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Getting Clear

topbunOur life is not determined by the things we do but by the decisions we make. On the surface those may seem exactly the same, but in essence they aren’t.

The things we do only pertain to the overt actions we take, for instance, what we do professionally, what our hobbies are, how do we spend our holidays, how do we manage our finances, where do we decide to live, how do we take care of ourselves and our loved ones, what makes up our bucket list, and so on.

On the other hand, our decisions don’t always have to be about doing anything in particular. They can be about choosing a particular thought over the others, choosing to follow through a certain emotion instead of the others, it’s about what’s at risk, it’s about the consequences, it’s about whether we’re being true to ourselves or not, it’s about whether we are reaffirming life or not, it’s about struggling or following the path of least resistance, it’s about following our heart or our ego, and the likes.

It’s more about the “how and the why” instead of the “what, where and when”.

What ultimately determines the quality of our life is how we feel about it and the details, the moments that make it up. Forms are secondary, because forms only follow our vibration. The seat of creation is in our state of being. It’s also where our fulfillment is.


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