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Wild and Knowing

This is my current spirit animal guide. She introduced herself to me, one night, as I got this impulse to go to a bookstore in search for a new oracle/tarot deck a few days ago. I wasn't searching for anything in particular, until I found Gabrielle Bernstein's "The Universe Has  Your Back" deck. Since then… Continue reading Wild and Knowing

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Distant shores, waves crashing

We don't always get a "memo" when we end up not having what we were hoping for, including those mostly-protected longings of our young heart. Sometimes, things just don't pan out. They don't materialize. They retreat from our reach No matter how hard we work for them. Despite our best intentions. No matter how much… Continue reading Distant shores, waves crashing

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Multilayered Realities

Where do I end and where do you begin? Where's the line separating annihilation from rebirth? When should we stop mourning and start celebrating? When nothing ever really disappears, when everything that once were will always will be - should we just watch and wait, in what way should we participate and evaluate?