Meet me at the border

Meet me at the border where all the stakes are high. Where we can go either way,  say "Hello, welcome back"  or say, "Goodbye". Neither of us know  what to expect, Would we even recognize ourselves in front of each other? Would our recollection of what happened be the same? Would the boredom of the …


The Sun

The Sun never goes away. We just turn our backs against her. We just avert our eyes to keep off her light. We move into the shadows  to be with the parts of us we have abandoned, unforgiven or unknown. We purge through the night  to remember our wholeness.

Let yourself go

It's time to let go. Let the waves go. Let the sand take the shape of the wind. Let the thunder roll. Let the ice break underneath your feet. Let the sun rise and fall. Nothing is permanent, yet everything is unbreakable. It's time to let go. Let yourself go. Allow yourself to take the …

Nowhere but up

You're not here to conform. You're here to break the norm. Do not dim your light for others. No one benefits from that. If you really care about the whole, Rise up. Hold your ground. Raise the bar!

My heart has chosen

The natural state of things is when things are flowing. When something becomes an obstruction to this flow, it can result to feelings of hurt, confusion and hopelessness. The only way to unblock the clog is by being brave enough to admit where you're feeling stuck, in which direction your soul doesn't agree of letting …