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Bring out The Bull in you

I'm blessed to be visited by animal spirit guides in my meditations, in my dreams, in my visions. Today's meditation led me to my zodiac sign - Taurus, the Bull. The image of a bull looking straight at me was sharp, very much in contrast with the image behind her - a herd of bull… Continue reading Bring out The Bull in you

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An Ode to Free Will

The force which allows us to have infinite power and freedom through our sheer free will, regardless of our faith or even the lack thereof, The force which honors the inherent power and freedom that we have all inside, that is our divine right, something that have always existed beyond time, Is absolutely not evil.… Continue reading An Ode to Free Will

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Two things: Don’t make it complicated. Update your OS.

Just a background for this post, I've recently been having issues with my laptop. For reasons I didn't know back then, it started lagging and it won't boot up and shut down properly. When the worst of it happened yesterday - it's already been an hour and it still won't shut down - I've decided… Continue reading Two things: Don’t make it complicated. Update your OS.

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There is more to life than Happiness

Our society has a strong bias towards Happiness. Persons of authority have long been preaching about the importance of happiness to our health and the quality of our lives, which is inevitably tied with societal progress. We coax each other into having a more optimistic attitude as a solution to practically any challenge we experience.… Continue reading There is more to life than Happiness

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My funny, lovely meditation experience

I've had many serious AND FUNNY visualization meditations (without intending to). There have been times when I would see archangels being silly and inviting me to play around with them instead of being so serious all the time. In many instances I would see all sorts of animals stepping into my meditation, inviting me to… Continue reading My funny, lovely meditation experience