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Extroverts usually ask us introverts why are we silent/not speaking in a tone of disturbance  but with superficial concern.

When extroverts ask me that question I feel an urge to EITHER punch them in the face OR ask them why are they talking so much.

That question would surely sound absurd to most extroverts – but for introverts like me, it’s a mystery  how extroverts can speak so much even about things that are pointless. Why do they choose to waste their vocal power and others’ airtime to to senseless chatter?

For sure, it’s also a mystery to them how us, introverts choose to speak rarely. Well, the reason is because what we say is usually rooted in intentions – we don’t just speak for the sake of speaking – and we don’t always choose to speak our mind because we don’t have to. The truth is it’s better to keep most of our thoughts to ourselves and not think out loud all the time.


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