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Meltdowns and breakthroughs


blackbgI was sitting in the bus yesterday on my commute to work. Suddenly, I realized that the storm was over. The heavy clouds parted and the sky was clear again that the sunlight can pass through.

I asked myself what happened these past few months. Why did I need to go through those “meltdowns” in all areas of my life.

My logical mind told me that anybody who’s gone through all of that will probably breakdown, too – LOL. Actually, looking back it totally made sense. Sometimes, no matter how you try to achieve inner balance and calm – there’s really no way to protect yourself from life overwhelming you.

It’s also true that many times, things just resolve on their own. We end up hurting ourselves because we want to control external events so much.

The chaotic events of the recent months have calmed down. It took me a while to see that and adjust my perspective. All I actually did was kept my wits and braved myself enough to go through the whirlwind. It’s insane and I was cursing the entire time. Now I feel like the Universe is giving me a trophy and a big round of applause in the form of all the abundance that I have.

I realized I need to go through that to sharpen my perspective – to learn how to appreciate the truth of my life’s juiciness and all the love that is there. By going through all of that I did not just regain my trust – but I am a lot more trusting now of myself, others and the Universe as a whole – than I was before.

Sometimes, the Universe has to break us down in order to bring us to another level of wholeness.

It’s mind and spirit-fucking yes, but trust me on this – just get your shit together and brace through the storms in your life – it will be worth it.


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