We’re all pregnant with our Dreams

Faith, Manifestation, The Self

huggingLook at pregnant women, at least those who longed and planned to be mothers. How do they behave during the entire period of their pregnancy?

They celebrate right at the moment they knew they’re pregnant, when their unborn children don’t look like humans yet.

They prepare themselves. They become more conscious of their diet and their activities. They make sure that they are only holding positive emotions and thoughts. They become more mindful of who they spend time with. They research about pregnancy and child-rearing.

During the latter months, they start preparing the environment where their babies will be. They decorate the bedroom, maybe even rearrange the entire house. They make sure the space is clean and safe for their babies to sleep around, eat around, crawl around and eventually walk, run and jump around.

They start buying stuff their babies will use like cribs and cots, car seats, feeding bottles, toys, nappies, and the whole enchilada of only the cutest clothing.

They imagine how they will spend their days with their babies, where they’re gonna go, what will they laugh about, how cute their laughter will be, and all the endearing and surprising joys that this new life will bring them.

They rarely stress about the possibility that none of those might happen, that all the bought stuff and preparations would be a waste. They don’t usually wake up every morning and go to sleep every night asking themselves the same question, “What if my baby doesn’t get born?”

They don’t just believe their babies are gonna get born. They know it as a fact. That’s what guides all their actions throughout the nine-month journey. They know their babies are alive and they can feel them in their bellies. They know they are already there even without physically seeing them and holding them in their arms yet. They know they are simply in transit. They know they are both being prepared by the Divine for a new Miracle of Life.

None of us knows how this Miracle of Life happens, in all its complexities and beauty, just like many other mysterious things around us. But all of us, not only mothers, go beyond believing towards it – we expect that it’s gonna happen. We understand it. We don’t feel impatient towards it. We let the process unfold naturally. We celebrate the transformations along the way and not just the Big Day.

– This is what the Divine told me about manifestation. This is the kind of attitude the Divine is asking from us, instead of what we usually do, which is ruminating about our anxieties.


Each relationship runs its own course

People & Relationships, The Self

girlsThe other day I asked my higher self why despite working on my relationship with this particular person (I’m not talking about my life partner), why won’t it lead to more affection and more intimacy?

That’s what this post is about.

My higher self gave me this profound answer:

Each relationship runs its own course. Achieving complete connection between two people doesn’t always translate to more affection and more intimacy. It doesn’t mean you’re gonna be sharing more of yourselves or having more fun and meaningful experiences together. In some relationships, complete connection manifests in calmness, in the absence of conflict (when there used to be a lot of it), in the absence of the desire to control the other to adhere to one’s expectations. Sometimes complete connection simply means honoring the differences between the two of you and respecting the uniqueness of the other. Sometimes, two people simply have more differences than similarities that sharing more experiences together is more of a struggle than something which happens naturally.

I’ve always wanted my relationship with this person to be full of sharing and understanding. I want us to help each other go through our lives and achieve what we define for ourselves as success. But the more I struggle for that to happen the more that I feel frustrated. Maybe it’s time for me to realize that the idea of what our relationship could be is just and will remain to be a fantasy. Maybe it’s never meant to be that way. Maybe how we are at present is how it’s all ever going to be and that our relationship has ran its own course. I should be at peace with it and stop myself from trying to get more out of it/or stop myself from pushing it to be something it’s not and will never be.