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How to thrive in this World of Mirrors

"Is it true that life is a mirror and everything around me is just a reflection of me?", I asked in my meditation this morning. As usual, animal spirit guides would appear and have the most profound conversations with me. This time it was a white female wolf who answered my inquiry. She said, "That's… Continue reading How to thrive in this World of Mirrors

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The Prize of Authenticity

The price of Authenticity is unpopular choices, conscious letting go of opportunities and relationships, ridicule, temporary loneliness. The prize of Authenticity is the sweetness of confidence that rises up from the core of one's being - as a result of all the points intersecting; the culmination of one's inner and outer worlds. It unlocks a… Continue reading The Prize of Authenticity

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Turning Fear into our Greatest Ally

Do you know a cool way to determine how much you've grown? Look back a few years from now, a few months from now, even a few weeks, days, hours and minutes from now - and identify which fears you have tamed, mastered, overcame. Really scan your body, your memories for those things that used… Continue reading Turning Fear into our Greatest Ally

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A Leap in Perspective

I used to think that the only way I could fully live a spiritual life and be in an ecosystem of inspiring one another was by somehow working in the healing/intuitive arts. Lately though, probably as part of my spiritual progression, I've learned that - 1. If that is true, then that is very limiting.… Continue reading A Leap in Perspective

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Already Living the Dream

There was a recent period in my life where I found myself devouring non-fiction books about creativity, authenticity and having clarity about one's life path. Since I'm the kind of person who is passionate about matters like life purpose and co-creating one's reality, I doggedly pursued the answers to such questions to the point that… Continue reading Already Living the Dream