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Choosing between the path of the ego and the path of your Spirit

Sometimes, we don’t get what we hope for and we think we must be cursed or undeserving. Other times, we get exactly what we hoped for – and maybe more – and  end up feeling damned, too, because then we’re faced with the dilemma of picking the right thing and of course we don’t want to make a mistake.

This can happen in any area of our life, but as a multipassionate person I am quite familiar with this scene. I didn’t know it could be THAT a big deal though until this thing happened to me…

I’ve been working on some career goals these past few months – really grinding it out like a modern careerist. The prizes I’ve been reaching for have always been beyond of my reach and were given to somebody else. I felt disappointed and hurt a few times. Until my calling pulled me in and revealed itself to me completely. But just when I said yes to it and said no to my modern careerist goals – the prizes I’ve been reaching out for dangled themselves in front of me, all tempting and sexy.

I will kid you not – it sucker punched me. I could still remember the day it happened – I felt sick, my tummy was so acidic that I had a hard time speaking and walking.

Then I asked the angels why they were confusing me. I was only able to hear their answer when I calmed down (and stopped being antagonistic) and my tummy felt normal again. This is what they told me:

We are not confusing you. Our stand is the same and we’ve always been consistent. You know very well what this means. All of these “hanging fruits” look tempting and delicious – but are they real? You know very well the answer to that. Tune into your heart and you can easily detect which is true and which isn’t.

BAM. That dawned on me like a waterfall.

I got rattled like a stupid mouse when I saw those prizes in front of me and for a while I forgot my truths. My ego got so excited and revved up with all the treats it can enjoy. But my spirit kept as still as a lotus in a pond. She didn’t even budge. When I checked on her again I got the straightforward answer she always had for me – She (the person who offered me the tempting but fake fruits) was lying to me according to her interests and none of what was being offered would truly fulfill me. My modern careerist goals were driven by my ego, my ambitions and not my genuine desire to serve a higher purpose. I’m well aware that many of those in this current career path may be really coming from a place of service and it may true that it’s their calling. However, that doesn’t ring true for me. It’s also true that while I may be doing well in this (and in many other things, too, like most of us) what would serve the greater good is if I consciously choose the manner by which I would want to get better, the manner by which I’d like to contribute in my own way and last but not the least the manner that is the most meaningful to me.

I know from that experience that t’s not easy to go through a similar situation especially if you’re required to make a quick decision. It’s also difficult and scary to say no to what your ego wants in favor of what would feed your spirit. The ego is louder and more demanding and it can fool you into believing that it has your best interests, that it actually knows what is right for you.

But don’t be fooled – following the ego’s desires will lead you to a path of insecurity and confusion. When you’re living from your ego, you will never feel good enough and you will never truly thrive. You will never be joyful and at peace. How do I know these? I tune into my heart and project myself into 2 very different kinds of futures – one where my ego leads me and another, where my spirit does and I live from the inside-out.

The path of my ego is not the path I want to spend my life on. It may lead me to material wealth and successes but I know it’s not the best use of my lifetime. I don’t want to look back at my life in my deathbed and regret not living the life I know I should have –  the life I could have lived.

How about you? What did you do when you were faced with a similar situation? How did you traverse your crossroads and came up with a decision you had to live with?

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Ace of Cups: Taking a leap of faith

ace of cupsLately, I began asking my higher self and the Universe about my life purpose. I don’t know which happened first – the change in the tides/seasons of my life or my will to face the path that has been calling me and has been preparing me for decades.

But I heard The song. It’s always been in the background of my life – subtle like the wind or birds’ chirping. I never really paid attention ’cause it’s always been there. I started getting more curious. I decided to move closer to it and find its source. I kept my senses open and sharp. I began letting go of everything that would distract me.

I kept on with my dogged search for weeks, then days…until it hit me. The search has led me inside my very own familiar heart. It’s quite surprising for me that I didn’t have to dig that deep to find the gem which was the source of the subtle song.

I realized that some truths may scream at us so loudly that we can’t ignore them, but other truths are so subtle that we need to be in that state of alignment before we can actually notice them. They may be subtle but they are consistent. If you want to know more about them and the messages they are sending you, all you have to do is look back at your life and notice its unwavering presence.

The subtle song was telling me that it’s my life purpose to be a spiritual teacher, and even though I don’t feel qualified to do so it tells me that I am indeed very qualified and ready to officially become one. It’s only up to me to embrace it or let it go.

To cut the story short I eventually said yes after some struggling – and many anxious nights and bus rides. Alright, alright I know, Universe, there are still many discussions to be made. I’m listening. No need to argue or convince me. You know me better than I know myself. I’m saying yes to this and I’m really gonna do it.

To be honest, though, despite resonating with this message all still sounded crazy to me. I couldn’t figure out how for the love of life am I gonna fulfill it. How should I begin? What are the next steps now that I said yes? The Universe kept on telling me that the next steps will be revealed to me one at a time as I take action. It will all make sense to me later when I’m ready to receive the meaning.

As I meditated, the Ace of Cups revealed itself to me. The angels snapped their fingers and got my attention – they said, look at this. Pay close attention to what it stands for in your life. This will clarify all your uncertainties at present.

True enough, I have a close relationship with the Ace of Cups. I know this card very well. It’s alive in my life.

An image flashed into my mind’s eye – the first video call I had with my present partner a couple of years ago. Our story was made in heaven in all aspects. We met overseas and developed our relationship despite the distance and many other differences in life circumstances. But despite all of it we found each other, we took a leap of faith and made it until now. We’ve been so so happy – growing and enjoying life together.

It’s the Ace of Cups’ message to me – that’s how a leap of faith looks like. That’s what happens when an overflowing cup has been offered to you and you dive completely into it with all that you are and all that you have in your heart. This kind of opportunity doesn’t happen frequently – but when it does it’ll change the course of your life.

Embracing the Ace of Cups in your life leads to a life of fulfillment and joy – and this doesn’t refer to a temporary high. The Ace of Cups is offering a life-long bliss. What’s being offered to you, if you choose to accept and nourish it, will stay in your life and help you with your journey to enlightenment.

The angels are right – they are always right! That answer in the form of the Ace of Cups is enough. I know what a leap of faith looks and feels like – and I know, very well, too about all the wonderful surprises that come along with it.

Embracing the path of spiritual work will fulfill me and overhaul my life if I let it. I can’t keep myself from smiling with this thought.  🙂 I wish for you to have the courage and faith to open up yourself to the Ace of Cups, too, when it arrives at your door! Take a leap of faith and dive into its overflowing love and joy that is especially offered to you.

I don’t fully know what’s ahead of me – but I’m getting bits and pieces of what feels right to do next. I’m becoming more curious and faithful now than ever and I’m loving it! I’ll take my time and enjoy the ride as it happens. I’ll make sure to share my insights along the way. I hope you enjoy the ride of your life, too!