Celebration is key to happiness!


Just recently, while I was in one religious gathering (I’m not a believer of religions, but I am still open to the riches and lessons which I can get from them), and I was singing and shouting and swaying to the beat of the worship songs (which I only did for the first time),

I realized that there was indeed, so much happiness in my heart, that my life was filled with so much joy and blessings. I realized that I’ve been downplaying my successes and joys because I didn’t have the right space to celebrate them. In fact, I didn’t know how to celebrate them at all.

It felt good to acknowledge the Divine’s presence in my life that has always been there and never left me. I was never alone. I began to see more clearly the journey I have been, how I went through the crazy roller coaster ride of my life and all the blessings I was given along the way. It dawned on me, too, how the Divine kept on manifesting itself through me and my life and how my relationship with it (or with my own divinity) got stronger through time.

As I said, I never saw myself as a religious person, even though I was brought up a Catholic and I went to a Catholic school for a decade.

But during that gathering, it made an impact on me when it was emphasized that, Jesus was able to survive everything he’s been through and even rose from his own grave, therefore we can also rise up from our own downfalls and any hardship we find ourselves in and follow his example. Nothing is too heavy or dark or even permanent. We can always rise up.

It made such a mark on me because looking back on my life so far, I am also a living proof that it’s true. We can rise up from a fall if we choose, too. We can rise up, start again and start from a better place, with a better vision. During those critical moments when I had to make myself stand up, all those were only possible because I let go and let the Divine work through me. I didn’t have to do it all on my own.

It didn’t matter to me if Jesus was a God or not. I won’t even bother going into the discussion of divinity. I believe Jesus must have existed, or someone like him, for this myth of his character and story to be passed on from generation to generation, across all nationalities. He could also be just a collective projection of the qualities we all possess. No matter what the truth is, I choose to look at him as an inspiration for being gutsy and strong in many ways.

My heart is celebrating because I’ve been through so much and I appreciate life a lot more now. The more hardships that I have, the more grateful I become, too. I look forward to participating in those kinds of gathering more because I feel free there. I can rejoice with others and celebrate my life, and fully acknowledge the presence of the Divine in my life. I cannot even find the words to express how good it felt like to surrender everything and just celebrate! There are just no words. The best thing I could do is probably cry happy tears!

Lately I always felt that I was unhappy with my life, like there’s always something missing. What I found out after that gathering was that, I wasn’t really unhappy – in fact, I was very happy! – I just didn’t know how to celebrate my happiness.

So friends, celebration is TOTALLY IMPORTANT for our own happiness! We gotta express our joy and gratitude completely in all the ways that we need and want!


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