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Because we are all Creators

selfWe only fail at the goals we set. We only get punished by the rules we create.

There’s no external force that is judging us and holding us accountable for our actions. Heaven or hell are not places we go to in the afterlife – they are two extreme states of being within ourselves, of relating with ourselves.

We can either feel attuned to who we really are or totally disconnected. We only either feel proud of how we live up according to our standards or feel disappointed by how we’re unable to be who we say we wanna be, who we say we are.

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The Go-Getter Mindset

lizmayvWhen you believe something is missing or needs to change – opt for the better way; don’t resort to complaining and feeling helpless – get started and do something about it. This may not entirely address the situation, but it’s a way to start the momentum in the direction you want it to go.

If you’re in the right place, with the right people, at the right time, and if your concerns make sense – your efforts will be met with support. If not then maybe it’s not the right time yet or maybe it’s better for you to simply move on.  Your brilliance and sincerity are better spent somewhere else.

No one will hand you want you want. Big girl, you gotta go get it.


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Focus on the “Solid” Stuff

bouquetDon’t allow yourself to be distracted by numbers, titles and a plethora of accessories we invent every second. Don’t be preoccupied with taking notes of how much you’re able to get and how much more you want to/you should be getting.

Take the chances that are being given to you, the strengths you’re blessed with, the love and the support that you are provided with. Take it all in – and multiply it to X amount.


To show the kind of person that you are.

To reaffirm how good life is. To prove that this is a Universe of Abundance.

That we are only limited by how much abundance we allow into our lives.

We are the Channels of Abundance.

By abundance I don’t simply refer to money and material wealth, power and all the shiny things, but THE REAL EXCITING STUFF – ideas, awareness, skills, desire, passion, vision, purpose, experience, depth, uplifting connections, the ability to create synchronicity, among others.

When you have those things in your life, when you know their value, when you are harnessing their power to nourish yourself and the people around you, you just tapped your direct connection with the source of all abundance. Abundance can’t help but flow into your life in a whole lot of ways.

Pay attention to the real things, the solid stuff!

Because the “solid” stuff are not solid.

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Pace Yourself

standingIf you’re too fast too soon there’s a high chance that you’ll get tired fast, too, and that you won’t be able to maintain a pace that can last you a long while.

On the other hand, if you warm yourself up first, get your focus right and allow yourself to reach your natural optimal pace, you become more equipped to stay in the game longer  – and even get better as you go. As the journey progresses, you may even surpass a lot of those who started at top speed, those who were initially ahead of you.

As the saying goes, “Life is a marathon, not a sprint.” You’re here for the long haul. You’re here to evolve.

It’s not just about how fast you go, at the end of the day it’s about the quality of the journey you create. Is it pleasant to you for the most part or does it feel more like torture? Are you enjoying the sights and sounds? The insights you get? The ways you’re growing? The company of the people you share experiences with?

Do you have the soul-space to be fully present in each moment and savor the last drop of it or do you keep on wishing it’s over?

How do you think the people around you perceive you and your journey? Do you think they feel inspired just by looking at how you go through it and by who you are becoming because of it? Or do you end up discouraging them before they even begin embarking on their own?

These questions are as important as the ones we ask ourselves everytime we’re plotting our course and defining our goals.

Our intentions frame the choices we make, and the choices we make end up creating the kind of life we live.

Get clear with your intentions. Set your own pace. Build yourself to last – and have a good time!


The Self

How to Simplify your Life 101


blackyellow1.Make your mind serve you. 

Overthinking is not the only culprit. How we think can also weigh us down. Self-loathing thoughts are a waste of time and energy – they don’t add value to our life, they don’t assist us with our goals and they even suck our spirits out.

2.Stragetize (don’t worry)

You have limited energy and time to think. Use them wisely. Instead of wasting them on worrying, utilize them in working on a strategy that is reasonable and relevant.

3.Focus on what truly matters to you. 

Only go for the things that move you forward in the direction you want to go. Stop doing things, attending events, that don’t add value to your life.

4. Make up your mind about pending matters. Resolve things as quickly as possible.

Don’t let these concerns squat in your mind and energy. They will diminish your brain power while not contributing anything.

Confront the truth as fast as you can and do something about it that will bring back your peace and power. Likewise, admit if something is beyond your bandwidth at the moment. Choose to let it go.

5.Get rid of things you don’t want to use anymore.

Throw out/give away clothes, things you’ve outgrown. Don’t let them eat up all the space that can be occupied by things that are relevant to you now. Things that excite you now, things that complement who you are right now.

6.Prioritize clarity and comfort.

Wear clothing that allows you freedom to be yourself and freedom to move how you want to. Pace yourself at work (I’ll be writing about this on a separate post pretty soon!). Clarify expectations in your relationships.

Don’t allow yourself to be distracted with things that you can actually do something about.

7. Ask for what you need and when you need it. Be as clear as possible in your request/s.

Learn how to be accountable for meeting your needs and asking for help when you have to. Give others a fair chance in meeting you halfway. Choose peace of mind by being transparent in a grown-up way.

8. Schedule everything!

This matters not only so we won’t forget to do what we are supposed to do but because plotting to-do’s in the calendar also provides us with clarity and fulfillment. It shows us which plans and target outcomes are possible and which are not. It gives us the confidence to follow-through our plan – and be in each moment fully.

9.Don’t do what you don’t have to do.

It sounds silly to say it because it’s so obvious yet it has to be mentioned. Many of us do things we actually can do without out of obligation or unhealthy habits.

10.Get clear  with your boundaries, at least with yourself.

You can’t always explain yourself to others and you don’t always have to. Boundaries are mostly for your benefit since they remind  you where you stand vis-a-vis your highest benefit. Having clear boundaries will make it easier for you to make decisions, including difficult ones.

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Say No: Be a Catalyst

Some things only become possible once we’re able to end others first.

lizmayvilleSometimes we need to step on the brakes. To walk out. Quit. Give it all up. Change our mind. Decide to go our own way even if we have to do it alone.

This starts with confronting the truth that we are simply not happy where are and where we are heading.

Even if everything else seems to be going well. The people around us are content. Even if we initially got what we’ve previously wanted.

When our spirit calls for us to go on a different direction, or even just to take a pause, we must step up to it. It probably is the time to regroup, to revisit our truths and reframe our intentions.

Likewise, the situation may be ripe for something new to be born, something many have been wanting, too. Maybe we’re simply being asked to play the role of a catalyst.

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Not just a Cup of Coffee, but a Cup of Love

cupMy brother and I had a mini coffee party for ourselves the other day. We tried out the new espresso machine our uncle gave us. No one else in the family is into coffee so we can have it all to ourselves. It’s so funny and lovely, we’re like two little kids excited to unwrap our Christmas presents.

We were careful the entire time – we even watched a YouTube video to make sure we’re using the machine properly. I felt as though I was traveling the world as I read the details of the capsules that went with it. My brother searched our cupboard for the perfect cups to use.

I picked one of the top three strongest flavors as expected, since I like my coffee that way, while my brother opted for one of the lightest. We were curious how each would smell and taste like. We waited in full savory anticipation for each cup to be filled – and literally went near the cup to inhale the aroma as the coffee poured out.

It was just pure joy as we tasted each flavor. I even closed my eyes to focus on the experience. My first remark was,

“I feel like this coffee loves me.”

Love can be indescribable and fleeting to many of us, but when we experience it, when we’re enveloped in its atmosphere, we just know it. The amazing thing about feeling loved is that we don’t only feel loved by a particular person or, in this instance, thing, but we also feel loved by Creation in its entirety.

We feel embraced, seen, felt, nourished thoroughly without any spot left without its warmth. We feel born again and eternal. We suddenly get it why we’re where we are. We feel redeemed and yet feel as if we’re never tainted with flaws to begin with. We feel boundless, completely immense in the present moment. In fact, time collapses into one point. Nothing was, nothing will be – it’s just all in the “is”.

As I inhaled the aroma and sipped my coffee, I felt how the Universe conspired all events to bring that cup of love to me.

The Universe offers us its unbounded love in all sorts of ways on a daily basis. When we take the time to focus on each moment and follow each experience up to its natural conclusion, I think we will never run out of situations to feel loved.

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You are not lost. We are not lost.

lureYou may be confused at the moment. You may be in a foggy part of your path. You may be feeling lonely, probably you’re running out of faith in your tank, too. While I won’t pretend to know how exactly you must be feeling and what exactly you’re going through, ’cause I acknowledge the realness that each of our journey is unique, I want to extend my empathy and  best wishes to you as a kindred spirit.

Many people have accused me of not knowing what I really wanted with regards to my career and life path. Many people have withheld trust from me because of this perception. Many people belittled me. It went on for so long to the point that I started believing them.

But in the middle of my recent retreat, when the fog started to dissipate and I could have some clarity again, a knowing just sprouted out, like a tiny mouse that has been hiding simply to protect herself from the momentary chaos around her. I knew then with full certainty that it was not true that I didn’t know what I wanted. It was not true that I was intrinsically confused. And in fact, it was not true that those people who have accused me of not knowing what I wanted really believed in that –

They knew very well that I knew what I wanted but that it was simply not what I was pursuing.

Of course, they didn’t have any idea what it was that I wanted, but they’re pretty sure that it was not what they were offering me. They didn’t know why I was not pursuing what I wanted but surely, they’ve got all the reasons to not wanna work with me. My mind was somewhere else. That’s why they rejected me.

My issue was not the not-knowing but the suppressing of my own desires in the first place because I thought they’re too big, too impossible, too far for me to reach. So I put my focus on other things, I reached for the low-hanging fruits instead.

I was playing small. I didn’t even dare speak nor write about my desires. I simply let them float like clouds above my head as I walk through life half-awake.

There was no blueprint that I could use, no map to lead my way, no one I personally knew I could ask for guidance – these were the reasons why I refused to pursue my own path, refused to even own it to begin with.

You might be on the same boat and these might be some of your reasons, too. Yes, we may have forgotten what it was we were truthfully passionate about after pursuing something we have merely settled for, but I dare you to look inside yourself and realize that you know you are not confused. In fact, you very well know what’s gonna make you happy and what’s gonna enable you to live your life to the fullest. Maybe the answers are not what you expect from yourself, maybe they’re not what the people around you expect from you.

But this is the truth we all have to confront – that we won’t ever be able to pivot in the right direction if we don’t own these answers. We can’t move through the path of joy and fulfillment if we judge our own desires to begin with, if we feel unworthy of them, if we think they’re ridiculous or impossible.

We have to stop looking outside of ourselves for validation. We need to avoid comparing our dreams with those around us, or even with the people we look up to.

Each of us has a unique path of becoming. It is both our right and responsibility to claim it – to take it.

The path will unfold and our steps will be lighted once we say yes to it. All the other possible paths collapse through the power of our focus. It will be a path of uncertainty, exactly because it’s a new path – it’s ours alone. There will be ups and downs and bumps along the way like any trail of adventure, but each stone, each broken branch, each puddle of mud will only take us closer to where we wanna be. Even though we’re not there yet and it may take a while we can always rest in the knowing that we are not lost and our efforts are worthwhile.


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Potters, We All Are

handsThe process of clay pot making has always fascinated me. It seems so effortless, like when a ballerina gracefully glides on the stage. When I’m watching someone in the midst of it, I feel as though even I can do it, even without any sort of training at all.

I’ve only tried it once, about five years ago – and I sucked at it. The potter said that my hands were too hard, too intense that the pot always end up collapsing. She said that the key was to simply have the right amount of pressure, just enough to guide it into formation.

Isn’t clay pot making the same as shaping our own life?

The key is to apply just the right amount of pressure – not too light and not too hard – ’cause either way the pot will end up collapsing. Not taking the lead in our own life or forcing it to become something in particular may only sabotage its own becoming.

It also only makes sense to keep the spinning wheel moving, otherwise the pot will collapse, too, or it may not take its shape at all. Life will continue to usher us into further transformations naturally, unless we give up and choose to stop instead.

Likewise, from time to time, just the right amount of clay should be added to take its desired form and size – too little or too much may alter the output completely. Getting ourselves involved in too little or too much activity can either stall our growth or overwhelm us.

Finally, intention, and not force, is the gravity which pulls the clay pot together as a finished product. Our positive focus, our vision – not constant fear and worry – make our desired outcomes come to fruition.

By guiding the clay pot into its becoming we are letting its shape emerge, magically, from all the elements combined. By letting our life unfold on its own, we give ourselves the permission to go on a magical journey – both physical and spiritual – which takes us to a place we may not have been able to dream about to begin with. And this place – this magical place – is just a mediocre reflection of the great person we have become – the person we are actually inside.

The shape of the clay pot has already been there even before the clay pot emerged in the physical. Our most authentic self has already been there, too, in fact has always been there, through our Spirit, before we even incarnated in the physical and also after we fade out into the ethereal.

May we all keep our pottery game strong and fun!




The Self

Shift our lives and maintain balance with the power of Focus


I am at a point in my life now where I can say, I am centered. I am fully contented with who I am, who I am with, where I am, what I am doing and what I have. This doesn’t mean that I have no more desires to go further, experience more and have more.

It only means that I know that where I am is where I should be. I am in the right path, therefore, I am moving in the right direction. I am in alignment with my truth.

It hasn’t always been like this. A few years ago, (not very long, actually) my life was in chaos because I was disconnected with myself. I wasn’t listening to my spirit. I was going after things that I really didn’t want but believed that I should be wanting because others have expected me to do so. While it’s true that by doing that I have learned a lot and I have expanded massively as well, it also burned me out.

When we are not following the desires of our heart according to our natural gifts, whatever we do won’t give us the joy that we deserve.

We can do amazing things, achieve amazing milestones, give so much in the name of service, but if these things are not in tuned with our truths, we are gonna burn ourselves out eventually. We are also gonna attract experiences and people that are not really meant for us. Overall this would make us feel more and more disconnected with ourselves. We would feel like the life we have created is not the life that we wanted. We would feel trapped and lost.

I would say that Focus has helped me a lot in shifting my life in the direction that I wanted it to be. Focus meant that I would have to exclude EVERYTHING that didn’t resonate with who I was and who I wanna become.

This meant abandoning jobs, projects, relationships, habits that didn’t support me on this journey. I had to constantly say No to many things and people in my life that I thought were meant for me but really weren’t. Eventually by continuously doing this my path cleared up. I had more clarity on who I was and what I really wanted, what really gave me joy.

If the first step was about weeding out my life experience, my next step was to use the power of Focus in going forward in my path which has just recently been clarified and is continuously getting more clear.

I chose the options that while may not be the easiest ones to take, I was sure that they would move me forward in the direction that I wanted to go. Both gradually and suddenly, the right opportunities came to me. I have invited them to my life because I decided to have an open attitude. I constantly asked myself, “What if I don’t limit myself with my fears? What if I keep on saying yes to life?”. If I didn’t have this open attitude, opportunities would come and I would have just let them go. If I let my fears and self-doubt get in the way, I would not have even believed that these opportunities really came for me. I would have looked the other way. I would have denied them. I would have pushed them away.

And that’s when the magic happens. When we are clear with what we want and we are open to receiving them, manifestation would simply become a normal, conscious aspect of our life. It’s not only that we get what we want but the things that we don’t want gradually disappear for as long as we maintain our alignment with our truth.

Now I feel constantly supported. All the assistance that I need come to me at the right time and in the best ways. I get better in recognizing these unlimited kinds of assistance, too. Exciting things started happening. I continuously meet people who are kind and helpful, who see me and value me and what I offer. While there are definitely still times when I feel low, I wouldn’t sink now no matter how low I get. With the help from the Universe and all the beings who support me, I am able to keep myself afloat now no matter how strong the storms in my life happen to be. The storm passes faster now as well.

The third step would be is to maintain our status of being in alignment with ourselves through, again, the power of our Focus. What we focus on grows. We perceive and experience more of it. If we keep our focus on the things that we want in our lives, we will get more of them.

On a daily basis, I focus on all the help, the yes-es that I’m getting. I focus on magic, I focus on miracles. I focus on the subtleties of life. I focus on what I don’t see but what I know to be true. I focus on kindness, I focus on beauty. I focus on what’s healing. I focus on freedom. I focus on what’s good, in all the things I am grateful for. I focus on the fact that I am always taken care of. I focus on the fact that all is well.

I slip out of peace, of course, and move into the shadows of fear, from time to time. But when I shift myself from a place of fear to a place of gratitude and being one with Spirit, I am able to bring my center back. It’s amazing how feeling grateful can take us to a higher place.

I would say that Focus is really our anchor to Spirit. Let our seeking through the power of focus guide us to where we wanna be; where there is peace, love and joy, to where all our desires collide.