I have decided to be happy

The Self


In the middle of yet another frustration (I easily get frustrated so this is no feat), I suddenly felt tired and defeated inside. Instead of my usual response, which is to wallow more and make things worse for me, I decided to give it all up. It’s a cliche, right, that we are in charge of our emotions, that we can always choose to be happy. But we don’t really think it’s true until it happens to us. And yes, sometimes, things just happen to us instead of us making things happen.

I heard myself saying (in my head),

I don’t wanna be frustrated. I choose to let this go, see the bright side and focus on that until everything else fades out. I don’t want to be upset anymore. What even got me into thinking that I was lacking, stuck and unsupported? That is simply not true. I am filled with abundance of many kinds. I see them more clearly now. I am grateful for them. I feel loved and secure. In fact, I am happy. I choose to remain happy.

I didn’t even plan to have that attitude. It simply happened. Now, whenever I would start to dip low in frustration, I would just switch that attitude on and I feel better. Not to say that I have become an escapist, that I simply choose not to deal with  my frustrations now. I believe that all our feelings are important because they tell us something that rings true for us, therefore we should pay attention to them. What I avoid doing now is going down with my emotions. I can deal with them without sinking with them.

The best part is, solutions come to the surface naturally once we take charge of our emotions! Maybe they’re always there after all, we just fail to notice them because we’re so busy wallowing in our misery.



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