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Bring out The Bull in you

I'm blessed to be visited by animal spirit guides in my meditations, in my dreams, in my visions. Today's meditation led me to my zodiac sign - Taurus, the Bull. The image of a bull looking straight at me was sharp, very much in contrast with the image behind her - a herd of bull… Continue reading Bring out The Bull in you

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Give Your Best: Show Up

We should give our best not because everything equally matters individually and collectively. What matters in the face of life, in the face of death - is that we show up fully in each given moment - to who we have become, but more importantly to who we claim ourselves to be.

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A Leap in Perspective

I used to think that the only way I could fully live a spiritual life and be in an ecosystem of inspiring one another was by somehow working in the healing/intuitive arts. Lately though, probably as part of my spiritual progression, I've learned that - 1. If that is true, then that is very limiting.… Continue reading A Leap in Perspective

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Already Living the Dream

There was a recent period in my life where I found myself devouring non-fiction books about creativity, authenticity and having clarity about one's life path. Since I'm the kind of person who is passionate about matters like life purpose and co-creating one's reality, I doggedly pursued the answers to such questions to the point that… Continue reading Already Living the Dream

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You are not lost. We are not lost.

You may be confused at the moment. You may be in a foggy part of your path. You may be feeling lonely, probably you're running out of faith in your tank, too. While I won't pretend to know how exactly you must be feeling and what exactly you're going through, 'cause I acknowledge the realness… Continue reading You are not lost. We are not lost.