Authenticity · Healing · The Self

Get You – even if others don’t; even if others won’t


selfIt’s been a long fight.

I just had to put my defenses down. Shake off what’s left of my frustrations. Raising up my arms in surrender is not necessary but, walking away has become inevitable.

I’m sure you can relate with me in one way or another. Why do many of us spend so much time trying to explain ourselves? Those who don’t jibe with our energy won’t resonate with us, anyway, no matter how hard we try to bend ourselves.

If you have reached that point where despite your best efforts, you only feel more and more misunderstood, I’m telling you this – let it go.

Let go of the nagging need to be understood and validated. Back down from the fight and let go of the compulsion to prove that you’re right.

Each of us is seeing things based on where we are and what we are capable of perceiving. At certain times, our perspectives merge, too, although this is not something we can impose on ourselves and on each other.

If you find yourself in the corner and more isolated than ever, drop it off. What matters is that YOU GET YOU, even if others don’t – even if others won’t.

Make yourself feel better by providing yourself with whatever it is that you need – Compassion? Patience? Understanding? You can access all these within yourself.

Go inwards and reach out for that wiser part of you – that which is never disconnected from Source. In the eyes of Source, you are always who you are meant to be at this point in your evolution and your efforts to improve are enough.


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