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Playtime can be cheap and priceless

Precious are those moments when the only ones that can lift your spirit and get you in the zone are doing those little things that you enjoy no matter how outdated or senseless they may be. Playtime, in general doesn’t have to make sense, there is no end goal in mind – ’cause it’s about the moment, the flow and enjoying yourself and your surroundings.

Remember when you’re a kid and you almost never wanted to sleep? You had infinite ideas of what to do during the day. You’re curious about many things and the mundane world was your wonderland. All outdoor activities were wild adventures. You didn’t get tired, you forgot to eat, and you didn’t bother if you’ve already been roasted by the sun swimming all day in the beach and building castles in the sand.

As adults we often think that we should let go of this childhood sense of wonder and play. Contrary to what we think, I believe that playtime is actually important to our spirit no matter how old we are. Life offers us so endless opportunities to have fun and be connected with ourselves and the world we are in.

I take playtime seriously – it has to always be a part of my life or else I’ll become cranky and sometimes simply a horrible human being to be with. Playtime comes easy  – drawing, painting and photography are all forms of play for me. Joining art markets to sell my artworks is a form of play. Spending time with my dogs is playtime. Dressing up at home and putting on make up for no reason (yeah, even if I’m just staying at home or video calling with my boyfriend) is playtime, watching old school music videos of boy bands, Spice Girls, Britney Spears is a form of play, browsing Pinterest just to see cute memes of Pusheen the cat and other cute illustrations is play time, listening to my current most favorite over and over again is playtime, cooking and experimenting on new dishes is playtime, dancing in front of the mirror in my bedroom is playtime, playing pretend with my youngest brother DJ is playtime, watching cartoons and scary films (both DJ’s favorites) with him is playtime…really the list goes on.

I would say that playtime is something you can do that is close to meditation (if you are not into meditation). Of course, I recommend meditation, but playtime takes us to similar heights, too.

Play bathes our spirit and refreshes our psyche. It lightens our mood and enhances our perspective and attitude. It clears up our head – leaving us with more mind and heart space to make conscious actions and decisions.

How does your playtime look like? Are you doing enough of it? 🙂

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It’s never too late to get up and be active!

I have been sedentary most of my life. I’ve never had problems with my weight, so partly that’s why. Another reason why is because there was no one in the family who was living an active lifestyle while I was growing up. My father was sporty when he was young – that was before he became a father in his early 20’s. My mother only started to be active in his late 30’s (she raised me when she was in her early 20’s) and she was never fit at all when she was young. My brothers grew up not sporty/active, too.

In the recent months, though, before I turned 30, I’ve been getting a nagging internal guidance to start working out – and take it seriously – like it was a matter of life and death for me. I was neither struggling with a health nor a weight issue. Probably it’s my future self telling me to the one thing she needed me to do at this time. I also paid attention to my body and I felt like my body wanted to be lean. Somehow I knew that my body was meant to be all toned up. I haven’t been always decisive, though. I have postponed getting started not only for weeks…but for months (added to the long years of being lazy)!

Now, looking back from the day I started picking up those weights and doing the cardio – I have realized how my life has changed so far (and I’m not even doing it for half a year). First of all, my body responded fast and well to my workouts. It coped up nicely to new and more intense routines (it was meant to be lean after all!) Only the first workout left me unable to walk for 3 days (but that’s because I’ve been sedentary for ages!) but the following workouts left me just feeling energized and toned. I would feel pain here and there of course whenever I would try something new and more challenging. But I’ve never felt exhausted anymore since.

I work out pretty much everyday and I actually look forward to it! Partly because I love the feeling of growing stronger everyday. I can do so much more now (with less pain and difficulty) and I’ve become so much more confident. I’ve stopped counting my calories and just started eating mindfully and keeping a healthy diet. Part of the motivation and satisfaction comes from the changes I see in my physique. I’ve seen how I’ve transformed from just a skinny girl to a toned up and athletic looking one – and I’ve only been doing it for almost 3 months!

All the good feelings working out gives me only motivate me to take good are of myself in all aspects and to do the same for all the people and things that matter to me. Working out is a breath of fresh air for me, mentally and spiritually speaking, too because it has reminded me that we can actually shape ourselves – and our lives. We don’t have complete control but what little control we have can be used to create the person we want to become and the life we want to live.

My boyfriend and I are inspiring and supporting each other on this journey of choosing to be healthy and fit. This only makes us more motivated, focused and consistent! We are able to enjoy more outdoor fun together and improve the quality of our lives. This makes me happy and optimistic about the future – we are gonna have many, many years of adventure and fun together with our future kids who are gonna grow up (this time – unlike my upbringing) in a healthy and active environment. Glad I listened to my future self 😉

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My funny, lovely meditation experience

I’ve had many serious AND FUNNY visualization meditations (without intending to). There have been times when I would see archangels being silly and inviting me to play around with them instead of being so serious all the time. In many instances I would see all sorts of animals stepping into my meditation, inviting me to do all sorts of random, silly and funny stuff which are “serious” for them.

Just this morning I did a visualization meditation where I had to climb the top of Mt. Everest. Guess what? I saw myself wearing a onesie (instead of serious hiking clothes complete with the necessary gears). At first I thought it was a unicorn onesie…then a fox appeared and told me I was so funny wearing a Totoro onesie. I wasn’t a unicorn after all.

This fox was eating cheese and drinking wine. She even invited me to her house and said that she would cook dinner for me for when I come back from the peak. She said of course cheese is best partnered with wine – and that of course, foxes eat cheese and drink wine and that she had all the supplies she needed.

Shortly after, I met a hedgehog who climbed the peak with me. Before we started climbing, he gave me a gold penny to remind me that I always have all the abundance of wealth and support that I need…and that of course he’s got an infinite number of gold pennies at home because he’s a penny-maker. He even gave me a Hi-C drink and we were drinking at the peak like we’re best buddies in grade school hanging out in the courtyard.

Eventually, yes, the three of us had dinner together prepared by the elegant Ms. Fox. It was a yummy potato soup…and we ate cheese of course and drank red wine. Mr. Hedgehog was laughing at me, saying “Who wears a onesie to Mt. Everest?”. We spent the evening talking about our funny and silly experiences in life – like we’ve been friends forever. 🙂 What a funny, lovely meditation experience!

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Reframing The Question

Instead of asking yourself “Am I living the life that I truly desire/ Am I living life to the fullest?” maybe a better question to ask is –

In what ways am I giving glory to Source/God through the life I’m co-creating?

The latter has less ego and is more purpose-centric. It’s not limited by the cookie-cutter measures we impose on ourselves and each other. It’s focused on something higher and bigger than us. It’s concerned with giving back and celebrating life. It’s more profound and comprehensive.

Posing this question towards myself has made me confront things that while true, have been difficult for me to accept. I’ve realized that despite society’s expectations (which became mine as well in many ways), my life is primarily about defining, re-shaping and celebrating freedom in my own ways. Well, I tried to put other things on top of it from time to time but I keep coming back to it. I can’t help it. It’s in my DNA. It’s where the pull of my gravity lies.

It’s been a roller coaster ride when I was younger – full of the highest of highs and the lowest of lows, I could’ve killed myself many times. As I mature the extremes mellow down a bit but experiences and lessons are becoming more felt and profound.

I guess this is my way of giving back to Source – explore the dimensions of freedom and become a wiser and more responsible person in the process.

Knowing this gives me more reasons to be compassionate with myself and not pressure myself into pursuing things that don’t resonate with me.

Try asking yourself the same question and be enlightened by the answer/s you’ll get. 🙂

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Health is wealth

While descending the Lion Rock peak in Hong Kong, and in between gasps for breath I’ve realized the truth of the cliche – Health is wealth.

I’ve always taken it for granted that I’m healthy and fit. I used to think that other things would make me feel wealthier or happier. But without these I won’t be able to experience many amazing things like climbing mountain tops (which makes very happy). I’ve got no idea what other unhealthy people would give just to do what I can do.

It’s a liberating and grounding feeling. As I continued to descend I thanked my senses and body parts one by one for working perfectly and helping me make my way to the top and back down again. This realization has given me more motivation to keep up with my healthy diet and regular workout routine.

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Finally, Release

Most of the time the pivotal moments in our life happen in solitude.

Just yesterday while I was folding fresh clothes, I got some new text messages from my father – nothing extraordinary, he’s simply asking me about the recent HK trip with my boyfriend. For some reason this gesture has touched me in ways that I guess, were already tender in me. I started sobbing as I thought –

I have to change. I have to forgive. I have to be open.

And while I was pertaining primarily to him, it also applied to other areas and people in my life where I have blocked myself off.

Despite everything that has happened in the family, and between him and I as a parent and child, he never ceased to be consistent in reaching out to me, asking me about my life and how I am. Probably some people would take this for granted since that’s what fathers do, anyway. Well I don’t. He remained humble, brave enough to face us with all his mistakes and stay with us determined to remain the responsible father we’ve always known. He remained loving in his own ways. Some men would have run away and would just live their second lives until they die. On the other hand, there have been times when I blocked him off and judged him just like that. He never behaved that way towards me. He was understanding, grounded, loving when I wasn’t. For these reasons alone he clearly deserves to be a father – and I want to remain his daughter.

Now I understand what spiritual teachings say about the importance of forgiveness in manifesting your desires. When you haven’t forgiven something, including yourself, the flow of abundance in your life is blocked. You don’t trust the opportunities and genuine people around you. You’re reserved, hiding inside yourself ’cause you’re scared to get hurt again.

Anger has its own purpose – just like anything that we hold on to. But its benefits only lasts for a while. We must let it go when the time comes that it has served its purpose in our life. Not doing this will give rise to blockages and feelings of getting stuck.

Funny how true cliches are. I always read about spiritual teachings but I’ve proven myself again and again that only life experiences can teach us what they mean – and we’ll feel it to our core.

For years I have known that I had to forgive my father, that my anger wasn’t serving me anymore – but only from a theoretical perspective. I’ve resolved to forgive and even planned my way through it. Well, it never worked that way. Now that the realization came from my soul – I feel as though I don’t even have to strategize how I am gonna do it.

The mere realization that I needed to forgive was the act of forgiving in itself.

Incredible how life works.

Most of us are chasing after things that we suppose matter more – but the gem of living is really found in these personal, spiritual breakthroughs and milestones.

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Waking life

I woke up from a compelling dream this morning. I was in the middle of doing something very engaging and important for me in that dream. However, upon waking up I’ve realized that I was just doing something totally senseless. I didn’t wanna wake up from the dream ’cause I didn’t want to drop what I was doing. Whatever it was, it was so important to me.

Later, I’ve realized that in our waking lives we are doing and valuing many things that would probably not make any sense when we wake up from this slumber and go back to our natural spiritual selves.

Killing each other and our planet to amass money, hurting the people that matter to us to feed our egos’ bottomless pit of needs…these are just some of the things that we think are important, aren’t they? But coming from a spiritual, holistic perspective they are just ludicrous.

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My conversation with Jesus – Part 1 (The Cross, Life on Earth and Religions)

Without planning it, I found myself sitting inside a Catholic Church at 5 pm yesterday. There were only about five of us inside. The space was the typical Church – it was huge – like it could fit 200-300 people, the ceiling was high, the doors were all open and birds flew around. I sat just face-to-face with the altar – the crucifixion in the center.

I just focused on Jesus in the cross. Intuitively – I asked him my nagging question:

Me: Why are you there? Why are you hanging in that cross? Why did you decide to let that happen?

Jesus: It’s true. I could have not let this happen to me. I could have argued against it, I could have revolted against it or I could simply have run away. But I didn’t. I let the events unfold. I let it happen. Why? Because logic was not what was called for at that time. I knew the only way I could’ve made a mark was by getting crucified without a struggle. If I simply relied on logic and my words I would’ve been able to make my point.

Me: And what was your point?

Jesus: Look, each human goes through similar events. Of course not everyone can (and should) go through exactly what I’ve been through – be crucified or be held on the spotlight (for better or worse – like the famous leaders before and after me). But the mere instance of incarnating into Earth in a physical form – that’s already a crucifixion in itself.

Each of you has been crucified in a way to your physical form and your physical environment – with all your needs, weaknesses and impulses. You’re crucified to time and space – you cannot be everywhere at the same time, you get born and you have to die.

My carrying of my cross and being crucified on it afterwards is just a blatant depiction of what each human goes through – you carry your physical existence like a cross because of course, everybody knows in the Universe that it’s not easy to live on Earth. It’s heavy – even heavier and bigger than you, and walking with it is needless to say, a life and death struggle. Likewise, you’re the only one who can carry it. Some may carry it for you for a time – but this defeats the purpose so you’ll eventually have to carry it again yourself – for the rest of your journey. Others will walk with you and comfort you – and this will help you make it through.

Your cross – your physical existence – is your cross and also your salvation. After all has been done, you’ll resurrect and ascend again and be a part of Spirit/Source which you all came from…then eventually when you’re ready, you’ll plan your next reincarnation.

What exactly is the highlight of my story – and what Christianity likes to highlight as well? My Resurrection. My Ascension. The fact that I rose from the dead and lived forever. Human history never forgets this truth – that life on Earth is temporary. This truth may have been twisted and used in many disempowering ways by some but if you dig into it – you’ll still see its purity. This truth has been preserved because it has helped humanity in making through physical existence.

Forget about being crucified for humanity’s sins – nobody can save anybody else but herself/himself and her/his personal connection to Source. I didn’t save – nor intend to save – anybody else but myself. Going through the way of your life’s cross and your own crucifixion was what I wanted to show, ’cause I knew that’s the path to resurrection, ascension and further expansion.

Each religion creates its own version of a story because it has its own intentions and political agenda. It doesn’t mean religions are useless or just plain destructive – it just means that they are a reflection of the current times. They have to evolve, too. People turn away from religions once they no longer resonate with their expansion. Therefore as humanity evolves and reaches a higher vibration, religions have to evolve, too.

If there are things that turn you off in your religion – then simply don’t accept them. Just like in any situation, use your own discernment and ability to think critically. Source has equipped you with your own mind and freewill – use them. Don’t turn your back against religion altogether simply because you don’t agree with some things about it – you might miss many important lessons it can offer you.

(to be continued…)

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I’ve got company ❤

I just got my Archangel Oracle deck! I’ve ordered this online and I’ve been waiting for weeks.  The timing of its arrival cannot be more perfect!

I am a self-taught tarot reader. I’ve been using the same deck for 8 years now which my father gave to me. I purchased another one a few years ago but couldn’t make myself read it – I just couldn’t connect with it. Tara (how I call my first deck) and I have been throught a lot and while we can still connect with each other – I have changed so much in these past 8 years so it just made sense to need a new deck.

At first I had doubts if I could make myself read the cards since they were made mainly for intuitive readings. After my first few readings though…it dawned on me that yes, I am ready for this. I’ve been diligently preparing myself for this with the full support of the Universe. I am able to prepare my mind faster and channel divine messages.

I’m excited to know more about the archangels and teach myself on how to channel their messages better. Above all, I, myself, am open and ŕeady for further transformation. Quoting the angels upon their arrival, “Let’s get the party started!”.