My take on Rejection and what other people say about us


lake2I’ve heard about this too many times – Rejection is not about you. What people say about you is not really about you, it’s about them. I’ve believed in that principle for a long time, but now I would like to argue.

Believing that everything other people say is 100% about them is – a cop out. We’re grown-ups here and we know that there is always some truth in what other people say about us and what we say about other people. Those that hit us the most are the messages that are really for us – they are talking to us. There is no use in blocking other people’s comments – especially if many people are saying the same thing.

Believing that what other people say about us is absolutely NOT about us is like living in our world of delusions, where we are always right. There is no way we can progress in that world.

What will help us, instead, is to listen and assess if there’s any grain of truth in them, then use that truth to change our behavior and our choices. If we’re really honest with ourselves and we haven’t found any, then that’s the right time to let them slide off.


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