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Here’s to an open secret

When somebody gets credit for something exceptional they did, we’re all wowed and star-struck – couldn’t believe how they could achieve something so well despite their apparent humanity.

What we don’t see are the innumerable hours spent practicing – and failing. Yes failing at what they’ve always chosen to love and do. Failing hard. Failing and taking the real blows. We only see them when they get exceptionally better at what they have chosen to pursue.

I want to make a virtual toast to those hours spent – grinding it out, pulling yourself up, pushing yourself forward, standing tall even when you’re in pits, trying and trying until you get it right – until you get better. Those are holiest hours. Those are what our desire for progress is really about. We are transformed mostly during those moments.

Don’t despair, my friend, if your work hasn’t paid off yet in the way you want it to. You’re being chiseled in the fire. Relish these moments, too. You will never be able to handle the successes in store for you, without first becoming the person you’ll be after going through this painstaking process.


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