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I’m ready now for a life of Joy

It would be absurd to think that many of us are acting against our own joys – but we do. We don’t follow the path where our greatest fulfillment lies. Instead, we choose to live a mediocre life of shoulds and that’s-impossibles. We choose to struggle just to keep our heads above water instead of mastering the art of floating – so we could also enjoy the air and the sky, and our own reveries.

There is jewel behind learning how to hustle and get by – through this way of living we are able to squeeze out who we really are and what we are good at. We also learn universal truths such as unconditional love and infinite abundance. We find our way to our own spiritual core. We transcend our perceived human limitations.

However, going through the same struggles have led me to realize that the point of life is not suffering. We are here to enjoy and have fun! Struggles only make us more appreciative of all the goodness and beauty around us and inside us.

I used to have a limited mindset – and I didn’t know I had it until now, now that I’m open to release it. I am ready now to a lifestyle that I really want – and that I know each of us deserves right into our core.

I am ready now to a life of JOY. I want to fill each of my days doing the things that bring me joy and that add value to others as well. I am releasing all the activities that are eating up my spirit and wasting my skills.

In line with this realization, I realized that we can’t manifest desires that we are not ready for because manifesting them will simultaneously add responsibilities on our shoulders, too – we must first be willing to expand before our desires can fit perfectly in our world. Manifesting our desires need courage and assertiveness, too – it’s our divine responsibility to fight for what we want and what we think will make us happy. No one is responsible for our own happiness but ourselves.

So the road has led me here, at this point in time. I say it again – I am ready now for a life of Joy. I want to fill each day with things I am happy to do. I want to start living a life that is completely authentic – a life that reflects who I really am and all that is true for me.

If I am happy – the others around me are gonna be happy/ier, too – and this can send ripples across the Universe. I entrust my hearts’ desires to your all powerful hands, Universe. You know what is best for me and for everyone.


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