The Self

Waking Life

confusedI woke up from a compelling dream this morning. I was in the middle of doing something very engaging and important for me in that dream. I was in what looked like an assembly line of a factory. However, upon waking up I’ve realized that I was, in fact, doing something which didn’t make sense. I didn’t wanna wake up from that dream ’cause I didn’t want to drop whatever I was doing.

Upon waking up, I’ve realized that in our waking lives we are doing and valuing many things that would probably not make any sense when we wake up from this slumber of the physical life and go back to our natural spiritual selves.

Amidst the business of our daily life, we should take the time to pause and take a look at the things we prioritize. Are we spending our time on things that truly matter for our spirit? Are we living each day, progressing towards a life of fulfillment or a life filled with regrets?


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