How to take your power back? Make more time for Play.

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lizmayvYesterday, in the middle of a busy working Monday, a thought bubble popped out – it said,

“How can I feel more in control of my days? How can I feel like my days – including weekdays – are mine again? How can I bring back my regular everyday bliss from when I still had full control of my schedule?”

This morning when I woke up, I got my answer.

It’s to make more time for Play. By play, I mean, it could be anything at all that we simply do because it’s fun and it allows us to be creative. It lets our mind wander and expand. For one person it could be spending time with animals, for another it could be working out in the gym – for me, it’s thinking on a blank sheet – it’s both drawing and writing, although I tend to write more often these days.

Today since I woke up 30 minutes earlier than usual, I started taking my power back. I started writing at 5 am – before I proceed with my usual daily grind.

Ironic because what playing actually offers us is the space to lose control – yet it’s also the very thing that makes us feel more in control of our life.

Perhaps after all this time we are just spiritual kids inside us. We just want to explore, create and have some a lot of fun!

Even before I started writing this piece, just the thought of writing already lifted my spirits up.

I started feeling more hopeful about my day, knowing that it’s not just another day to spend living for other people’s dreams and fulfillment.

In fact, it’s mine – I create it – just like all the days past and all the days to come. Everything else in my life is just there to support me in living life the way I want to – including my day job (and not the other way around).


A Love Note to the Wounded

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When you’re hurting, don’t cave inside yourself. Keep your heart open. Let love and light fill you in.

You’ll heal only in your vulnerability.

Let the Universe plant a seed where there’s a hole or a sore spot. Let that seed grow with you in light and love. Let it guide you towards the direction of your expansion and your highest joy. Let the plant, the tree keep you grounded.

Let it transform you. Let it reveal your inherent strength and beauty.

Integrate the pain and transmute it. Rise up.

Fall in Love with Your Life

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If we could just be happy with our life, maybe we could influence those we cross paths with to be happy with theirs, too.

diveThis gem just dawned on me as I walked out of the house yesterday. I think no matter where we are in society and what kind of life we have, most of us feel dissatisfied in one way or another, although not with the same intensity. Each of our insecurities can stir another’s even without any deliberate exchange.

Our satisfaction and joy in our own life is an affirmation of the goodness of living. When we’re in love with our own life, we are indirectly reminding others of that goodness that they may have forgotten. Being happy with our life is a testament to our faith – that all things conspire for us and that we are here because we matter. Living this way makes us more willing to show up in our own life and participate in world-making, or as they call it, co-creation. 🙂

Redefining Success

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dancingSince I am entering a new era in my life, I’ve decided it would not only be helpful but also necessary to redefine what success means to me now.

Doing so would enable me more to find value and fulfillment in my journey as I proceed. It would also empower me to check on myself regularly and evaluate whether I am living from moment to moment in a manner that is authentic to me, then apply the changes I find necessary.

After what I’ve gone through these past few months, one thing keeps coming to the surface – the value of relationships. Relationships are what truly matter; relationship with ourselves, with other humans, with nature, with everything around us including the ones we can’t perceive. We’re happier when we share ourselves and our world with others, interacting with each other is also vital in growing our self-awareness and in traveling the path of our unique expansion.

As I enter this period of my life, I define success based on the quality of my relationships. It’s not based on anything external but only on things that I can influence. I would like to make sure that I am able to bring the following in each interaction I would have from hereon – Authenticity, Respect and Presence.

Being authentic requires me to get clear with my energy, my motivations, my intentions, my values, my biases, things I’m unsure of and the fullness of who I am even before I interact with someone else. This enables me to choose the aspects of me that I would like to share or that is relevant to be revealed in each interaction. Being authentic requires me to be accountable with how I handle my emotions and thoughts and use them to establish trust and camaraderie with who I am interacting with.

It is imperative for me to be respectful of myself and of others no matter what the situation is. It doesn’t matter how the interaction is going, what it is about and the intentions invested in. This means that I recognize the validity of opinions and emotions expressed and exchanged. It requires me to know and uphold my own boundaries and do the same for the ones I am interacting with. Each interaction is based on the fact that we are all created equal and are born free.

Once I’m able to get clear with what’s important, it follows that I expect myself to be fully present in each interaction I choose to participate in. I need to listen fully with all of my senses and take note of not only what’s being said but more importantly, what is not. This is where I must maximize my super power – empathy. Empathy will enable me to acquire all the information I need in each interaction. This ability will consequently empower me to make changes in thoughts, emotions and behavior suitable to pivot each into a pleasant and fruitful one.

For a new definition of success to have any bearing, I must stick to the essentials and avoid adding elements that would only make it complicated to follow through. The outcome of each interaction will always be beyond my sole control, therefore, it doesn’t make sense to list anything related to outcomes to expand my new definition. This also helps me to be unconditional in my evaluations.

This time around, as long as I am able to hold my end of the stick according to my values, I will consider each moment a success and my presence as sufficient and valuable. I will rely on my faith that whatever happens as a result of each interaction will lead to the right outcomes, opportunities and new possibilities for expansion for everyone.

This definition feels more authentic and nourishing to me. It also reflects my collaborative nature. 🙂


The Self

dancingWe must choose goodness, love, joy, peace, harmony – all that lift us higher in spite of the heaviness around us. We must do this even if the people around us feel different and we may seem the crazy one. We may not always be able to be the person who does this, but there should always be some of us who accept the position of choosing to hold the light for all of us. This is how we lift each other. This is how we move forward together.

Even when it’s the most difficult to do so, we must hold into that light of hope inside us – the part of us which has never been hurt, never felt lack, has never been afraid, never been abandoned, never been lost, never been powerless.

It is from there that we can have the capacity to rise above any circumstance – to be the superhuman that we really are – and to transcend the limits of our human life as we know them.


You are not lost. We are not lost.

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lureYou may be confused at the moment. You may be in a foggy part of your path. You may be feeling lonely, probably you’re running out of faith in your tank, too. While I won’t pretend to know how exactly you must be feeling and what exactly you’re going through, ’cause I acknowledge the realness that each of our journey is unique, I want to extend my empathy and  best wishes to you as a kindred spirit.

Many people have accused me of not knowing what I really wanted with regards to my career and life path. Many people have withheld trust from me because of this perception. Many people belittled me. It went on for so long to the point that I started believing them.

But in the middle of my recent retreat, when the fog started to dissipate and I could have some clarity again, a knowing just sprouted out, like a tiny mouse that has been hiding simply to protect herself from the momentary chaos around her. I knew then with full certainty that it was not true that I didn’t know what I wanted. It was not true that I was intrinsically confused. And in fact, it was not true that those people who have accused me of not knowing what I wanted really believed in that –

They knew very well that I knew what I wanted but that it was simply not what I was pursuing.

Of course, they didn’t have any idea what it was that I wanted, but they’re pretty sure that it was not what they were offering me. They didn’t know why I was not pursuing what I wanted but surely, they’ve got all the reasons to not wanna work with me. My mind was somewhere else. That’s why they rejected me.

My issue was not the not-knowing but the suppressing of my own desires in the first place because I thought they’re too big, too impossible, too far for me to reach. So I put my focus on other things, I reached for the low-hanging fruits instead.

I was playing small. I didn’t even dare speak nor write about my desires. I simply let them float like clouds above my head as I walk through life half-awake.

There was no blueprint that I could use, no map to lead my way, no one I personally knew I could ask for guidance – these were the reasons why I refused to pursue my own path, refused to even own it to begin with.

You might be on the same boat and these might be some of your reasons, too. Yes, we may have forgotten what it was we were truthfully passionate about after pursuing something we have merely settled for, but I dare you to look inside yourself and realize that you know you are not confused. In fact, you very well know what’s gonna make you happy and what’s gonna enable you to live your life to the fullest. Maybe the answers are not what you expect from yourself, maybe they’re not what the people around you expect from you.

But this is the truth we all have to confront – that we won’t ever be able to pivot in the right direction if we don’t own these answers. We can’t move through the path of joy and fulfillment if we judge our own desires to begin with, if we feel unworthy of them, if we think they’re ridiculous or impossible.

We have to stop looking outside of ourselves for validation. We need to avoid comparing our dreams with those around us, or even with the people we look up to.

Each of us has a unique path of becoming. It is both our right and responsibility to claim it – to take it.

The path will unfold and our steps will be lighted once we say yes to it. All the other possible paths collapse through the power of our focus. It will be a path of uncertainty, exactly because it’s a new path – it’s ours alone. There will be ups and downs and bumps along the way like any trail of adventure, but each stone, each broken branch, each puddle of mud will only take us closer to where we wanna be. Even though we’re not there yet and it may take a while we can always rest in the knowing that we are not lost and our efforts are worthwhile.


How to go back & stay in Alignment

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The Angels offered me this gem, hope it helps:

diveOur advice is short and simple, really, there’s nothing dramatic about it – Keep the energy flow open. 

Make sure that the energy, the light you receive from the Divine flows through you. Make sure to radiate this light beyond yourself towards all those who need it. Others will reflect the same light to you just as you need it.

Stuck energy in any recess of your being will keep you from your own Alignment, which is usually a symptom of a wound that’s been left open for too long. This will block you from receiving more light and from radiating light as well.

Let go of anything heavy that is more trouble than it’s worth. This will keep you grounded in your natural state, which is Alignment.

You will trail away from your center from time to time, and the way to go back is to reach for that thought, that emotion that makes you feel light again – joyful again. You may do this in infinite ways such as immersing yourself in a creative and playful activity, surrounding yourself with things that inspire you, participating in nourishing relationships, listening to uplifting music, bathing yourself in nature, choosing to hold positive thoughts and emotions and being gentle towards yourself, among others.

As you do these, dance as you move along your path. Follow the rhythm of your Spirit. Have fun! Focus on the things that you can enjoy in your journey. As always, we’re with you, lifting you up.

Playtime can be cheap and priceless

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kidPrecious are those moments when the only ones that can lift our spirit and get us in the zone are doing those little things that we enjoy no matter how outdated or senseless they may be. Playtime, in general doesn’t have to make sense, there is no end goal in mind – ’cause it’s about the moment, the flow and enjoying ourselves and our surroundings.

Remember when we you’re a kid and you almost never wanted to sleep? You had infinite ideas of what to do during the day. You’re curious about many things and the mundane world was your wonderland. All outdoor activities were wild adventures. You didn’t get tired, you forgot to eat, and you didn’t bother if you’ve already been roasted by the sun swimming all day in the beach and building castles in the sand.

As adults we often think that we should let go of this childhood sense of wonder and play. Contrary to what we think, I believe that playtime is actually important to our spirit no matter how old we are. Life offers us endless opportunities to have fun and be connected with ourselves and the world we are in.

I take playtime seriously – it has to always be a part of my life or else I’ll become cranky and sometimes simply a horrible human being to be with. Playtime comes easy  – drawing, painting and photography are all forms of play for me. Joining art markets to sell my artworks is a form of play. Spending time with my dogs is playtime. Dressing up at home and putting on make up for no reason (yeah, even if I’m just staying at home or video calling with my boyfriend) is playtime, watching old school music videos of boy bands, Spice Girls, Britney Spears is a form of play, browsing Pinterest just to see cute memes of Pusheen the cat and other cute illustrations is play time, listening to my current most favorite song over and over again is playtime, cooking and experimenting on new dishes is playtime, dancing in front of the mirror in my bedroom is playtime, playing pretend with my youngest brother DJ is playtime, watching cartoons and scary films (both DJ’s favorites) with him is playtime…really the list goes on.

I would say that playtime is something anybody can do that is close to meditation (if you are not into meditation).

Play bathes our spirit and refreshes our psyche. It lightens our mood and enhances our perspective and attitude. It clears up our head – leaving us with more mind and heart space to make conscious actions and decisions.

How does your playtime look like? Are you having enough of it? 🙂

Excitement is our life-changing Ally

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dancingIf you’re wondering which kind of high-frequency feeling can drive you best in giving birth to awesome changes in your life, I tell you – Excitement is what you’re looking for.

When we’re excited, everything else goes backstage. The horizon lights up and all we can see is the sun sun sun! Our vision is clear. We just wanna jump for joy and sing! The world is a beautiful place!

This, my friend, is a fertile state to manifest what you mostly want! You’re open to more and more awesomeness because you are feeling awesome yourself. And you know that, in this state, you are unstoppable! Nothing and no one can rain on your parade. The cloudy skies clear up for you.

The trick is to keep ourselves in this place of always finding something to get excited about – big or small, it doesn’t really matter. The important thing is how it makes us feel. We should search for that feeling of anticipation, of looking forward, of jumping for joy, of running to welcome all the good things that are coming towards us. We can start dreaming in this state. Start planning in this state. Start beginning projects, building new connections in this state. It won’t be long ’til we see the changes that we’ve mostly wanted to happen unfold.