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A Leap in Perspective

needleplantI used to think that the only way I could fully live a spiritual life and be in an ecosystem of inspiring one another was by somehow working in the healing/intuitive arts. Lately though, probably as part of my spiritual progression, I’ve learned that –

1. If that is true, then that is very limiting. Not everyone is in or even comes close to the vicinity of healing/intuitive arts. How can we reach those/everybody if we just stay there? I don’t think the Universe is designed to be that way. If anything, we should spread out, expand ourselves, immerse ourselves in unfamiliar situations, engage with people who are different from us in some ways. In the process, learn, grow, be more integrated.

2. We are, by default, living spiritual lives because we are spiritual/energetic beings having a physical experience. We CANNOT NOT be spiritual.

3. Where else is best to live this so called full spiritual life other than where we already are doing what we already do?

Now I think that the goal is actually not to be a healer/a guide/a mentor/or just a spiritual person by profession or by being validated by a particular organization or institution, but to be all these things and so much more simply by choosing to embrace our truest self, our essence – which is love and light – and to show up in the world everyday embodying these where we are and with whoever we interact with.

We have all been touched by “common” people in profound ways;

be it a hairstylist who has shown us great love and compassion when we’re heartbroken, a stranger in the bus who radiated joy and kindness when we felt hopeless towards life, a family member who offered us advice we needed at that time, a colleague who we never thought of as a friend but who suddenly got our back during one of our personal storms, a deceased artist whose works have inspired us to take risks and go for our dreams.

To others, we have played these roles, too, without us knowing about it. We’ll never fully know the mark we leave on each other.

We gotta check in with ourselves. If our inquiry and path naturally leads us to the healing/intuitive arts then great and that will surely benefit all of us. If not, we must have the faith that probably where we are right now is where we can best grow and be of service to others.

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Bask in the Sunlight, it’s your Divine Right


A mango tree never berates itself for not bearing fruits yet, even though many have long been waiting. It knows that a time stamp has been implanted in its Spirit back when it was still a seed. It anticipates its own blossoming, but doesn’t obsess about it. It knows how to appreciate all the stages and cycles of life.

It doesn’t ruminate and struggle with low self-esteem or ennui during the years that it has to go through without bearing a single fruit. It knows its already worthy and loved as it is.

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The meaning of 1’s for me

I’ve been seeing 1 like crazy lately: 1, 11, 111, 11:11. While there are textbook meanings out there, the definitions of these repeating numbers would always be personal to us. It could signify a door opening, a breakthrough, a seed planted, an idea, etc. I meditated on this and this is what I got:

The 1’s that I keep on seeing are reminding me to snap out of my time travels to the future and the past and to stay grounded in the present moment. I saw it as a literal snapping of the fingers waking me up from my daydreams and/or worries. The Universe told me:

You have to stay in the present because this is where your power is. Even if you want to (and you can) change the past or the future, you’d still have to make the past or the future your present in order for you to do that. You cannot change from a remote place.There is no remote control for that. You gotta be there yourself. So it just makes sense for you to learn how to stay in the present. This is the only place where creation and redemption can take place.

Have you seen 1’s lately? What do they mean to you?


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What you seek is seeking You


What you seek is seeking you. – Rumi

I’ve been haunted by this quote these past few days (or has it been weeks? my whole life?). I know it’s related to 11:11 which I kept on seeing lately as well.

This quote reminded me of a meditation I did a few months ago. Archangel Michael told me that my life purpose was whatever it was that’s in my heart. It can both mean that:

a. I will find the answer to the great life purpose question inside my own heart. I must listen to it. I must reflect on it. I must actively engage it.

b. My life purpose is whatever it is that I love. And it can, in fact, change.

It’s not entirely different from what I understand from Rumi’s quote above. The simple act of living enables us to manifest feelings and thoughts (pleasure, pain, fear, ideas, beliefs etc.) that with the power of our focus turns to life on their own. Because the energy we put into them, they acquire their own momentum as well.

There comes a point in time where we cross the line. The path we have created ends up pulling us into it instead. We no longer have to struggle. We no longer have to find it. The path unfolds in front of us as clear as day.

But it’s never done. It’s always open-ended. The rule is to simply follow it’s unfolding and then create and direct it’s becoming.

It’s us who create our own destiny. We just have to learn how to trust ourselves. We have to learn how to trust our own desires and where they’re leading us into.

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Why we need to Ask

During my Tarot reading/meditation this morning, I asked my cards about the next “manifestation project” that I’ve been nurturing into fruition lately. I was given the Emperor card. This is what he told me:

I couldn’t give you want you want because I don’t know what you want. You see, there are many things I could give you. I have unlimited resources. I could pick out anything and give it to you but there’s no certainty that it would make you happy. I don’t wanna waste both of our time. So go figure it out on your own first then come back to me when you have the answer.

I left and searched for the answer on my own like what he said. Not long after, I came back to him with full clarity of what I wanted. I described everything to him in as detailed and as emotional as I can. Once I was done, he replied:

Okay, that’s clear. That’s what I needed from you. I needed you to tell me exactly what it was that you wanted because your clarity, focus and decision are the forces that would crystallize the manifestation. I don’t want you to struggle. Of course we want to take the process that would lead us to what we want the fastest, easiest and most fun way possible. Just look at your past experiences and you would know it’s true. That’s the way of the Universe. Given your desires and your situation, I would come up with something that is tailor-fit to to you. Maybe there is something better than what you are asking from me. I believe there is.  In the meantime, you can go now and leave me here working. I’m gonna gather all the relevant ingredients and come up with a perfect mix, a perfect equation. You don’t have to do anything now. You can go back to your life and play and have fun. Don’t stress about it. I would text you or call you or ask you to come here when I want you to do something. But for now I’m in charge of this. You did your part, which was to get clear with what you want and directly ask for it. You’re done. It’s all in my hands now. I’m in charge. Now, go ahead and get out of  here.

That’s exactly what I’m doing now. I’m not stressing about it especially during moments when the topic is suddenly brought up and I feel a rush of defensiveness, which is an obvious sign of insecurity. Whenever I feel it, I just replay the conversation I had with the Emperor, with a subtle grin on my chin and a knowing that I am taken care of. I’ll get what I’ve asked for and so much more.


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To those who find it difficult to Change

Epiphanies usually come unexpectedly. Just this morning while I was playing with my dogs, a thought popped up in my head:

You can change anytime you want. You can actually change now at this very moment if you choose to. All you have to do is embrace change and BE that change.

It’s something I’ve been reading about and hearing about frequently. But I haven’t really grasped its meaning until this morning. The first thing that came into my mind was my image of being a silent, reserved person. Suddenly I realized that it’s not really ME. It’s just an image of me. I can change that image in an instant. If I choose to become more sociable, more personal, bubblier, by all means I have the right to do that. It’s not really a difficult thing to do and no one is stopping me but myself.

By letting go of who I think I am, I can be who I want to be.

In short, I can change in a heartbeat. I don’t need any grand preparation to do it. I can just be the change I want to see in myself.

If I want to change my life, if I want to be surrounded with the kinds of people that are good for my well-being, I must transform myself. If I can let go of people and situations that no longer serve me, I must also let go of self images and habits that no longer serve me.

Change, after all is not really a complicated matter. It’s within our grasp. The fact is, it’s actually in front of our faces all the time. We just have to grab it and own it. At the end of it all, it still boils down to practicing our free will. It’s always about taking charge of our lives and making decisive choices.

We can’t take control of our lives and expect it will play out according to what we want if keep on handing out our power outside of ourselves.


We are never helpless. We always have the resources that we need to live the life we want.