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Yeah, sometimes, looks can be deceiving.

Sometimes, people who appear extroverted (or who may really be extroverted) are really guarded inside. They may be sociable, energetic and expressive but when you try to connect with them on a more personal way, you find out that they’re actually closed off and you just can’t get past their self-imposed gate. You just feel it when you’re interacting with these kinds of people on a one-on-one basis. They’re usually good and comfy with groups, but when you put them in a more intimate setting, they kinda zone out or feel like they want to fly away.

On the other side, there are some people who seem reserved or shy or uninterested, they may sometimes even come off as boring. But when you engage them, they welcome you into their world of feelings, imagination and ideas. They are spontaneous, funny, deep and just overall exciting. They are interested about you and about many other things, too.

I think people are both open and closed in many ways and in varying degrees. We all need to achieve this sense of equilibrium in our own ways so we tend to be complicated at times. I like both types. But I tend to prefer the second one more (maybe because it’s more similar to me). I don’t have anything against the first type, I just think I prefer to, for instance, be friends or work with the second type because relationships with them have a better chance of becoming fun, rich and meaningful. The first type is also kinda tricky to be around with. You don’t know what they’re truthfully feeling. Sometimes you can’t trust what you get from them.


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