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A new star project

After procrastinating for days, I have finally begun creating a blog for my personal interpretations on Lucy Cavendish’s Oracle Tarot deck – my first ever card deck which I have been using for 8 years now.

It consists of 62 cards. I don’t know how for the love of heavens I’m gonna finish writing about each card. It’s one thing to verbally interpret the cards – it’s another thing to write about them. But the inspiration came to me – and there is no way I’m gonna ignore it and shove it under the bed out of laziness. When I receive the inspiration to start something, I often, if not always follow through it up to its fruition.

Maybe there are people out there who are gonna benefit from what I write – like how I highly benefit from reading other people’s tarot card interpretations online. Who knows? Maybe I’m the only person on this planet who has actually worked with this deck this long – and my insights deserve a place on the world wide web.

Should I put a timeline to it? Probably. It doesn’t make sense to spend another 8 years finishing the blog. LOL. FYI I’ll only publish it when its officially complete. *crossfingers