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Because we are all Creators

We only fail at the goals we set. We only get punished by the rules we create. There's no external force that is judging us and holding us accountable for our actions. Heaven or hell are not places we go to in the afterlife - they are two extreme states of being within ourselves, of… Continue reading Because we are all Creators

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The Go-Getter Mindset

When you believe something is missing or needs to change - opt for the better way; don't resort to complaining and feeling helpless - get started and do something about it. This may not entirely address the situation, but it's a way to start the momentum in the direction you want it to go. If… Continue reading The Go-Getter Mindset

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You are not lost. We are not lost.

You may be confused at the moment. You may be in a foggy part of your path. You may be feeling lonely, probably you're running out of faith in your tank, too. While I won't pretend to know how exactly you must be feeling and what exactly you're going through, 'cause I acknowledge the realness… Continue reading You are not lost. We are not lost.