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Compassion is when a little girl goes to another little girl, sitting by herself, lonely. She approaches her not because she feels better than her in any way, but because she believes that no one should be left out.

She asks her name and introduces herself back. She asks her if she wants to play with her and her friends. In a whisper, she says yes. They walk towards the group of kids playing in the street. The former introduces the latter. In the beginning her friends are annoyed that she brings this girl to play with them – she’s so weird and can’t play ball, they say.

The girl stands by with her new friend despite the awkwardness and her other friends’ rejection of her. On the sidewalk, step by step, she teaches her how to play the game. She slowly learns how. Eventually the group notices and allows her to join them. They notice that she can actually play the game, that she’s got good moves, even and that she’s actually kinda cool.

When we are compassionate, we want inclusion for everyone.

We are happier if the other is happy. The world is a better place, there is more to enjoy when we are in harmony. We cannot be fully happy and integrated as long as one of us feels left out. This state of being is something that we can embody internally and externally. When all our internal parts are integrated, we are happier and fuller, too.


An Open Letter to a Broken Heart

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If you’re holding a broken heart, if you’re sore, swollen, bruised, battle-scarred, torn apart – Know that you are infinitely blessed.

If you are hungry for affection, empathy, unconditional understanding and love and you know you are capable of providing that to someone/something else, if you’ve seen yourself love that way – know that this love must exist everywhere around you, and this love must find its way to meet you.

The love that you can provide is the same love that you need, and the same love that has the capacity to envelop you, lift you higher and nourish you inside-out.

If you see Source when you look at the eyes of your beloved, know that the one seeing – you – is the Source, too. How you see your beloved is how Source sees you – and a lot more, something immeasurable to the human mind.

Your broken heart may seem like a burden to you at the moment, but the truth is it’s your greatest treasure. If you have a huge capacity to feel hurt, it means you have a huge capacity to feel love. Let your infinite capacity to love heal your own pain.

Let the love you give out find its way back to you by directing that love towards yourself first.

Your heart is at the right place. All is well.


The Self

We must choose goodness, love, joy, peace, harmony – all that lift us higher in spite of the heaviness around us. We must do this even if the people around us feel different and we may seem the crazy one. We may not always be able to be the person who does this, but there should always be some of us who accept the position of choosing to hold the light for all of us. This is how we lift each other. This is how we move forward together.

Even when it’s the most difficult to do so, we must hold into that light of hope inside us – the part of us which has never been hurt, never felt lack, has never been afraid, never been abandoned, never been been lost, never been powerless.

It is from there that we can have the capacity to rise above any circumstance – to be the superhuman that we really are – and to transcend the limits of our human life as we know them.


Our Work

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Most of our work has to be poured on getting ourselves in our own state of alignment. This is where our center is, our zone, our element. It’s where we are grounded – where we feel the fullness of who we are and where we also feel the most connected with everything and everyone around us. We don’t wanna be somewhere else or be someone else. It’s where all timelines collapse – the past, present and future all exist in the Now.

We always create our own force of gravity wherever we are. If we want to create our reality consciously though, which is according to our values and highest good, we should consciously position ourselves in our own state of alignment.

Once we’re able to do that, everything that resonates with our vibration of internal and external harmony will inevitably fall in our zone of influence. Opportunities that nourish our spirit and support our own expansion become apparent to us, as well as the beings (humans and otherwise) that will assist us and keep us company, the act of making decisions becomes less of a struggle if not totally effortless, and everything we do comes from a natural state of flow and not from feelings of fear and lack.

By this time, we’ve already created our own zone of synchronicity. We’ve already synched with the Universe.

Going about our journey outside this zone will feel like a struggle, where despite our best intentions and efforts, we just couldn’t seem to get anywhere near where we want to be. It’s as if every time we do something in the pursuit of what we want we only hit a wall, then another, then another…or it’s as if we get kicked out of the club. We’ll be using more than double the amount of effort that we need to use if we’re in the zone of synchronicity – and still not get our desired outcomes.

It’s a pain when we’re not in our zone, but we must know that we get in and out of it as part of our evolution and the evolution of all creation. Both states of being matter. It’s the ebb and flow inherent in life.

What matters is that it’s within our power to get back in our zone once we’ve expanded/evolved. Things will feel effortless again, life will only become more vivid than it has ever been. The more we evolve, the wiser we become – the more we feel joy and fullness.


Our emotions tell us where we are and give us clues as to how to get back in our zone.

Getting Clear

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Our life is not determined by the things we do but by the decisions we make. On the surface those may seem exactly the same, but in essence they aren’t.

The things we do only pertain to the overt actions we take, for instance, what we do professionally, what our hobbies are, how do we spend our holidays, how do we manage our finances, where do we decide to live, how do we take care of ourselves and our loved ones, what makes up our bucket list, and so on.

On the other hand, our decisions don’t always have to be about doing anything in particular. They can be about choosing a particular thought over the others, choosing to follow through a certain emotion instead of the others, it’s about what’s at risk, it’s about the consequences, it’s about whether we’re being true to ourselves or not, it’s about whether we are reaffirming life or not, it’s about struggling or following the path of least resistance, it’s about following our heart or our ego, and the likes.

It’s more about the “how and the why” instead of the “what, where and when”.

What ultimately determines the quality of our life is how we feel about it and the details, the moments that make it up. Forms are secondary, because forms only follow our vibration. The seat of creation is in our state of being. It’s also where our fulfillment is.