Reframing The Question

Life path, The Self

lake2Instead of asking ourselves “Am I living the life that I truly desire/ Am I living life to the fullest?” maybe a better question to ask is –

In what ways am I giving glory to Source/God through the life I’m co-creating?

The latter has less ego and is more purpose-centric. It’s not limited by the cookie-cutter measures we impose on ourselves and each other. It’s focused on something higher and bigger than us. It’s concerned with giving back and celebrating life. It’s more profound and comprehensive.

Posing this question towards myself has made me confront things that while true, have been difficult for me to accept. I’ve realized that despite society’s expectations (which become mine as well), my life is primarily about defining, re-shaping and celebrating freedom in my own ways.

I guess this is my way of giving back to Source – exploring the dimensions of freedom and become a wiser and more responsible person in the process.

Knowing the answer to this question gives us more reasons to be compassionate with ourselves and with each other.

Try asking yourself the same question and be enlightened by the answer/s you’ll get. 🙂


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