Get You – even if others don’t; even if others won’t

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It’s been a long fight.

I just had to put my defenses down. Shake off what’s left of my frustrations. Raising up my arms in surrender is not necessary but, walking away has become inevitable.

I’m sure you can relate with me in one way or another. Why do many of us spend so much time trying to explain ourselves? Those who don’t jibe with our energy won’t resonate with us, anyway, no matter how hard we try to bend ourselves.

If you have reached that point where despite your best efforts, you only feel more and more misunderstood, I’m telling you this – let it go.

Let go of the nagging need to be understood and validated. Back down from the fight and let go of the compulsion to prove that you’re right.

Each of us is seeing things based on where we are and what we are capable of perceiving. At certain times, our perspectives merge, too, although this is not something we can impose on ourselves and on each other.

If you find yourself in the corner and more isolated than ever, drop it off. What matters is that YOU GET YOU, even if others don’t – even if others won’t.

Make yourself feel better by providing yourself with whatever it is that you need – Compassion? Patience? Understanding? You can access all these within yourself.

Go inwards and reach out for that wiser part of you – that which is never disconnected from Source. In the eyes of Source, you are always who you are meant to be at this point in your evolution and your efforts to improve are enough.


A note on Authenticity

Authenticity, The Self


If I am to move forward with my desired path, I have to make peace with a few things – specifically this:

Some people are gonna hate me for who I really am, exactly for my character and all that I stand for. I should stop being defensive and make excuses like – they’re judgmental, they don’t see the entire picture, they are superficial, they don’t know me to my core, they don’t know that we are all connected blah blah blah – because that’s exactly the point, there will always be those who will hate me because they know me to the core, or at least they are aware of the parts of me that are crucial to my character as a whole.

This is perfectly normal. On the other hand, some people will love me because they really see who I am to the core. Being authentic is a polarizing act – but it’s an act that will liberate us above all and will lead us to where we should be, to where we will thrive and contribute to the fullness of our capacity.

This is not a time to water down my authenticity or back off a bit – this is a time to push forward and make peace with the obstacles by being decisive at every shift.

On getting Inspiration

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The people around us will always have their opinions about our choices. We don’t have to – and we definitely shouldn’t listen to all of them. We have to learn how to filter out these voices.

We must only listen to those who we want to be more similar with and whose lives match the life we want for ourselves.

What makes other people happy or successful won’t necessarily make us happy and successful. So we should stop looking around us and mindlessly copy bits and pieces of how others live their lives – or be affected by what others say about us and how we live.

Authenticity and Happiness

Authenticity, The Self

The truth of the matter is –

You will never be happy in any situation if you cannot express the full authenticity of who you are.

…if the people around you are expecting you to be someone else, if what you are doing is not in alignment with what matters to you and what brings you joy, if your time is being consumed by things that don’t support you in the direction you want to go.

Like me, many of us had to learn this lesson the hard way. Even the best opportunities (on the surface) could in reality limit us from being who we really are. Therefore it becomes imperative to walk away. Believe that the Universe is abundance and that you will get what is more suitable to you once you let go of what doesn’t support your authentic spirit.

I’m still in the midst of this journey and I haven’t found my next stop yet – but each day I am learning that what I did was the right thing to do at that time and my reasons were enough. I gotta stop berating myself for my decisions. All is well.