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Let pain and healing grow you

What is this back hurt telling me? That I have endured enough. That the weight won't be lifted. No one is gonna save me. No one is gonna keep those hands from hammering onto me. No one has my back. I am exposed, bruised. Exhausted. No one benefits from my suffering, either. The shadows are… Continue reading Let pain and healing grow you

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Wild and Knowing

This is my current spirit animal guide. She introduced herself to me, one night, as I got this impulse to go to a bookstore in search for a new oracle/tarot deck a few days ago. I wasn't searching for anything in particular, until I found Gabrielle Bernstein's "The Universe Has  Your Back" deck. Since then… Continue reading Wild and Knowing

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A Leap in Perspective

I used to think that the only way I could fully live a spiritual life and be in an ecosystem of inspiring one another was by somehow working in the healing/intuitive arts. Lately though, probably as part of my spiritual progression, I've learned that - 1. If that is true, then that is very limiting.… Continue reading A Leap in Perspective

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Bask in the Sunlight, it’s your Divine Right

A mango tree never berates itself for not bearing fruits yet, even though many have long been waiting. It knows that a time stamp has been implanted in its Spirit back when it was still a seed. It anticipates its own blossoming, but doesn't obsess about it. It knows how to appreciate all the stages… Continue reading Bask in the Sunlight, it’s your Divine Right