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What are your TOP 3 superpowers?

I really like asking people this question. It sounds fun, engaging and insightful. I’m curious not only with the actual answers – but mostly with the internal process of how a person goes through in picking out her/his top 3 superpowers. The answers can give you a glimpse of a person’s values and how she/he defines success.

My TOP 3 superpowers are:

Openness. My long-time motto in life has been: Life is a series of firsts. This basically explains the variety of interests that I have and the life paths I’ve chosen to go through. For some people and in some instances the sketch of my life would simply look chaotic – and me as someone who doesn’t know what she really wants.

Well, for sure it’s also true – but isn’t that normal? Most of us are not sure of what we want to do and usually that sets us up for a lifetime of adventures and breakthroughs. For the most part of my life I’ve been driven by my curiosity – and my desire to master something I totally had no idea about/I haven’t done before. This has led me to discover that changing our course – and sometimes overhauling our lives – is not just necessary, in fact, it’s easy with the right frame of mind and the experience to back us up.

I can choose to see my curious nature as a liability – or an asset. I choose to see it as an asset, instead – in fact, as one of my best assets – grabbing the top spot in my top 3 superpowers. I am able to expand fast because of my openness, and while it’s definitely not always rainbows and sunshine, it enables me to live a life with zero to no regrets at all.

Insight. As an introvert, I am naturally inclined to sit still, observe my surroundings and keep my thoughts to myself. Since I remain silent more often than not, I am able to spend those countless hours and fleeting seconds taking even the subtlest of cues in. I feel my surroundings, I try to understand why people behave the way they do, I always naturally look between the lines – and I rarely tell anyone about my findings. I rarely give my judgments unless I know I have to. These habits have enabled me to create an inner world that is authentic to my spirit – and that is built on nothing but spiritual strength. Inside my world I don’t sugarcoat, I don’t project – all I do is get real and raw. There is no need to pretend.

Likewise, because I naturally do these things, anyway – events and people don’t surprise me much. I kind of can read outcomes before they happen, not because I have advanced senses than the average person, but only because I pay more focused attention even when I practically don’t have to. I’ve tried comparing my insightful/intuitive skills  a few times with those who professionally work as psychics. I have proven that we just had different ways of accessing the same kinds of insights/information, but our abilities are pretty much the same (and I won’t even be considered a psychic by any means). There have been countless instances, too, when people have delivered news to me to which they expected that I would naturally be surprised – but since I was able to sense them beforehand, the news didn’t surprise me at all (and I had to pretend I was surprised just so I won’t look like a psychopath).

My power of insight is an asset because a.) I can prepare for most things and change the direction of how things are going if need be – in short, I have more control of what usually would be out of people’s control b.) I don’t have any problems with giving an honest feedback (especially to myself), when asked for my opinion/when necessary.

Self-awareness. When I was younger, I didn’t now how to use my self-awareness to my benefit – and it lead to all sorts of evil instead like self-doubt, self-criticism and self-destruction. Through the past decades of my life though, I’ve gradually learned how to master it and use it for beneficial outcomes. My self-awareness have held me back countless times in making decisions that won’t serve me, in  engaging in conversations that would be a waste of energy, time and good intentions, in committing to relationships that are not gonna support my truths or are downright toxic to me and in pursuing activities that would only give me superficial rewards.

My self-awareness has enabled me to keep and grow the relationships in my life that matter to me. It has enabled me to keep my life in harmony and my health always a priority.

Self-awareness is vital because without it nothing we do will be genuine and sustainable. Without it, we will feel lost and anxious – forever guessing our truths and what should we do next. Without self-awareness we cannot rely on ourselves – and no one can rely on us – to come up with evaluations and decisions that are borne out of our own wisdom and convictions.

Those are my TOP 3 superpowers which I have honed for decades and countless challenges. What are yours?


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