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Wild and Knowing

This is my current spirit animal guide. She introduced herself to me, one night, as I got this impulse to go to a bookstore in search for a new oracle/tarot deck a few days ago. I wasn't searching for anything in particular, until I found Gabrielle Bernstein's "The Universe Has  Your Back" deck. Since then… Continue reading Wild and Knowing

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Our Dreams are Alive

A dream, a desire, a goal is not just a destination, an end point we can aspire for and go to. It's alive - it's a state of being. It's dynamic - we can shape it with our presence. It responds to us. We learn from each other. What we are really wanting underneath all… Continue reading Our Dreams are Alive

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Personal notes from 35,000 ft. above

I brought my little notebook and wrote in the plane on my way from Manila to Taipei. Here are some of my realizations: - Traveling solo is a gift. - Sometimes it takes a while before the runway is clear for your take-off. But once all is ready, it'll be fast. Nothing can stop you… Continue reading Personal notes from 35,000 ft. above

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An ode to that breakdown that never comes

This is an ode to that breakdown that never comes. Because I'm too busy. Because I'm too scared for a real meltdown. Because I've done it before. It takes a lot more effort to clean up the mess and get back up again, than prevent it from happening at all cost.   This is an… Continue reading An ode to that breakdown that never comes