Meltdowns and breakthroughs

Life path, The Self


blackbgI was sitting in the bus yesterday on my commute to work. Suddenly, I realized that the storm was over. The heavy clouds parted and the sky was clear again that the sunlight can pass through.

I asked myself what happened these past few months. Why did I need to go through those “meltdowns” in all areas of my life.

My logical mind told me that anybody who’s gone through all of that will probably breakdown, too – LOL. Actually, looking back it totally made sense. Sometimes, no matter how you try to achieve inner balance and calm – there’s really no way to protect yourself from life overwhelming you.

It’s also true that many times, things just resolve on their own. We end up hurting ourselves because we want to control external events so much.

The chaotic events of the recent months have calmed down. It took me a while to see that and adjust my perspective. All I actually did was kept my wits and braved myself enough to go through the whirlwind. It’s insane and I was cursing the entire time. Now I feel like the Universe is giving me a trophy and a big round of applause in the form of all the abundance that I have.

I realized I need to go through that to sharpen my perspective – to learn how to appreciate the truth of my life’s juiciness and all the love that is there. By going through all of that I did not just regain my trust – but I am a lot more trusting now of myself, others and the Universe as a whole – than I was before.

Sometimes, the Universe has to break us down in order to bring us to another level of wholeness.

It’s mind and spirit-fucking yes, but trust me on this – just get your shit together and brace through the storms in your life – it will be worth it.


Our way to Abundance

Manifestation, People & Relationships, The Self


flowersAbundance is not just about having all our needs and wants met. It’s not just about thriving in our own world. I’ve realized that abundance is also the ability to see how the people around us are thriving – and how their abundance relates to you/also becomes possible because of you.

Sometimes we underestimate our impact on others. We don’t know that how we see ourselves, how we see the world, how we live our lives send a ripple effect across those around us – and even beyond.

I want to be abundant mainly because I want to give back – I want to step up and be an “angel” to others – especially those who’ve been my angels, too.

I want to be abundant because I also want to shower abundance to others especially when they least expect it – because I want them to feel that they are always taken care of, that they can always trust the Universe to provide them with their needs, that it’s true that you reap what you sow. I want to give back because there have been countless times when I received grace when I least expected it – when I least deserved it.

I feel abundant when I don’t have to take a pause and calculate – before I give. I want to give without worrying about my own needs. I want to give when I want to give. I want to give without asking for anything in return. I want to have more and be more so I can share more of what I have and who I am.

The Universe has graced my life with so much abundance and unconditional, immeasurable love. I’m ready now. It’s time for me to be a part of that cycle and this time to be the one who’s on the other end, reaching out her hand to those in need of support. I want to be one of Universe’s many helping hands.

On Passion and Money

Creative Living, Manifestation, The Self

giveup everything we’re passionate about are meant to be turned – cannot be turned – into a financial resource. Many things we are interested with or naturally good at are better off untamed, without any pressure to become anything more.

I saw this happen with my art. A couple of years ago I tried to take my visual art “to the next level”. I wanted it to become a financial resource for me and not just a hobby. I had a blast and I felt satiated because I just accomplished one of my greatest dreams.

Along the way I had to admit, though, that I couldn’t turn it into a profitable business not because it didn’t have the potential, but because its sole purpose in my life was to bring me joy. It wasn’t an easy thing to admit to myself, but nonetheless, liberating.

By pressuring my art to become something other than its purpose I was sucking the life and magic out of it. I was also putting a burden onto myself. Eventually, I just had to give it up and kept on with my search for my next day job.

Looking at the bigger picture, it’s not so bad having a day job and a separate life of passionate pursuits. Sometimes it’s the only thing we can do, anyway, to keep our passions alive.

I just gave up the vision of turning my art into a profitable career/business, but I didn’t give up my commitment to a life of creativity and play.

I don’t think I’m wasting my skills simply by not turning these passions into a profitable business/career. I keep on creating, anyway. My art nourishes my spirit and to me, that reason alone is enough.