Why all things external to us matter

This is my reflection and response to my own post: Why nothing external ever really matters. I wrote that six months ago and I believed every single word I said. I didn’t know I’d have a change of perspective. This is what this post is about.


Just the other day, while I was listening to a recording of Abraham Hicks, she said that the manifested was more leading edge than the vibration version of what we want. Likewise, it’s in the interest of the universe that our wishes are manifested because it’s a contribution to its expansion. In line with that, I’ve learned in my chakra balancing meditations lately that in order to know if our chakras were blocked or open, we must only examine what was actually happening in our lives. We must pay attention to the people around us, the patterns in our experiences, our habits, the kinds of things that cause stress or give us happiness, etc. We know more about what’s going on inside us by paying attention to what’s going on outside us and vice-versa.

This leaves me without a doubt that the physical, manifested world is vastly, undeniably important because it is both the compass and the result of lessons we are learning.

Our surroundings tell us where we are in the development of our consciousness. What we produce is the direct result of what we are capable of. It’s an indicator of our level of understanding and expansion.

The only difference between a vibration and manifested thought is that the latter becomes actual for everybody to perceive. It’s undeniably there. Other beings can validate its existence. There is no better way to determine our level of consciousness than by interacting and scrutinizing the 3D world we live in. This is our best bet. It’s not bad or wrong to get stuck in our 3D consciousness, because as counterintuitive as it may be, this is our best route to enlightenment. It’s difficult not to transcend to a higher, otherworldly place when you’re so immersed to the physical, nitty-gritty of this 3D existence. That’s why in all generations, a new kind of religion or spiritual practice is born. God/The Source Energy is everywhere and it’s also inside all of us. Our physical experience drives us to make this connection with the eternal.

It’s important to take care of our planet because this is the manifested reality of our world. It is sacred. Every thing has a spirit. How we relate each other, to other species and overall our living, breathing planet will determine our destiny in the spiritual, non-physical version of reality. This is where our salvation lies.

I disagree with my older post completely. The non-physical world is not a separate world. It’s here where we are, 3D and spiritual beings. What we do matter. All the things we create matter. Our actions have lasting impact. We are continuously shaping our future here at what we call the present moment, the Now. Spirituality is not on the extreme end of the spectrum opposing Revolutions. I know many spiritual gurus, as they call them, openly express their opinion and belief that using spirituality to change society can only be done through the power of prayers, meditations, and other energy healing practices. Many would even tell us that they are outright against any kind of violence in the name of societal change (i.e. revolutions). They’re of course entitled to their opinions.

But my opinion is that spirituality is in everything we do, in all approaches that we come up with in the hopes of manifesting whatever it is that we want. There is much spirituality in revolutions. Revolutions, are in fact, driven by collective awareness. It’s driven by spirits coming together; dreaming, visualizing and working on to physically manifest the kind of society they want to live in. Revolutions are acts of manifestation on a larger and more powerful scale.

Our physical, 3D concerns matter. The Universe neither wants us to dismiss them nor to escape them. We are in this world to feel, to experience and to tap into our eternal power and expand it. We are here to be really physical because we need to expand what we know about being and manifestation. Expanded consciousness, spirituality, or however you may wanna call it is not high above the clouds, not in some distant star or invisible plane with weird creatures and universal laws; it’s in fact, in the most crooked places on Earth, in the nitty-gritty, in the most chaotic — it’s in our faces, it’s stuck on our noses, it’s what our dreams and nightmares are made of. It’s in the mundane, in the outdated, in the terrific.

It’s not about what’s not there, but what is in fact, everywhere.