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Meanings are meant to be lived or else they’ll have to die

I think it’s Zizek who said that quotes are meaningless because they can all be true. I got that from one of his videos I believe but I’m sorry ’cause I already forgot which so I cannot quote him directly.

Anyway, this thought just came back to me this morning. You see, I’m the kind of person who definitely digs quotes that I even follow those kinds of accounts on IG. I initially thought everybody is exactly the same, but turns out, not, because my partner is not so keen with them.

Well, to tell you, I just realized that all kinds of perspectives really have portions of truth in it, therefore, making them all meaningless in a way, cancelling each other out. I think what makes any thought meaningful is how it lives in our actual lives and how real people are affected by it. Thoughts don’t have inherent meaning or significance, that’s what I’d like to argue. Anything can be good or bad, but they’re not essentially either.

A perspective can be good for me but bad for someone else. I’d say, when it comes to picking out the beliefs to adopt, one must observe how it affects his/her life. By adopting a certain perspective, does it make one a better person or not? Does it make one happier, more grateful or not? Does it contribute in the expansion of other people’s lives or not? Does it cause joy or harm to oneself or to others? Does it make one achieve his/her goals or not? Is it empowering or not?

We are usually more able to let go of a habit or a relationship or practically anything once we’re clear with how it’s no longer serving us. We cling to things even if they’re no longer or have never been good for us because in one way or another, whether we’d like to admit it or not, they serve us, therefore subconsciously we think we need them.

So when we’re in conflict whether to keep or let something go, I think it would be helpful to ask ourselves, “Is this helping me become the person I want to be, or achieve the life I want to live?”, “Is this making me feel the things I want to feel such as being happy and at peace?”. I just realized that there is no point in keeping something which only eats up our spirit or makes us less of who we are. Yes we can keep on fighting for something we believe in, but if it’s not making us fully alive (and that means joyful), it’s a waste. We’ve already lost by losing our true selves.

When it comes to beliefs, I think we shouldn’t adopt a belief just because it has worked wonders for others. We should look how it’s working in our lives instead. Beliefs evolve, too, and many are meant to eventually die as we expand.


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