself and pay attention to that “pull”.

2. What drives you to be a better version of yourself?

Which types of information are you personally hungry for? What encourages you to stretch your limits and go beyond your comfort zone? What motivates you to learn and grow? In which areas do you want to be better at?

If it’s up to you, what kinds of books/films/TV shows do you usually read/watch? Which kinds of feedback/rewards are the most fulfilling for you? Which topics do you like talking about?

3. What burns you out? What irritates you? What brings out the “hulk” in you?

The things that trip us off can also give us clues to our calling.

I believe that life purpose is not only about the things we naturally like or the things we are good at. In our purpose lies the things we are mostly struggling with as well – because they contain the life lessons we need to learn and integrate in ourselves at this point in our spiritual evolution.

Do rigid schedules burn you out? Do you have little tolerance for authoritative bosses? Do you dread having to speak with customers? Does wearing a corporate attire make you feel confident? Do you look forward to frequent business travels?

Look back into your past jobs, relationships, travels and past time activities. Eventually you’ll see a pattern there. Connect the dots to see the bigger picture.

4. How would you like to serve and make the world a better place?

It sounds cheesy, I know. But I believe that inside all of us lies the desire and need to be relevant and to fulfill our place in the world. The process of satisfying our purpose can only be completed once we have served a need that is higher than us.

We don’t even need to stress about it and squeeze ourselves into cookie-cutter careers in the name of service. If we’re already doing the thing that brings us joy and helps us grow – for sure we’re already serving/fulfilling a need in our own unique way.

Our passion acts as an invitation for us to participate in world-creation and advancement.

We just have to keep on engaging with it and follow its guidance on what to do next or which way to go.

5. What are you curious about?

This would be the last item on my least because a.) It may not help but may only confuse most people and b.) I would use this technique in either a more practical setting (e.g. if you’re thinking of shifting your career path) or if you wish bring some zest back into your life (e.g. discovering a new field of interest).

My career journey is partly about following my curiosity. I’ve changed my path a few times to the point that it feels like I have lived many lives in just one lifetime (and I am only in my 3rd decade). There is no harm to it if you maintain your focus and pursue just one thing (or a couple of things) at a time. This is to make sure that you go through the entire process until you reach its natural conclusion. By this time for sure you’d have learned something meaningful about yourself and the nature of life. You also get better at new things.

Following your curiosity can be tricky because it’s subtle and it leads you to a path of uncertainty. It would be easier if you just take your pick in the beginning and follow it down the road, right? Following your curiosity is the opposite.

It’s not composed of one straight road but of a series of road each branching out in multiple directions again and again. Following this path would require you to make pivotal decisions every now and then. It means that you have to keep your faith and guts and be more self-aware as you move along.

Curiosity also speaks to us in a whisper or even just a nudge. It almost never grabs us by the hand or shouts into our ear, commanding us to check something out. It’s subtle like our spirit – subtle but solid.

Try this technique. Pay attention to this nudge and follow its guidance. It may lead you closer to that pot path of fulfillment.

I would love to know as well what has worked for you when it comes to finding you life purpose. 🙂

Reframing The Question

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lake2Instead of asking ourselves “Am I living the life that I truly desire/ Am I living life to the fullest?” maybe a better question to ask is –

In what ways am I giving glory to Source/God through the life I’m co-creating?

The latter has less ego and is more purpose-centric. It’s not limited by the cookie-cutter measures we impose on ourselves and each other. It’s focused on something higher and bigger than us. It’s concerned with giving back and celebrating life. It’s more profound and comprehensive.

Posing this question towards myself has made me confront things that while true, have been difficult for me to accept. I’ve realized that despite society’s expectations (which become mine as well), my life is primarily about defining, re-shaping and celebrating freedom in my own ways.

I guess this is my way of giving back to Source – exploring the dimensions of freedom and become a wiser and more responsible person in the process.

Knowing the answer to this question gives us more reasons to be compassionate with ourselves and with each other.

Try asking yourself the same question and be enlightened by the answer/s you’ll get. 🙂

Conversations with Jesus – Part 2 (Redemption and Life Purpose)

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waveMe: Let’s talk about mission…life purpose. Is it true that you’re the Son of God (therefore, a God, too) sent by God to redeem humanity of their sins?

Jesus: Like I’ve told you, religions like to craft stories based on their political agenda and the consciousness level of the time. Probably most of the time the intentions are good – but the consciousness of the humans are limited so the stories can be backward and disempowering in many ways.

Likewise, like I’ve told you, nobody can “save” anybody else but themselves and their direct, indestructible connection with Source (or God as many would like to call it). I can’t “save” anybody else but myself like any human – and I was a human. I incarnated on Earth. My intention (and the Source’s intention, too) was to set up an example of how to carry your cross (physical existence), go through life and transcend (resurrect, ascend) from it as a more expanded Spirit.

I was the “Son of God” in some religious’ people words – like any human. Each of you came from Source, therefore you’re all “sons and daughters of God”.

What I can contribute to this “life purpose discussion” based on my experiences is this: Before incarnating on Earth, each Spirit creates a plan and a purpose behind it – on what kind of expansion is desired/needed. Once the Spirit incarnates on a physical existence and becomes a human, she/he also comes with her/his own mind and freewill and the purpose that has been decided previously can still change – and it’s totally fine and normal. Real situations are experienced and lessons are learned when the Spirit is in the physical form – therefore it’s only logical to have a change of mind and plans.

Your “life purpose” can have twists and turns like your life path – the two are inseparable. Your life purpose is never final until you’ve been sentenced to die – and you accept it.

Just look into the story of my life, for instance, there were many points going to my crucifixion where I could’ve resisted and not accepted what would happen next – and doing that would be totally fine to Source, I could change my mind. I knew I was gonna be betrayed, mocked, shamed, persecuted and sentenced to a horrible death. I knew what’s gonna happen next because I had a direct connection to Source and I chose to never lose it. Each step of the way Source would tell me what could happen next, and since I had freewill I was also given the option whether to accept it or not. I co-created my life path and each step of the way, I co-decided what my life purpose was.

Looking from outside, it would all seem tragic and scary, but when living from the inside-out, each choice you make and the consequences that come with it cleanse you and expand you – and having this kind of clarity makes the journey easier to bear. When your “why” is crystal clear to you, the “what” and “how” become secondary. Life still won’t be all sunshine and butterflies but you’ll always see the horizon – and this will bring you so much peace and comfort.

I see life purpose as something that brings meaning to everything you do and all the ways that you ache to expand. It’s something that grounds you – connects you to Source and manifestations of Life. Life purpose is something that fills you – that nourishes you and the life around you. You can never make a mistake in identifying and pursuing a life purpose.

Your life purpose is never final until you’re dying and you completely accept your impending physical death – which symbolizes the end of your life journey (for that particular cycle).

(to be continued…)

My Soul’s Journey

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This morning I had the inspiration to meditate on my soul’s journey. My intention was to understand it more so I can better understand the events in my 3D life and how I can better navigate it to the benefit of all the parts of my selves, all my parallel lives.

I found this powerful meditation music on YouTube. I usually prefer to listen to an audio guide or a meditation music when I want to address a certain issue. It is more effective for me and more enjoyable, too. As always, I believe that nothing is random. We get what is the reflection of our subconscious. Even our imaginations are not random. I knew that this I bumped into this music because it is related to my soul journey and therefore it was right for me to use it.

This is what I experienced:

I was in the middle of a dessert, sitting in a lotus position on a cliff. I was facing these rocky mountains. The sky was clear and I could see the clouds floating calmly.

Suddenly a man came with a camel carrying all sorts of stuff. It looked like he was traveling. His energy was calm and so was the animal.

Moments passed by and more people came, too, on foot, with their animals. Men, women, children, all with their belongings with them. They’re walking in a coordinated way, as if they’re following an invisible line. When I zoomed into them to know more  about what’s going on, I found out that they’re migrating to a place together but they were all inside themselves, reflecting/meditating/praying. They’re not talking to each other, they’ll just sometimes glance at each other or assist each other with carrying their loads.

They were in this meditative state because their souls were hungry for it. Their souls wanted to do it. They accepted this as part of their fate, their journey. They didn’t question it. They were moving because they were following the music in their heart, leading them the way. It’s like a magnet pulling them to a place they didn’t really know where. For them, the journey was more important than the destination. In fact, the journey was what it was all about. They were merely creating the destination while they’re in the journey. But they knew that the destination was just a byproduct of their journey, therefore the destination changed, too as they went through their journey.

A woman looked at me and we communicated with our thoughts. She said: “I see you. I see your journey. I honor your journey. We’re together in this journey but we also have our individual journeys that we need to go through.”

The night came. They gathered together around a bonfire. They were playing drums and dancing. They were dancing with eyes closed. Although they gathered together, they were dancing alone, deep inside their spirit. Dancing was their way of cleansing their souls, stripping all the accumulated emotions, beliefs and attachments that no longer served them, that weighed them down. As I saw them danced, I felt it in myself, too. I saw myself dancing on top of a cliff under the full moon. My eyes were closed and I moved as if I was exorcising the debris of lies which still clung to my spirit. I was crying because it was another way of cleansing my spirit as well. The music stopped. The dancing stopped, too. The people lied down under the night sky filled with stars. They closed their eyes.

The next morning came, the people packed their bags and started to walk again. This time, they felt more alive, more energetic – lighter. Their heads were clearer. They started to smile to each other, too and whistle from time to time. This time they moved faster, too, and I noticed that animals were walking, crawling and running alongside them: goats, lions, elephants, giraffes, horses, snakes, insects. Different kinds of birds were flying above them, moving in the same direction. The trees gave way to them and helped them move forward. It’s as if by cleansing themselves the night before, they’re able to go back to being part of nature again. They become One again.

This explains my longing to just go deep inside me, reflect, listen and understand from that place. I never really felt a pull to do something in particular even though I have achieved many things, explored and experimented and created all my life. The things that I have done would always take me back to that meditative state and see the world from the silence of my spirit.

Maybe my current life is about the journey of meditating and cleansing my spirit, of removing all the debris that are weighing me down. It is about going back to my divine nature and the fact that I am one with everything. It is also about being present and remembering that we create our destination as we go through our journey, so nothing is ever permanent.

Every outcome shifts and they shift depending on who we are becoming.

This leads me to think that maybe I have to stop berating myself for not knowing where to go, not having a “life purpose” or a pull to do something in particular.

This is MY PULL. My pull is to go inwards, because that is the only way I could move forward my journey.

There are no sign posts or maps to guide me through, only the pull of my soul can guide me.