The Silent Warrior

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lake2In one of my future lifetimes, I wish to become a mountain.

I admire them. They are silent but they have endured so much – and they have so much life and beauty to offer. It must be their height that’s influencing their higher and wider perspective. They don’t even need to say a word nor do anything. Their mere presence is other creatures’ rock and haven. You can find your strength through the climb up and your respite as you arrive on the top. You can admire the beauty of Earth together – something she sees everyday but still never gets tired of.

Here are a couple of poems I wrote about mountains (in Tagalog).



Clearing our Space

Healing, Manifestation, Places, The Self

yellowbrownAngels have been “nagging” me to organize my stuff these past few weeks as an important part of my journey. I didn’t understand what the fuss was about and I didn’t think it was that imperative. My room wasn’t in bad shape and I was sure I didn’t have that much to organize.

Then today out of the blue I just felt in the mood to do it. To my surprise I found out that I actually have been keeping stuff I no longer needed and for sure I won’t be needing at all (majority composed of documents like old CVs and business cards). Without thinking twice I threw them in the garbage bag.

I also discovered that the stuff I truly cared about were not organized and kept safe enough (like old artworks, photos and travel souvenirs). They put a tender smile on my face – and I made sure I kept them neat and safe altogether.

Likewise, I found old office supplies that I could still use and put them together neatly (like old notebooks with lots of blank pages left, slightly used folders and envelopes and tons of colorful post its).

I have freed new storage spaces after throwing away what I labeled as junk and after organizing what I chose to keep because they still mattered to me. Now my stuff are no longer crammed together and I have put the eyesores in their designated storage. Each group of item is in its respective place as well and it’s easier now for me to reach out for something. It feels like my room can breathe smoother now – and so do I.

Now I get it why the angels have been persistent on pushing me to do this. I feel at peace now knowing that all that I have are things I chose to keep – things that really have meaning for me. I didn’t even know that I had guilt at the back of my mind stemming from the thought that there were stuff in my room that I should have thrown out but were still occupying space which I could have allotted for things that were actually of use – things that actually brought me joy and inspiration.

I was just too lazy to get down and serious in cleaning up. Now I can chill and sleep peacefully in my room knowing that my environment has been updated to reflect my present circumstance and the person I have become. Now I feel more in the right mind and heart space to move into the new beginning that I have been preparing these past few weeks (actually, months).

P.S. Talkin’ about updates – I have finally updated the softwares I have been stalling to update and updated my wardrobe as well. I had a haircut recently, too. It feels like I am preparing for something major that I still don’t know what is actually about. But it’s okay, I am enjoying the process 🙂

My Soul’s Journey

Life path, Meditation/Visions, Places, The Self

This morning I had the inspiration to meditate on my soul’s journey. My intention was to understand it more so I can better understand the events in my 3D life and how I can better navigate it to the benefit of all the parts of my selves, all my parallel lives.

I found this powerful meditation music on YouTube. I usually prefer to listen to an audio guide or a meditation music when I want to address a certain issue. It is more effective for me and more enjoyable, too. As always, I believe that nothing is random. We get what is the reflection of our subconscious. Even our imaginations are not random. I knew that this I bumped into this music because it is related to my soul journey and therefore it was right for me to use it.

This is what I experienced:

I was in the middle of a dessert, sitting in a lotus position on a cliff. I was facing these rocky mountains. The sky was clear and I could see the clouds floating calmly.

Suddenly a man came with a camel carrying all sorts of stuff. It looked like he was traveling. His energy was calm and so was the animal.

Moments passed by and more people came, too, on foot, with their animals. Men, women, children, all with their belongings with them. They’re walking in a coordinated way, as if they’re following an invisible line. When I zoomed into them to know more  about what’s going on, I found out that they’re migrating to a place together but they were all inside themselves, reflecting/meditating/praying. They’re not talking to each other, they’ll just sometimes glance at each other or assist each other with carrying their loads.

They were in this meditative state because their souls were hungry for it. Their souls wanted to do it. They accepted this as part of their fate, their journey. They didn’t question it. They were moving because they were following the music in their heart, leading them the way. It’s like a magnet pulling them to a place they didn’t really know where. For them, the journey was more important than the destination. In fact, the journey was what it was all about. They were merely creating the destination while they’re in the journey. But they knew that the destination was just a byproduct of their journey, therefore the destination changed, too as they went through their journey.

A woman looked at me and we communicated with our thoughts. She said: “I see you. I see your journey. I honor your journey. We’re together in this journey but we also have our individual journeys that we need to go through.”

The night came. They gathered together around a bonfire. They were playing drums and dancing. They were dancing with eyes closed. Although they gathered together, they were dancing alone, deep inside their spirit. Dancing was their way of cleansing their souls, stripping all the accumulated emotions, beliefs and attachments that no longer served them, that weighed them down. As I saw them danced, I felt it in myself, too. I saw myself dancing on top of a cliff under the full moon. My eyes were closed and I moved as if I was exorcising the debris of lies which still clung to my spirit. I was crying because it was another way of cleansing my spirit as well. The music stopped. The dancing stopped, too. The people lied down under the night sky filled with stars. They closed their eyes.

The next morning came, the people packed their bags and started to walk again. This time, they felt more alive, more energetic – lighter. Their heads were clearer. They started to smile to each other, too and whistle from time to time. This time they moved faster, too, and I noticed that animals were walking, crawling and running alongside them: goats, lions, elephants, giraffes, horses, snakes, insects. Different kinds of birds were flying above them, moving in the same direction. The trees gave way to them and helped them move forward. It’s as if by cleansing themselves the night before, they’re able to go back to being part of nature again. They become One again.

This explains my longing to just go deep inside me, reflect, listen and understand from that place. I never really felt a pull to do something in particular even though I have achieved many things, explored and experimented and created all my life. The things that I have done would always take me back to that meditative state and see the world from the silence of my spirit.

Maybe my current life is about the journey of meditating and cleansing my spirit, of removing all the debris that are weighing me down. It is about going back to my divine nature and the fact that I am one with everything. It is also about being present and remembering that we create our destination as we go through our journey, so nothing is ever permanent.

Every outcome shifts and they shift depending on who we are becoming.

This leads me to think that maybe I have to stop berating myself for not knowing where to go, not having a “life purpose” or a pull to do something in particular.

This is MY PULL. My pull is to go inwards, because that is the only way I could move forward my journey.

There are no sign posts or maps to guide me through, only the pull of my soul can guide me.

Sagutan ng mga Tula ng/para sa mga Kabundukan

Places, The Self

Tulad ng Kabundukan

Halika, umakyat at maupo.

Langhapin mo ang amoy ng mga damo sa tuktok

at tikman ang mga ulap – magpahalik ka sa noo

Mahilig din palang mangyakap ang hamog.

Manatili ka pa ng kaunti, ‘wag kang mainip.

Medyo mahiyain ako pero hindi naman masungit.

Kamusta ka? Gusto kitang makilala.

Mayroon ako sa’yong ipakikita.

Pagod ka na ba? Halika at maupo.

Hubarin ang sapatos at magputik. Marami kang iniisip.

Tahimik lang ako pero nakikita kita.

Gusto mo bang umidlip at managinip? Sasamahan kita.

Magduyan ka sa agos ng mga asul at berdeng lawa,

marami kang maaalala. Saang banda ba ang masakit?

Hayaan mong ngitian ka ng ginintuang kagubatang

kasama ng araw sa langit.

Naguguluhan ka ba? Pagod sa pagtakbo?

Umupo ka muna at magpatianod.

Maganda ang paligid, hindi ba? Katulad mo rin

at ng maraming mga bagay sa buhay mong hindi mo na nakikita.

Hindi ako mapanghusga. Alam kong mahirap ang mag-isa.

Doon kung saan malayo at mahirap marating.

Iilan lang ba ang mapangahas na pumupunta sa akin?

Magpakatatag ka at palagi mong tatandaang mahal kita.

Magbabago ang panahon, mga kulay at amoy.

May mga darating at lilisan. May mga magpapaiwan.

(Palagi kitang isasama sa aking bawat pag-ahon at paglusong.)

Baunin mo sana akong lagi sa’yong alaala – ang pag-ibig kong matarik at mapagpalaya

at ang mga saglit ng ating maikling pagsasama.


 Sagot sa Tula ng Kabundukan

Tungkulin kong lumipad bilang pasasalamat

sa pagsalubong nang buong init at lamig

sa munting manlalakbay na tumatanaw lang sa langit –

sa nakapagpapakumbabang katatagan at karunungan mo

na sa sandaangtaon ay gumiba at bumuo pa rin sa’yo.

Tungkulin kong lumipad bilang pasasalamat

sa pagtitiwala mong kaya kong baybayin

anumang tarik at talas ng tuktok at mga bangin

walang putik at tinik na makapagpapasuko

sa baguhang mga binting gustong-gusto kang marating.

Tungkulin kong lumipad bilang pasasalamat

Sa pag-ibig mong tumitingin ng pantay –

walang mataas o mababa

at walang hinihinging kapalit

subalit nagpapasalamat sa anumang

abot-kaya kong ibigay, ibahagi

sa mga sandaling pinipili kong manatili.