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A love note

Your soul can remain unscathed while you're hurting.

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Let pain and healing grow you

What is this back hurt telling me? That I have endured enough. That the weight won't be lifted. No one is gonna save me. No one is gonna keep those hands from hammering onto me. No one has my back. I am exposed, bruised. Exhausted. No one benefits from my suffering, either. The shadows are… Continue reading Let pain and healing grow you

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An ode to that breakdown that never comes

This is an ode to that breakdown that never comes. Because I'm too busy. Because I'm too scared for a real meltdown. Because I've done it before. It takes a lot more effort to clean up the mess and get back up again, than prevent it from happening at all cost.   This is an… Continue reading An ode to that breakdown that never comes

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Distant shores, waves crashing

We don't always get a "memo" when we end up not having what we were hoping for, including those mostly-protected longings of our young heart. Sometimes, things just don't pan out. They don't materialize. They retreat from our reach No matter how hard we work for them. Despite our best intentions. No matter how much… Continue reading Distant shores, waves crashing