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How do you wanna move forward?

That is the question. Even if it feels like you don't have options - you do. Even if they're only internal for now. You do have the power to choose how you want to proceed. Choosing to get stuck is an option, too. Remember this - you are your only life-long partner. This is your… Continue reading How do you wanna move forward?

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Your Mind is a Prison or a Vast Landscape

You are your own  shackle. The thought that you can be imprisoned by something else outside yourself is what imprisons you. The truth is, you can choose your own bindings. You have the power to choose only the connections that are the most freeing to you. * A meditative message from an Egyptian Cat Queen

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The Prize of Authenticity

The price of Authenticity is unpopular choices, conscious letting go of opportunities and relationships, ridicule, temporary loneliness. The prize of Authenticity is the sweetness of confidence that rises up from the core of one's being - as a result of all the points intersecting; the culmination of one's inner and outer worlds. It unlocks a… Continue reading The Prize of Authenticity

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Togetherness is only possible through Solitude

At some point we must confront the reality of our solitude; because it's only through the fullness of experiencing our temporal solitary existence that genuine togetherness is made possible. It can easily slip off our attention since it's our default reality, like a fish in the water, but it's in fact, one of the core… Continue reading Togetherness is only possible through Solitude