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Stalemate Sucks

This triggers me so badly - when one chooses to be stuck over courageously moving forward. I believe life is too short to be complicated by our own indecisiveness - putting things off, refusing to confront the truth, refusing to take accountability for our decisions. I believe life is just too short to not commit,… Continue reading Stalemate Sucks

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Turning Fear into our Greatest Ally

Do you know a cool way to determine how much you've grown? Look back a few years from now, a few months from now, even a few weeks, days, hours and minutes from now - and identify which fears you have tamed, mastered, overcame. Really scan your body, your memories for those things that used… Continue reading Turning Fear into our Greatest Ally

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You are not lost. We are not lost.

You may be confused at the moment. You may be in a foggy part of your path. You may be feeling lonely, probably you're running out of faith in your tank, too. While I won't pretend to know how exactly you must be feeling and what exactly you're going through, 'cause I acknowledge the realness… Continue reading You are not lost. We are not lost.

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Cheers to an Open Secret

When somebody gets credit for something exceptional, we're all wowed and we couldn't believe how they could achieve something so well despite their apparent humanity. What we don't see are the innumerable hours they've spent practicing - and failing. Failing hard. Failing and taking the real blows. The rest of us only witness the glorious… Continue reading Cheers to an Open Secret