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The blueprint of our Journey


mountaintopThis may sound insane, but I believe that we actually create the situations we come across – especially the most challenging ones.

Overcoming those challenges equals our spiritual growth. It means leveling up our game. In a way, it certifies us for more success and joy as well.

I know it would be a struggle to do it right during those times when we feel miserable and exhausted. But just to help ourselves without beating ourselves – we can take a glimpse of all the awesomeness that is to come out of whatever it is we are struggling with. This can provide us with an expanded perspective and may lighten our load.

Looking back into my journey, it makes sense now that I’ve actually summoned those experiences – especially the pitfalls and uphills. I needed those challenges to become who I wanted to be on a soul level. I need those challenges to unlock the life experiences I wanna have and to attract the kinds of people I wanna be connected with.

Likewise, by looking back into my recent challenges and successes I can somehow predict now what my next challenges are gonna be. For instance, I’m aware that I have this habit of walking out of situations when things get tough. Until now I still believe that I was right in doing so. Those situations were toxic in ways that didn’t match my strength. But I am also aware that I could’ve stepped out in ways that are more mature and diplomatic. I know sooner or later that I would have to learn how to stay and be assertive – how to argue and how to fight.

I also know that by the time I’m able to level up and grow – I know that it’s also because it’ll be worth it.

If you look carefully into your past, could you see some meaning there? Are you able to sense the blueprint of how your path will unfold? Coming from where you are right now, do you have a knowing regards to where you are headed? How do you feel about it?




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