My kind of self-compassion

You know what? It’s actually okay to just be the messy human that you are – that we all are.

We shouldn’t give our power away to whoever or whatever we believe is wiser than us – be it our spiritual practice, our government, our fitness idols, our doctors, our partners, our family.

Each of us has already been given the capacity to live our lives the best way we can through the micro decisions we make each day. We cannot fuck it up if we only listen to our spirit or soul or conscience or intuition – it doesn’t matter much how you name it. I know you know what I mean.

It is tiring and a waste of energy to always be second-guessing ourselves; to always be asking for others to validate our thoughts and feelings.

It is perfectly normal to be clueless about our own life and feel shitty and lazy sometimes. It is okay to not wanna see humans, not take a shower or to binge eat – sometimes life or our hormones just get the better of us.

Sometimes we feel like taking hold of our life – as if it were a tote bag – turn it upside-down and scatter all the crap out of it.

This is exactly where I’m at and while the wise part of me knows that it’s an opportunity to start again, all I really think about is how shitty and pointless it is to be stuck where I am. But this time I’m just too lazy to scrutinize each clutter and overthink which I’m gonna keep and why. I’m pretty sure I’ll only end up walking away.


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