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The life-long search is worth it.

My partner and I were talking about careers a few days ago. He mentioned having this conversation with his friend in which they posed the question, “How are we going to survive working 8-10 hours a day until we’re 60?”. I was eagerly waiting for their answers in the hopes of hearing some new wisdom. I asked him like a pumped up kid, “So what was your answer?”, to which he simply replied, “Nothing. We thought maybe we’re gonna get used to it.”

My spirit sank.

Then I replied, “No. I think we should continuously work towards finding meaning in our life and creating a meaningful career for ourselves. It may not be easy and it may take years but it’s worth it. I know if we continue with our search, eventually we’ll get there.”

And each tiny cell of my body really believed in that.

I’m suddenly reminded of the meditation I did last weekend. My higher self told me that now is the time for me to open my heart to the Universe magic and help. She said that the next right move for me is to step into my own greatness. She told me that if I follow what my intuition tells me – I will never fail in what I choose to do simply because it will open new doors for me going to where I should be. The most important thing is that I’m in the right path.

I am a believer of the journey and the worthiness of going through our life path. I know that when it feels like we are not there yet we must not despair as long as we are continuously inching our way towards it. All the challenges, lessons and gifts that we get along our way will arm us to fulfill our most important work when we finally manifest it.

This search for meaning may bring us a lot of frustration – but there is just no better way to live. I cannot accept a life of mediocrity and settling down for what is obvious and mundane. Doing that is synonymous to self-defeat and suicide.


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