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Choosing between the path of the ego and the path of your Spirit


lureSometimes, we don’t get what we hoped for and we think we must be cursed or undeserving. Other times, we get exactly what we hoped for – and maybe more – and end up feeling damned, too, because then we’re faced with the dilemma of picking the right thing. We get paralyzed because of the fear that we might pick the wrong one.

I’ve been working on some career goals these past few months – really grinding it out like a modern careerist. The prizes I’ve been reaching for were always beyond of my reach and were given to somebody else. I felt disappointed and hurt a few times – until my calling pulled me in and revealed itself to me. But just when I said yes to it and said no to my modern careerist goals  the prizes I’ve been reaching out for dangled themselves in front of me, all tempting and sexy.

I asked the angels why they were confusing me. This is what they told me:

We are not confusing you. Our stand is the same and we’ve always been consistent. You know very well what this means. All of these “hanging fruits” look tempting and delicious – but are they real? You know very well the answer to that. Tune into your heart and identify what’s true and not for you.

BAM. That dawned on me like a waterfall.

The hanging fruits rattled me like a stupid mouse. My ego got so revved up with all the treats it can enjoy. But my spirit didn’t even budge. When I checked on her again I got the straightforward answer she always had for me –

“What was being offered to you will not truly fulfill you. Your modern careerist goals were driven by your ego, your ambitions and not your genuine desire to serve a higher purpose.”

The ego is usually louder and more demanding. It can fool us into believing that it has our best interests, that it actually knows what is right for us.

But we must not be fooled – following the ego’s desires will eventually lead us to a path of insecurity and confusion. When we’re living from our ego, we will never feel good enough and we won’t really thrive. The challenge is for us to make sense of it when it’s most difficult to do so – when all the “hanging fruits” are in front of us and we get distracted.

I got through this situation by projecting myself into two possible futures – one showing the path of my ego, and the other showing the path of my spirit. This made it easier for me to take my pick. The path of my spirit was more riddled with uncertainty, waiting and reflection but it brought more growth, abundance and joy as well.

I didn’t make a popular choice – but I know I made the right one for me.

How about you – what did you do when you were faced with a similar situation? How did you make it through one of the crossroads of your life?


One thought on “Choosing between the path of the ego and the path of your Spirit

  1. I really enjoyed this post and this sentance describes me as well “My modern careerist goals were driven by my ego, my ambitions and not my genuine desire to serve a higher purpose”. What my heart tell me to do is SLOW down and draw back from work. Not having a FT income of my own is scarry and I am not yet able to go there. It’s hard to *listen* when it’s not the “norm”.

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